Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Guide to all classes

Creator of kings

Prosecution: Kingmaker was launched on the PC by the developer Owlcat Games and the publisher Deep Silver. This is an isometric CRPG fantasy game based on the popular Pathfinder franchise.

The action of the game takes place with you, the main group of adventurers, which consists of many different characters. You need to update your party and build your own kingdom on the stolen land of the region.

Guidance for all classes in the guide: Creator King

In the game you will find many different characters, races and classes, and your choices with them will influence your gameplay.

Therefore, in this guide you will find a list of all classes and important information about them to help you create the best party.

Below is a list of all classes available in Pathfinder: The creator of kings. You will find their different statistics and information for all subclasses.


  • Main attribute – Bomb, mutagen, poison
  • portrait – mental strength and reflexes
  • Skills – Knowledge (Arcan), Knowledge (World), Magic, Perception, Deception.
  • Benefits – can use good spells for ranged combat and mutagens for close combat.
  • vs. – Bomb function is weak at an early stage and can damage teammates, but can be levelled to increase its effectiveness.

Grenade Launcher – acquires combat weapons and replaces toxic resistance with a precise bombing. That way your bombs won’t affect your ally.

Vivisectionist – Loses bomb capacity and replaces it with a surprise attack, increasing the damage in a post-disappearance attack.

Surgeon – Loses resistance to toxins and acquires healing properties This allows the status effect to be used by removing tinctures from colleagues in the team.


  • Main attribute – Anger, high speed.
  • Top – File.
  • Competencies – Athletics, Laura (nature), mobility, perception, persuasion.
  • Benefits – Extremely good in close combat, the ability to get angry increases the feeling of falling and reduces damage.
  • vs – Bad in situations where you can’t get close to the enemy.

Protected enclosure – maintains high shielding, but loses speed for CMD bonuses

Mad Dog – This subclass does not receive rabies up to level 4 and also receives different rabies capacities. But you have an animal companion, if you work with this companion, you get different bonuses in battle.

Invulnerable Ranger – Loses the fall and increases level 3 damage limitation and resistance to fire and cold.


  • Main attribute – Knowledge of Bardiac, centrypes, magical recognition, inspiration of courage
  • Top – Reflex, willpower
  • Competencies – has all competences
  • Plus – has big fans who can make the game stronger.
  • versus – can’t do anything alone.

Archaeologist – loses, inspires courage and receives a lucky bonus in almost every role.

Thunder Bell – Loses the knowledge of the Bard and gets more bonuses on the role of nature and the ability to deal with damage caused by noise and thunder.

Flame Dancers – This subclass gives the fire rating, and at level three or higher, the fire capacity and fire resistance for the group.


  • Main attribute – Channel energy, magic recognition, divine spells, area selection
  • High – Perseverance, willpower
  • Competencies – Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (World), Laura (Religion), Persuasion
  • Pros – Can cure and fight other melee fighters.
  • Disadvantages – Cannot wear armour, making him a weak melee fighter.

Crusader is the best version of the Fighter, it reaches Fighter Mastery every five levels.

Calling – May lose spells that are prepared to summon beings connected to their deity.

Cleric – Loses armor and weapon skills and receives bonuses with spells.


  • Main attribute – Detection of magic, natural bonding, natural sensitivity, spontaneous summons, wild form
  • High – Perseverance, willpower
  • Skills – Athletics, Laura (Nature), Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (World), Observation
  • Plus – Strong hunter, can heal and create animals or elementary forms in battle
  • Confrontation – weak in close combat / melee

Lightning Droid – Loses its connection to nature and maintains a joyous connection, making nearby enemies sick during battle.

True World Defender – This subclass is strong against fairies, it takes bonus damage against fairies, making it good in any part of the game.

Fairy Speakers – This subclass is good for fairies, it gets charm and illusion from spells and uses charisma for spells.

Combat planes

  • Main attribute – Tank training, bravery, combat performance awards, weapons training
  • Top – Resistance
  • Skills – Athletics, Knowledge (World), Laura (Nature), Persuasion
  • Benefits – has the highest power and can carry heavy armour and weapons
  • vs. – Weakness in long-distance battles

Aldori Defender – Loses armor training and gets defensive parry skills, receiving an armor class bonus on full sword attacks.

Turret Shield Specialist – Loses your weapons training and receives defence bonuses when you equip your turret shield.

Two-handed Hunter – Loses tank training and receives bonuses for holding a two-handed weapon.


  • Main attribute – Detection of magic, court, Orizons, star Gaza
  • High – Perseverance, willpower
  • Competencies – has all competences
  • Plus – highly effective for single-target focusing
  • vs. is a weakness spell and melee fighter.

Sample Tactics – Loses the ability to judge to summon the monster in each level.

Tactical Leader – Loses Patience and Uses Intimidation in Diplomacy

Holy Sagittarius – Loses judgment and receives a pet that gives bonuses when used by the Scout in battle : Pursuit.


  • Main attribute – Mystery Pole, Magic Detection, Spell Battle
  • High – Perseverance and willpower
  • Skills – Athletics, Knowledge (Arcade), Knowledge (World), Magic, Persuasion
  • Plus – Fighter and Magical Hunter
  • The counterpart of is more team-oriented and cannot do much on its own.

Eldritch Scion – This subclass receives mysterious polar spectacles based on charisma instead of intelligence.

The sword of the sacred – loses its magical ability to acquire fighting skills, making it a good frontline fighter.

Eldritch Archer – This subclass receives bonuses based on magic, making it a good long-range hunter.


  • Main attribute – Armoured class bonus, splash, enhanced unarmed kick, impact force, stunning fist
  • high – mind power, reflexes
  • Competencies – Athletics, Knowledge (World), Laura (Religion), Mobility, Sneakiness, Perception, Persuasion
  • Professionals – Do extra damage with your fist if you do not equip your weapon or armor.
  • vs. – low on early levels.

Scaled Fist – This subclass gives access to Crane and Dragon styles.

Sensei – This subcategory makes it possible to award bonuses to members of other parties.

Traditional Monk – Loses the ability to choose the power of Ki, but receives huge bonuses from other powers


  • Main attribute – Aura of courage, divine grace, place on hands, mercy, execution of evil
  • High – Perseverance, willpower
  • Skills – Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (World), Laura (Nature), Laura (Religion), Beliefs
  • Professionals – Can cure and maintain negative status bonuses.
  • Others – low at start

Divine Hunter – Loses points with sword and shield but gains access

Hospital Citizen – Loses points in defeating evil and gains more healing abilities.

Divine Guardian – Gets a bonus effect in battle and can protect a party member in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


  • Main characteristic – Favourable enemy, favourable terrain, hunting link
  • high – mind power, reflexes
  • Skills – Athletics, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (World), Laura (Nature), Perception, Persuasion, Stealth
  • Professionals – Receive bonuses when you target the same enemy.
  • Enemies – weak against many enemies

Fribourg – This class targets one target to get the bonus. The premium received shall be given to the whole batch.

Flame Guard – Loses the basic Fire Spell to get Fire Capacity and also gets weapons with Flame Effects.

Assault Rifleman – Loses points in melee weapons and gets clarity, making him a good ranged wizard.


  • Main attribute – Danger awareness, stealth attack, trap search
  • high – reflected
  • Skills – Athletics, knowledge (world), magic, mobility, persuasion, cunning, cheating
  • Before – Causes additional damage and falls after a phantom attack.
  • Enemy – weak in direct combat

Eldritch Thief – Loses bonus points for damage sustained while sneaking, but gets the opportunity to cast spells.

Knife Master – Loses the feeling of danger, but gets a bonus against light knife attacks and treats more damage with stealth attacks.

Thug loses his disarming and dangerous feeling and recruits demoralizing and intimidating enemies in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


  • Main attribute – Linear, magic recognition, spell
  • Top – to be
  • Skills – Knowledge (Arcan), Magic, Persuasion
  • Plus – can cast more spells per day
  • vs – has few spells

Empyrean Sorcerer – This subclass uses Wisdom instead of Charisma and also acquires certain elementary spells.

Sylvan Sorcerer – This subclass has access to an animal satellite and some different spells.

Wise Wizard – this subclass uses intelligence instead of charisma to cast spells, giving access to the skills of some wizards.


  • Main attribute – Secret communication, magic detection, technical school, spells
  • Top – to be
  • Skills – Knowledge (Arcan), Magic, Persuasion
  • Benefits – has access to a wide range of spells
  • vs – can cast multiple spells per day

Mystery Bomber – This subclass loses a lot of spelling points and gains bombing.

Tassilon Specialist – Loses a large number of spells but receives bonuses for a small number of spells

Scroll Saver – Loses access to the wizard functions, but gains more power when started from the scroll.

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