Path of Exile Patch Notes 1.38 – New Feb 19 Update

An update 3.9.2F for the Path to Exile was released today. We have all the details for this update on the 19th. February 2020.

Update Path to file 1.38 is now available for download. On Playstation 4 you need to download and install 611 MB. The size may vary depending on the platform.

The update contains some new functions for the item filters. There are also many corrections and optimizations.

Path to exile update 3.9.2F Patchnotes 1.38

  • New features have been added and item filters have been improved. You can learn more about it by clicking on the following link:
  • Improved performance in tracking samples and followers.
  • The following items are now marked for Map Maker when they fall: Endless jewels, ivory watches, gems of the awakening, beautiful orcs of the awakening, beautiful conqueror organs and unique jewels of the legion, threats, metamorphs and conquerors of the Boss atlas.
  • Reduces the damage caused by the Storm Challenge skill used by Baran monsters. From now on, they will only use this possibility if they have a field of vision towards you.
  • The performance of the Acid Magmatic Orbital Effect and the Magmatic Orbital Herald Effect has improved.
  • Improved visibility of various weapons effect microtransactions when applied to the Colossus Sword.
  • The skull was restored at the top of the union flag decoration.
  • A bug fixed that made it possible to play multiple times the effect of Lore’s siphon on the death of a monster. This correction also improves the overall performance of the current siphon.
  • A rare bug repaired that sometimes prevented Malachi from continuing to his second arena in The Harvest and Core Map.
  • Repair of a customer accident that could have happened if a Harlequin jumping helmet had been used.