Path of Exile: Delirio New League Breakdown


The road to exile: The Delirium League finally started yesterday with a record number of players. Their steam numbers belong to the 115,000 simultaneous players, which is the highest number of players who have registered for Call of Duty on SteamCharts.

We have put together five excellent guides for the new competition, all of which are budget orientated and can pave the way for the entire exile: The contents of Deliry. The most important are the FUN meetings for the game.

Elementalist of the Archimage (by Enki)

The most popular building we recommend for Deliry is the witch building of Anki. Enki does a great job of keeping this compilation up to date and relevant to each patch. The Storm Ability of the Arc is in itself a powerful skill that connects the multiple enemies around which this structure is concentrated. It is an economical design that is suitable for both new players and veterans.

With this construction you can become leeches and be immune to damage from the elements. You can fully control this building with rare average equipment, but some of the things that are recommended will be the Broken Heart of Impulse, the Spirit of Counsel, the Essential Worm and the Doriani Catalyst.

The Enki Guide is easy to understand and will help new players learn a lot on their way to exile. Take a look at his manual here and follow it if you want to play Speller Assemblies. You won’t be disappointed.

Bane The Witch Revolver (from Thi3n)

Thi3n still has excellent buildings that are well received by the Path of Exile community. This building is centred around Bane, which applies the chaos debates to the enemies of the region. With a larger action area you can cover a larger area skillfully.

Unpacking Chaos damage causes more damage and takes longer for every curse placed on the enemy. That’s why you have to combine curses with Bane’s damage assessment capabilities. This building uses occult ascent to take advantage of the passive profane bloom, which gives the enemies a 25% chance to explode and cause chaotic damage to the enemies around them.

Profane Bloom also makes cursed immune enemies angry, which is a great advantage for construction. Occultism also offers other interesting keys to help build. In general, this is an excellent assembly that can be used as a starter and league lineman if you follow the Thi3n manual.

Burning element (Author – Torstein-Fulls)

This witch is built on burning, the ability to lead, which grows the more you lead it. This skill has eight levels, and when you stop leading it, it explodes over a large area, igniting everything in its path and inflicting 500% more damage.

For this design you use the Climbing Elementalist to help you with higher direct damage, higher AoE and added heraldic value. The design is a shared gaming experience, able to clean up all content and flexible.

Cyclone Chasers (to Dex2644)

The Zyklon Dex2644 is a solid basic competition that can complement most of the content of the game. No specific elements are required for this building, making it an excellent budget building. If you like hurricane, you should check it out and give it a try.

A Cyclone is a fast attack spell that becomes more powerful when you control it. This model uses an Impala mechanism that allows you to damage the enemy with each shot. This is one of the best ways to obtain a high number of physical DPS in the current meta.

You will want to use Duelist and Spec in Slayer to increase the damage to the bosses and use Cull, which kills bosses instantly when they reach 20% health. The range and number of hurricane critics is also increased, with a good bonus for the multiplier of critical mass.

Cyclone master (Berger brush)

Here’s another cyclone design that is especially different from Dex2644 because it uses claws instead of leaves. One of the advantages of claws is the ability to live like a leech, so you can have a life when you strike. This cyclonic construction is also played as the climb of the Champion instead of the Berserker.

The design uses a taunting mechanism that also acts as a direct damage multiplier. You also don’t have to worry about the chances of hitting with Champion, as you have 100% accuracy against mocking enemies, allowing you to focus on other stats such as damage or health.



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