Part 1-The First Planet

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You start the game as a little dwarf in an observatory on a green, tree-covered planet. A pipe falls from the sky and lands on the grass in front of the observatory. You’re gonna take the pipe and play a little. The whistle can also be used to listen.

You get a little instruction on how to move in this world. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out and the left mouse button to click and drag the screen.

Use a whistle on a tree with a hole in it to listen to peaks.

Go to the observatory and go up the stairs to your room. Sleep in your bed and dream of flying a UFO.

Read book on the bedside table to see a story.

Go up the stairs to the observatory and look at the telescope. You can move the view until you find another planet.

Pull the handle and look at the next window. Look around until you find an alien planet. Repeat the process for the third window. There’s another planet you can see.

Go down the stairs, leave the observatory and head west. Use the whistle to listen to a strange mouldy plant. You see the picture of him turn into a UFO.

Run down the hill to the guy who’s a ration man. Use the tube on the water bottle and the dwarf gets the idea to cut it out and use it for UFOs.

Tell the man about (inventor) and he’ll give you an idea of the details needed to build a flying ship.

Return to the observatory and to the east. Look at the levers next to the wooden pole. The left handle moves the log to the left and right, while the right handle moves the log up and down. You must place the correct lever in the fourth position, the second from the bottom, so that it coincides with the base of the straight wooden post. See figure below.

After changing the height correctly, turn the ball from left to right with the left hand lever. As soon as you touch the base of the right beam twice, it collapses and forms a bridge between the two rocks.

Go down to the bridge and head east. You come into a greener area with a stranger in a tree. He’ll disappear and reappear somewhere else.

Use the hose on the central shaft. There will be a strange scene with worms as creatures, and then there will be little mushrooms. Man is going to pick mushrooms.

Go to the little hemp on the right side of the screen. After a while, someone will join you and ask you to play cards.

Below is a box with four slots and multiple cards. You can take the card and insert it into one of the slots.

Place two people in tent in fourth place. They need four pieces of food to solve the puzzle. Here’s the solution.

Solving the puzzle of card

Pork – Put a man with onions in the first box, a pig in the second box and a fire in the third box. When the pig is cooked, remove the hearth and place the cooked pig in the third hole. Two men in the tent will catch him.

mammoth – Put two men with spears in the first slot, a pond in the third slot and a mammoth in the second slot. Two men will hunt the mammoth in the pond and kill him. Replace the pond with a fire and the mammoth with a boiled fire. Replace the fire with a mammoth in the third slot to feed two men in the tent.

Moose – Like a pig, except that you have to give it a mushroom first. Give the moose the mushroom to make him sick, then put the onion man in the first groove, the moose in the second groove and fire in the third groove to kill the moose. As soon as the moose is shot and cooked, take it to the third nest, so two people from the tent can eat it.

Fish – Put a man with a rod in the first hole and a mushroom in the second. A man is going to pick a mushroom. Put a fire in the second slot, and the man will boil a mushroom. The worm comes out and hooks it. Replace the fire with a pond, and the man will go fishing and catch fish. Put the fire back in the second slot to prepare the fish. Place the cooked fish in the third slot to get the last two pieces of food.

After solving the riddle, the man gives you his knife. Go back west and down the mountain to see the inventor. Use a knife on a bottle and bring the upper part to the inventor. He’ll show you a picture of the parts of the plane.

Go back to the observatory and take a bath. The dwarf brings it back to the inventor for part of the plane. You still need the chair and the lever system.

Go back to the east where you built the bridge and grab the lever mechanism. Take this back to the inventor.

I mean, you should just sit down, but what can you use? Go back to the observatory and take the stool that was next to the bathroom and bring it to the inventor.

He’s going to finish part of the UFO booth. You drop it on a big mushroom cloud and fly away. Before you leave for a new planet, you must return the mushroom knife. You automatically fly close to him, so take a knife and give it to him. It’s time to fly to a new planet!

Continue the journey in Part 2: Asteroid and second planet.

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