Paradox’s Mod Manager is bad, so I made my own that’s (slightly) less bad.

So I got bored in the final days of work and decided I had a copy of Visual Studio 2010 and basic C# programming skills. And that’s how Kilroy was born. Named after the song that stuck in my head because I joked that I was a fashion manager for myself while I was thinking at first and planning the project, and with an internal program nomenclature to complete this stupidity, I give it to you here and now;


But JCVocke, you’re just a random nerd on Reddy. Your mod manager must be terrible!

Yeah, I guess so. Still better than Paradox Manager.

But why? I mean, I looked at the source code in the zip code and you don’t even have test blocks! And your interface seems to be made in 1993! They don’t even have drag and drop!!!

That’s right. But here are some fantastic, new, exciting, amazing and REVOLUTIONAL features that are available in my Mod Manager, but not in the paradoxical Mod Manager;

  • Ability to display more than 6 mods at the same time. (48 at standard resolution).
  • A specific list of activated mods that allows you to view activated mods ONLY.
  • SQUISHY PISS!!! By default, my modem manager is 1024×670 pixels in the window area. It’s an odd number! You’re right. This is exactly the same screen area as the Mod Manager paradox. I understand I want your living room to be usable on small laptop screens. That’s good. A commendable effort. But I want to be able to use my entire TV screen with its 1920×1080 pixel space, which isn’t very important. The Mod Manager paradox cannot be changed (as far as I know). But mine can be, you can reduce it to the size you want and maximize even one thing with my clever and brilliant use of this revolutionary new programming tool called Windows Forms.
  • I also made the default size the same as Paradox to really score points at home on the number of mods my manager can display. As for Paradox, I’ve installed 159 mods. The displays in 6 positions should suffice. Asuka_PatheticDotJaypeg
  • Talk about amazingly revolutionary programming tools: My Mod Manager uses a dangerous and highly effective technology known as buttons to give you advanced mod control, including the ability to easily select a mod and add it to your download command at the top or bottom of your download list with a single click.
  • Or just the possibility to select a mod, click on the button and enter the exact order index of this mod!
  • Next is the most dangerous and prohibited of all Mod Manager techniques: the special button (Alpha Spell), which instantly orders your mod downloads alphabetically!
  • Also the management of the keyboard.

This is how to use it. It is taken directly from the _Readme.txt file in the archive, so you can read everything it contains.

########## INSTALLATION:

Simply place the Kilroy.exe file in the Stellaris document folder. IE; C:User<Your nameYour nameYour nameYour nameYour nameYour nameYour nameYour nameYour nameYour documentsParadox InteractiveStellaris

The file must be located next to these three main files;

  • mods_registry.json : This file contains all the module definitions you have defined. The request can be read from this file, but must NOT be written.
  • Spiel_daten.json: This file registers your order to download Maud. The application reads and writes to and from this file.
  • dlc_load.json : This file contains information about which mods are actually enabled and which CSDs are disabled. The application reads and writes to and from this file.

######## USE:

Run the application. It must automatically fill in the list of installed modes and the modes currently in the right or left list. Otherwise I open the Paradox Launcher, go to Manage Mods and immediately click Done, which should overwrite the files in question. If you have any more problems, yell at me at Reddit’s PM’s. (JCVocke)

(See attached image _Read more to see what the sections with the numbers below refer to).

1 : This list shows your currently active modems. 2 : Lists of all downloads * Each item contains information in the following order from left to right; A : The X in the top left corner of the dataset means that mode B – is activated: The Maud index is on the list currently under review. THEY HAVE A BASE INDEX OF 0 BECAUSE THE PROGRAMMING. C – : The Maude file. This is the file that appears in the Stellarismod folder. Please note that in the case of Steam templates, the numbers in this modal file match the template ID and the folder where the actual zip archive of the template is stored in SteamAppsworkshopcontent281990. You can use it to find specific mod files so you can disassemble and destroy them for code. D – : The version number of the game that supports the Mod. Not all mods will have it for some reason. Literally, for some mods, the version number in the mods_registry.json file is just not displayed. This is not the case for my local templates, although my .mod file seems to have the right inputs. There is also the problem that they just randomly changed the format of the .mod file, even though no additional data is actually stored in the new format. If there’s one thing that coincides with the paradox, it’s that they’re not. E – : The name of the mode as it appears in the starter. 3 : Reload your existing mode order. The application performs this process automatically at startup, but it allows you to restart if you have missed something. You don’t have to do this, because this dispatcher can’t delete mod data, he can only rearrange and select the active mods, but I had room for an extra button, so I still have room for an extra button. Completely replaces all current data in the application. Functionally identical to closing the question and restarting the question. 4 : Saving your current order Mod. Completely replaces the mod order you currently have stored in your mod files, but does not affect the mod definition file (mods_registry.json). 5 : These buttons activate and deactivate the mod. YaACT means Activate. DeACT stands for DeActive. Selecting means that the mod you are currently selecting is in the list on the right. Selecting YaACT Select selects all modes from the list. Selecting DeACT works regardless of whether you select a mod from the All Mods list or the Active Mods list. YaACT All and DeACT ALL Turn on and off all modes. 6 : With these buttons you can restart your model list. At the moment they only work if you select something from the list of all modes. Jump, go 1 up, go 1 down and go down again speaks for itself. # Up #, Down # and Jump to # invites you to enter the number. Up # and down # moves the mods up or down with the specified number, Move to # moves the mods to this index, moves the current mod while the index is down, and flows naturally to the mod list. 7 : Automatic sorting of the order of the loading modes in alphabetical order. In my tests it seemed to correctly reproduce the start-up sequence of the Pre-2.4 Mod.

######## КЛАВИАТУРОЙ КЛАВИАТУРОЙ!!!!! 1!! 1!! 1! 1! 1! 1!! 1!!

Click to select an object from the list of all modes. From there you can go up/left and down/right. Press the Enter key to change the active status of the selected mode. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the Up/Down keys to move the selected mode up or down. LEFT and RIGHT will not move the MODE even if the controller is held down. If you press and hold the Hold Down Up/Down button while holding the controls, the controls will continue to go up or down, but only if you sing Eurotech and Drift on the chair during this time.

######### CHANGE

Full source code set. It’s mainly written in Visual Studio 2010, but I corrected some things in Xamarin Studio. Both should be good. Don’t hesitate to make changes, just try to keep my COMPLEX AND STRICTLY FORMATED NURSING PROFESSIONAL NAME, which I wasn’t afraid of at the end of each closure.

I’m a Hood programmer.

Answer me about this or the Prime Minister if you make mistakes.

Now I’ve got a Silver Boy to beat. King of heaven PFFFFTT < laughing in the glaze of insects>

It’s over!

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