Palace of White

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White Palace

The White Palace is located in the dream of nailing a knight to the square of a palace in the abyss. It is a complex part of the platform, which will certainly bore you if you are not very patient. There are three main sections with benches in between. Locate a lever for each section to access the lift of the next section.

When you reach the top of the palace, you’ll find the dead king sitting on the throne. Strike several times to beat half the spell of Kingsoul .

Because of the difficulty of this area and the fact that you only get one injury at a time, it is highly recommended to equip the Hiveblood spell to regenerate your health.

Place of birth

If you have both halves of the royal couch, put that charm on the couch. Go down to the bottom of the abyss and wait for the ground to come loose to open the passage to the place of birth. There’s not much to discover here, because I think this area is reserved for future developments. If you look at all the passages, you’ll find an old egg, then a big black egg. Use the dream nail on the egg to go back to the bottom of the abyss. Go back to the top of the pit to see another empty knight. After the scene you will receive the charm Empty Heart .

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