The Black Egg Temple

Back to empty knight High knight mode Really fine You can enter Temple Black Egg to meet the Hollow Knight after defeating the three Dreamers, but to find the true fulfillment, you will need to take a few more steps. First you need the two parts of the charm Kingsoul . The first half is … Read more

Tekken 7 Update 3.31 Patch Notes – Update on April 21st.

Game manuals > Game news – all platforms > Text 7 Update 3.31 Patch notes – Update 21. April According to J.P. on April 21, 2020 at Games News – All Platforms Bandai Namko, News, Patch, Tekken 7, Updates. Bandai Namco has released a new update Tekken 7 . Update 3.31 will be released tomorrow … Read more

Taris: Taris

Pass of the Supreme Knight of the Old Republic Taris is the first real place in Knights of the Old Republic you can explore. It is a large metropolis with an upper city for the rich and a lower city for the poor and the young. The Sith and the Vulcans have bases on this … Read more

Tap Titans 2 Guide to the Tournament

tourist guide It’s time to take the next step. The free mobile phone role-playing game Tap Titans 2 has brought with it a huge and growing community of fans. Probably the most exciting aspect of the game is the tournament. Every Wednesday and Sunday, Tap Titans organizes 2 tournaments between players. The size and prizes … Read more

3 of Syberia

Syberia 3 is a steampunk adventure game that continues the story of the first two games. Kate Walker has left the island and is sailing on a bulk carrier. She is saved by the Yukolas and decides to help them revive the old traditions. With Syberia 3 you get an exciting story, an enchanting world … Read more

2 of Syberia

Siberia 2 continues Kate Walker’s adventure after she finally meets the mysterious Hans Worlberg at the end of an ordinary game. In Siberia, 2 Kate and Hans continue their search for mammoths who are probably still alive on the island of Siberia. Syberia 2 is slightly shorter than the original, but it received good reviews … Read more

Guide to Sybaris Prime

Sybaris Prime’s main weapon is the Tenno-Liver Blade Rifle, which can do good damage at medium and long distances. He makes two shots in a row with great accuracy. WEAPON CHARACTERISTICS Sybaris is the most important variant of Sybaris, maintaining most statistics with slight changes. Sibaris Prime has the following basic statistics: Basic Accuracy: It … Read more

Surviving Mars Cheat Provides Infinite Cargo Capacity, Funds And More

In batches of RS 19/03/2018 Recently, the developer and publisher of Haemimont Games, Paradox Interactive, released his new game called Surviving Mars. This is a simulator and strategy in which players try to build a habitat on Mars. Their task is to build the first functional human colonies on Mars. You have to collect and … Read more

Supraland Spoiler Free Tips & Simple Walk

Supraland is super fun, at least in my opinion. You have a game that essentially has all the components you need – Dark Soul level battles, Metroid for NES difficulties in promotion and Zelda as a puzzle game. Maybe it’s not as hard as a game for showers, and maybe Metroid for the NES is … Read more

Street Fighter V: Tier List of the Arcade Edition – February 2020

tourist guide That’s how all the fighter planes come together. Street Fighter V has one of the most challenging scenes in the game. In that sense, the actors always do their best to keep an eye on the current meta. After all, the popularity and effectiveness of each character decreases and increases with each new … Read more