Packs of equipment

I never understood the whole concept of starter kits. I’m not talking about how belts work on a tutu. As far as I know, your character will receive a backpack or chest in case it’s packed diplomatically, and it’s filled with various items your new character will need when he goes down into the dungeon or into the Dark Forest to kill a dragon, so please don’t try this on level 1. I mean, why do you get what you get in individual packages? Let’s take the example of a herd of dungeons. In this package you will receive the following items to start your great adventure: Crowbar, hammer, 10 hooks, 10 lights, rifle box, 10 days of welding, water leather and 15 meters of rope on the side. Not bad as starting equipment, but in my opinion, the concept of an equipment set is flawed, especially because the received items do not match most of the sets the player will receive.

Here is a list of equipment according to the player’s guide.

Package of predatory fish (16 gp). Includes a backpack, a bag with 1000 ball bearings, 10 meters of rope, a bell, 5 candles, scrap, a hammer, 10 hooks, a torch, 2 bottles of oil, 5 days of welding, a tinkbox and water leather. A 50 foot hemp rope is also attached to the side of the package.

Diplomatic bags (39 gp). Contains a box, 2 card and curl pins, a set of fine clothes, an inkwell, a lamp, 2 bottles of oil, 5 sheets of paper, a bottle of perfume, sealing wax and soap.

Dungeon (12 gp). Includes a backpack, scrap, hammer, 10 hooks, 10 lamps, toolbox, 10 days of welding and water leather. A 50 foot hemp rope is also attached to the side of the package.

Pack Entertainer (40 gp). Includes a backpack, sheets, 2 packs, 5 candles, 5 days welding, water leather and a set of tubs.

Explorer Pack (10 gp). Includes backpack, bed linen, conversation set, powder box, 10 lanterns, 10 daily rations and water leather A 50 foot hemp rope is also attached to the side of the backpack.

Package with priests (19 gp). Includes backpack, blanket, 10 candles, tinder, alms, 2 blocks of incense, incense burner, blankets, 2 days welding and water leather.

Sholar packaging (40 gp). Includes a backpack, a legend book, an inkwell, 10 sheets of parchment, a small sandbag and a small knife.

Let’s start by putting all this stuff in your backpack. The average backpack measures about 11 inches x 17 inches x 6 inches, and according to the PHB, the backpack measures 1 cubic foot and has a load capacity of 30 pounds. () See picture left ? It is impossible for everything to fit in the backpack). To get an idea of the size of a standard backpack, you need to think about what most people use when they travel by plane or go to school with a laptop. If you say the average flashlight is 2.5 meters high and 6 inches wide, you’ve now filled almost half of your bag with more than three rows of flashlights, and they come out of your backpack. It will be impossible to close the backpack, no matter how you try to tuck it in. Once you have put the other items in your package, it will be quite complete, but you will probably be able to make it work. I’m sure those rations aren’t that important, and who has time to eat when you’re at the bottom of an angry sorcerer’s cemetery?

Now, let’s talk about 50-foot rope. It’s a damn rope you wear on the side of your backpack. He will be seriously injured, and even then he will perform well outside the pack. The hemp rope is 1/2 inch thick, so if you don’t want it hanging on the side of the backpack up to the knees, it will stick out.

One can always say that a game is included in a standard military package. It’s now a much larger backpack (20 X 11 X 10), in which you can easily store all your stuff and make room for all the other cool stuff you’ll find along the way. Most of these bags can contain between 1500 and 2000 pounds. So if you have space, heavy objects are no problem. The problem is that it costs a lot more and you will be charged quickly if you try to fill it in. No player wants that.

Two other things I notice in the tutus. First of all, even a small backpack seems to hinder the ability to swing the sword during battle, and a larger martial style backpack becomes a nightmare in battle. If the straps are tightened in such a way that they rest well on the back, the mobility of the hands is limited. If not properly lit, it can disrupt the aptitude test and even fly away in the middle of a fight. If you have been repressed by Korn and it is almost impossible for you to wield your sword, you are wasting time removing it. Secondly, when have you ever seen a picture of a character in a D&D backpack? His majestic paladin, dressed in a full and shiny plate, never carries a backpack. Based on 95% of the photos and portraits of the people I’ve seen, you’d think no one has ever had a package before. I think that’s what worries me the most. Nobody wants their handsome hero to wear a big backpack. Almost everyone has a package in the beginning, but nobody pays attention to it unless they want to put something in it.

I think the answer is that everybody has a bag of shit these days, but the truth is they don’t. The storage bag is a special and beautiful item and . Most people forget this beautiful part and think that a storage bag should only cost 101-500 gp. According to our price list for Sane Magic items, a storage bag costs 4000 gp. That’s a lot of gold for each player, let alone the lowest level. Edition 5 is mainly a game with magical items of a lower level (although there are no real rules that prevent DM from giving away magical items as he likes), so finding a storage bag is not as easy as going to the local general store and choosing one from the shelf.

So how do we get around it? It can be said that some adventurers don’t have to solve this problem, but I think most do. There are several ways to get around this problem, but first we need to look at the content of these tutus and see if they are present. Some items can fit on a belt, some are in a small backpack that the character throws over his shoulder (which is thrown a little at the beginning of the fight), and some are not needed at all. To determine this, I’m going to classify the starting equipment. All heroes need certain things, but some classes sometimes need certain equipment.

Below you will find the links to the different aircraft per class. You will then find the packaging information in PDF format and in the GM binder.

Bard Pack v1.0 Bard Pack v1.0 Cleric Pack v1.0 Druid Pack v1.0 Fighter Pack v1.0 Monk Pack v1.0 Paladin Pack v1.0 Ranger Pack v1.0 Tramp Pack v1.0

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