Overwatch Update 2.87 – Patch Notes on April 21st.

Today, the 21st. In April Blizzard released a new monitoring update. We have full release notes for / 2.87.

The Overwatch Update 2.87 is now available as a download for Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This update has fixed a few bugs, that’s all.

Monitoring system updates 2.87 Patchnotes




  • An error repaired which made Baptist’s immortality field seem very large in his introductions.


  • Fixed a fault where D.Va’s Mech could spawn in the wrong direction and where D.Va could be ejected in the wrong direction in case of self-destruction or destruction of fur.


  • Resolved a bug that caused Echo not to respect the Toggle Booster option when cloning D.Va.
  • (CTF game modes) Fixed a bug where Echo would drop a flag when the duplication was done.
  • Problem solved with the duplication of Echo, causing the voice sequences to sometimes stop when duplicating D.Va.
  • A mistake in Echo’s Duplicate was corrected, where after the end of Primal Rage she used Winston’s voice instead of her own.

The muskrat

  • Fixed a bug that always showed a 100% accuracy of Giancrat’s weapons statistics.


  • A bug fixed which allowed the tracker to go to an unexpected place in Hollywood, near point A.


  • A bug repaired where a player’s position could be wrong when requested in the workshop.

Source: Blizzard

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