Outer Worlds Update Version 1.04 – Fixed Notes 1.3

Obsidian Entertainment’s has announced the next update to The Outer Worldsand has also released patch notes.

Update 1.04 Outer Worlds are not yet downloadable, but will be available soon. Cross-platform version – Patch 1.3, PS4 client version – Version 1.04.

In this update several changes have been made to the user interface and gameplay. Below you will find full notes on the patches. If the details change before publication, we will review this article.

Patch to the outside world 1.3 / 1.04

Changes in unemployment insurance

  • Font size scale (an additional setting to adjust the text size in most user interfaces).
  • Ultra-wide support (screen and movie downloads)
  • Improving the visibility of the font (colouring)
  • Track multiple tasks on the map (you can view and select inactive tasks on the map)
  • New HUD grid that sets only targets (ADS or Scoped)
  • Corrected the unsaved chromatic aberration setting.

Changes to the game

  • New X-axis inversion setting.
  • Adding a switch for Sprint
  • The improvement in the quality of the items is due to the murder of the Manti Queens.
  • The effects of exposure to confidence in the benefits have been incorrectly corrected.