Our Top Picks: 15 Best Mario Kart ROM Hacks

From crazy new levels to themed flips and wild twists, there are plenty of ROM hacks for the classic SNES Super Mario Kart.

Old school graphics are much easier to customize, so it’s no wonder you can find more than 50 options for this game!

But to keep you from testing everything, I’ve put together the top 15 bronze burglaries for this popular retro title. Then let the SNES-emulator work, because there is a lot to test!

15. Super Mario Card: F1 channels

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With circuits named after the greatest drivers in the sport, this F1 module will allow you and your friends to fly on the world’s most famous race tracks.

An entertaining mode for those who want to get rid of the tricks and obstacles typical of most Mario Kart levels and play on minimalist racetracks.

Make no mistake: You test your driving skills on the F1 circuits, which really demand speed. Find out once and for all if you really are the best Super Mario Kart player.

14. Super Pro Card

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The Super Pro Kart is one of those fashions that only masochists around the world will enjoy.

A mode that messes with AI and turns your teammates into atypically aggressive and incomparably good drivers is just an invitation to trouble. It is for players who feel they have mastered the original game and are looking for a more demanding challenge.

However, this mode also includes 20 brand new maps. The titles have changed so much that it feels like we’re playing a whole new game. Isn’t that the point of fashion?

13. Visual paths in the real world

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With a number of new songs creatively designed by a Theamdnator-inspired user, Super Mario Kart : Real World Imagined Tracks gives a whole new life to the classic SNES game.

If you take the 200. Once you’re done with flowers, mushrooms and special cuts, you usually want something different.

Especially after playing Rainbow Road for the billionth time in a row. If you’re tired of taking exactly the same courses, you’ll be able to take on fantastic new levels, and that’s exactly what this romantic game offers you.

12. Reverse and corrected

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You like gameplay, but you want to rethink the game in Super Mario Kart?

In this case, the restored and repaired hacking ROM can be ideal for you.

The first thing you will notice in this modification of the game is that has brought the original 20 tracks back to, so you start at the end and work your way back to the beginning.

If that’s not enough to interest you – and it should be – then the developers of this mode have also taken the liberty of fixing the AI. These changes make the game a little more difficult, but still playable and very entertaining.

11. Acid Music Card

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The Sour Music Fashion Map is made with real developer friends as inspiration for the model characters and is a fun version of the original with brand newcharacters.

In addition to these brand new character skins, this mode also gives you a new background for titles, new music for each level, and even a new custom title screen.

The levels themselves are based on real places relevant to the developer and his friends, giving the game a more authentic flavor while preserving the surprisingly silly nature as you throw banana peels.

There are also small improvements that will help you maintain your interest: small obstacles, new victory screens and some battle tracks to play with friends.

10. Battle of Impala

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Super Mario Kart isn’t just about racing on the tracks, trying to set the best time and overtake your opponents.

It’s a game that includes destroying friends in crazy and fun battles.

If your card is surrounded by multiple balls, the goal is to end the fight with more balls than your opponents are trying to sink.

It is a fun way to play and perfect for playing with a group of friends. It is logical that there was a mod like this one – The Impala Battles – to redesign the combat levels and give them a much needed change in complexity.

9. Super NikoCard

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Sometimes you just wish for something completely offside and crazy.

Super NicoNico Kart achieves this by completely changing the cast of Mario Kart in favour of badly drawn characters, including clown Ronald McDonald.

But the novel also adds a new level of design in the form of faces by the Japanese streaming service NicoNico.

Even if you don’t know this subject, the most interesting thing is simply the appreciation of the madness of Japanese culture.

8. More Super Mario Kart

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Created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the classic game, More Super Mario Kart is one of those mods that pay tribute to what made the game great. And it doesn’t try to contact the winning formula to make it really look like an extension package of the original.

By adding 20 new courses – on top of the existing 20 – the aim is to create as accurate levels as possible compared to the original design levels.

When you play this model, you’ll feel like you’re getting two for the price of one with your classic Super Mario Kart.

7. Chaos of characters

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It’s great to play in the original cast of the Mario universe. But it’s definitely fun to go back to the classic games when there are brand new characters to play with.

With legendary characters like Bomberman, Pac-Man and Cactus, this Super Mario Kart fashionable character will make you love every minute of your racing time.

Take the usual slopes as usual, but now you can cross them with a not very fast yellow dot, namely Pacman.

6. Mario Card R

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Mario Kart R takes things to a whole new level with improved graphics, a handful of new classes, new music and introduces the cute Kirby as a playful character instead of the path.

Just like the expansion pack of the original game, this mod will make you feel like you’re back in the original game, but with a slightly more modern and updated feel for things.

To be honest, in some ways it looks almost like the SMK 2. The colors and background are different, the graphics are very different and in many ways it seems like a real successor to the original. Only by intuition.

5. Crazy ways

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By changing the difficulty of this already difficult game, Crazy Tracks Mod does exactly what you think it should do: It adds to surprisingly difficult tracks to test your playing strength.

Another great way to find out who has the best driving skills in Super Mario Kart is to have you and your friends race against each other on some of the craziest tracks you can imagine.

It’s a great way to greatly improve your reading skills and it gives you something you can really test your skills on.

This novel is worth considering if you can’t do without the Mario Kart series and want something more complicated. Or, in this case, much more complicated.

4. Hyper Roadmap

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Hyper Street Kart is a mod that offers you the best crossover gameplay you’ve ever known: Street fighter and Mario Kart.

With renamed and redesigned courses, such as the cleverly named Hadoken Cup, this modification brings a lot to the classic game, which is ideal for street fighting fans.

The best part of the Hyper Street Kart are of course the character models.

If Blanca and Guil’s race for the Rainbow Route isn’t enough to convince you to try it, Zangiff’s inflated biceps could rip off his map.

3. Super Parigo Cards

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The complete revision of the game makes it almost unrecognizable, while retaining the captivating gameplay that we all know and love.

Super Parigo Kart is a great fashion that you should definitely try.

Like Mario Kart R (number 6), this mod offers an incredible amount of new content, from a whole new set of characters to a new background based on real places like Paris, and new graphics.

There’s one thing to consider: It’s a hack of PAL-Rom, just so you have to pay for the original version of PAL to play. On your computer it is much easier, so the emulator can be the easiest choice to test.

2. Super Mario World Map

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Like More Super Mario Kart (number 8), it looks like Super Mario Kart World is about to improve an already stunning game with a few minor adjustments.

The idea is to make the playing experience a lot more fun by adjusting the classic formula a little.

Without leaving a stone untouched, this mod edits all 20 race tracks and even all battle tracks to give a new face to the original game.

This mod even adds the option to have endless balls in combat mode, so you don’t have to worry about how long your next fight will last. Once you start playing, you’ll see how crazy it can get.

1. SpongeBob Super Card

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If you leave the best at the end, the legal number one on that list should go to SpongeBob Super Go-Kart.

The mix of two incredibly popular franchises often brings fans of both series together. And this SpongeBob mod is no exception.

Changing the cover screen with Bikini Bottom and Sponge Bob is a cult pineapple house, this fashion will make you feel like you’re really underwater.

This mod is really a complete overhaul of all graphics, music and layers. Sponge Bob Super Kart adds all your favourite characters from the series, all the new combat levels and bonuses, a new Sponge Bob-inspired level design and much more.

It’s probably true that Sponge Bob never got his driver’s license. But that doesn’t stop him from burning rubber during this sweet romantic hacking!

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