Ori and the forest of the blind

Orie and Blindwald have won numerous prizes in the field of artistic creation, musical composition and animation. It’s an independent game from Moon Studio and it’s a pleasure to play.

You start the game as an Ori, a little ghost of the forest who got lost during the ghost storm and forgot who he is. Their heroic task is to bring the Ori home and save the forest from death. You get more skills and can spend experience points on three different skill trees.

This adventure game is incredibly fun, but it is also a challenge. Below you will walk through each of the visually stunning areas and show you how to solve all the puzzles and find all the secrets. If you like this game, do not forget to look at the second part of the series – Ori and the Will of the Magi.

Flooded fields
Hollow Forest
Moonlight Mainsail
Wind valley
Cloud forest
Back to the valley
Ruins of the Sanctuary
Mount Khoru road
Mount Khoru
Black salsify graves (last edition)
Lost forest (last edition)

Core capacities

The Ori learn most of their basic skills through the trees of their ancestors, with the exception of the Spirit Flame and Perah Kuro, which are historical events.

  1. Spiritual Flame – The Spiritual Flame is the first skill the Ori learn. You can use it to attack your enemies. It can be improved by adding skill points to the attack skill tree.
  2. Jumping to the wall – Orie can climb walls by jumping several times. This allows you to access areas that are normally inaccessible in one go. This skill is taught by Phil in the flooded glades.
  3. Offensive fire is an offensive skill that deals with damage to units within a specified radius. It can be used to break down certain barriers. This ability is found in the forest and is derived from the spirit of Ano’s ancestors.
  4. Double Jump – Another important feature giving access to new areas. Jump up for a double jump. The Leroux pedigree gives this possibility in the shelter of Humo.
  5. Bash – The Bash capability allows the Ori to fly through the air using the pulse of a nearby flashlight, creature or projectile. This function also allows you to stop the time for a certain period of time so that you can choose your direction. The object you’re fighting against is thrown in the opposite direction. This capacity can be found in the Ginzo tree.
  6. Trample – This skill takes you to new heights by breaking down barriers and treating damage to nearby enemies. The Ori learn this skill in the Fornfelt swamp.
  7. Kuro’s Feather – If you distract Kuro on your way to the misty forest, lift one of Kuro’s feathers. You can use the pin to slide over the floor or to lift yourself when you are in a wind tunnel.
  8. Lift – With this possibility Orie can hang on walls and move up and down without having to jump off a wall. Hold the diaper or RT against the wall.
  9. Transhipment Payload – Press and hold the directional button to charge the trans-shipment payload, then release to propel Orie in that direction. They can be loaded directly or hung on a wall and loaded left or right. This possibility can be found in the Trauerpass.
  10. Light splashes – Throw light balls in the air to illuminate lamps. He was found in Black Root Burrows.
  11. Shot – Also found in the black salsify caves. This allows the Ori to move quickly in one direction for about half a second. He can be promoted in the skills tree.

Capacity axis

You have 3 competence areas in which you can invest Ori competence points: Survival, research and defence. Please note that no additional skills are required to win the game. In fact, if you win the game without using a single skill point, there’s an achievement.

What is the best way to create a point of excellence? It really depends on your game. Investing skill points in the survival branches makes the game much easier, especially if you make the triple jump. Offensive options are practical, but not essential, as most deaths are caused by environmental damage. The exploration line is ideal for finding secret zones and additional pick-ups, but you can also search the Internet for this information.

Ori and the Blind Forest was developed by the Indian developer Moon Studies and was presented on the 11th. March 2015 for Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One This is an adventure game platform set in the forests of the Nile. The developers worked on the game for four years before it was purchased by Microsoft, and the game was inspired by Rayman and Metroid.

Ori and Blind Forest have received the highest praise from critics, who have given it top scores in all areas, including plot, gameplay, graphics, music and design. We have indicated that there may be a sequel to the game in the near future. If you like the Ori and the Forest of the Blind, you can try Trina: Enchanted Edition and Trine 2.

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