Octavia Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Octavia is a war music company that uses the sounds of his mandachord to bring his music to the battlefield.

It’s a very funny war picture that you can use, and it’s also creative when you use music that you can compose yourself in the war picture to hurt the enemies and you and your amateur team.

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Where did you get Octavia?


Octavia’s details are not as simple as some people think, and instead they are put together and perform various specific tasks.

  • Octavia-Neuroptics: Reward for C Rotation during Orokin Derelikt’s survival (C Rotation takes place every 20 minutes) and has only a 22.56% chance of being rewarded, for which you might have to do some jogging.
  • Octavia Chassis : Guaranteed when Lua’s musical puzzle is completed and rewarded when the puzzle is completed.
  • Octavia systems : Found as a reward for caches from the Lua Crossfire destruction mission, which is considered the first cache, this means that you only need to find one cache per attempt.

The drawing of Octavia is a reward for completing the Octavia Hymn, a legendary quest related to Octavia.


(Octavia skills)

Octavia can summon musical devices to damage enemies that attack the area, lure enemies to their deaths, give a few amateurs for themselves and their allies, and greatly increase the damage for everyone.

Her passive capacity is the inspiration that gives Octavia and her close ally a buffer that regenerates 1 energy per second for 30 seconds.

Octavia also has its own Mandachord, which allows players to create their own songs to be played when their skills come into play.

The mandashord affects their skills both in cases and over time, allowing players to adjust the effects of their skills by conducting the music.

1) Hammer

Octavia launches her device, which becomes invincible and floats in the air, while provoking the attack of the enemies.

Damage caused by enemies is absorbed by the hammer and stored for a short period of time to be converted into damage caused to all enemies within a given radius.

This ability is very powerful because not only is it good for crowd control because it attracts enemy fire, but it can also kill enemies because of the damage it causes them.

Even high-level enemies can be seriously affected by this possibility because of the damage multiplier and the absorbed damage, which varies depending on the level of the enemy.

The hammer can be equipped with a resonator, which makes it mobile and creates a ball of destruction.

(Enemies committing hammering)

Change Mod. Hammer separation allows 2 hammers at the same time with 50% less damage.

2) Resonator

Octavia throws her own role, which is called a resonator, which spins around and attracts the enemies, so that they follow him everywhere.

Enchanted enemies constantly record damage as they follow the resonator, and its range is increased by enchanted enemies.

This ability is excellent for deflecting enemy fire from you and your team, as well as rounding up enemies, making it easier to kill them.

The resonator will find Mallet and pick him up, forcing him to become a deadly orb that will enchant the enemies and drive them to attack him to harm them again.

(resonator attracting and damaging enemies)

Change Mod. The conductor allows Octavia to move the resonator to a specific location at a higher speed, which is created by aiming and activating the capacitance.

3) Metronome

The metronome gives Octavia and her amateur allies who perform certain actions a time that coincides with the ability to strike.

Rings that come from outside and go in the direction of Octavia are visual timings of skill, but also sounds that can be controlled to know when an action needs to be performed.

The following buffers are available during synchronization actions with the metronome, which take some time:

  • Vivas – jump, increase speed.
  • Nocturnal – crouching, making himself invisible.
  • Opera – Fire from a long-range weapon, applied to a long-range weapon with multiple shots.
  • Strong – an attack with melee weapons, melee weapons receive bonus damage.

With this possibility, several allies who use different war frames with different playlists can fall back on amateurs to satisfy them.

This makes Octavia’s competence one of the best supporting skills thanks to the many amateurs that can be made available.

(Octavia is invisible due to Nocturnus and other metronome buffers)

4) Amps

Casting Amplifier launches Octavia Amplifier, which increases the base damage of allied weapons in the combat zone.

The damage bonus depends on the noise level in the area and the capacity has a certain minimum and maximum damage multiplication factor.

This capacity is very useful in expanding the capacities of Octavia and its allies, allowing them to do more damage in the region.

The man is hit by the amplifier, which causes him twice as much damage and twice as much range as long as he is within the range of the amplifier.

(Octavia kills enemies within spherical range)

Proposed buildings

Strength of construction

This capacity increases Octavia’s power to a very high level, so that Octavia’s capacity can benefit from a large amount of power, while the rest is only maintained with decreasing efficiency.

All capacities will have a longer duration, while the fans and the damage they cause will be significantly increased by the damage and effects of their fans.

This model works well and causes more damage than most other models, making it suitable for eliminating enemies and playing as an offensive Octavia.

The hammer and resonator will work well because of the high damage, making it easier for both to eliminate enemies.

Metronome lovers will have a bigger effect thanks to statistics and bigger bonuses.

The buffalo will do a lot of damage to Octavia and its allies if the multiplication factor increases.

(Octavia kills her enemies with a hammer)

Construction time

Without much resemblance to the previous structure, the permanent structure still delivers a good amount of power, while still having a longer duration that makes it suitable for advanced capabilities.

Octavia will still repair the damage, but her abilities will continue to be used longer, making her easier to follow and her energy and abilities will not have to regenerate quickly.

Metronome’s buffs last quite long, so you can easily take on different buffs that are perfect for strengthening your team.

A nocturnal metronome enthusiast can last longer, which gives the team a huge advantage because he is invisible.

The amplifier has a long lifespan and can be used to strengthen the team and make the hammer last longer.

(Octavia kills her enemies under multiple buffers)

Construction of zone

Just like the other forms of his body, this build uses all his capacities, except that this time his Strength decreases slightly, but his Range increases sharply and his Duration is increased in an appropriate way.

As a result, Octavia has a larger range, allowing her favourites to be reached at greater distances and her damage capacity to be used over greater distances.

Thanks to this construction Octavia can cover a very large area, so enemies are damaged by the hammer and other enemies are enchanted by the resonator.

The metronome gives a larger range, making it easier for allies to get amateurs.

The amplifier will cover a large area and will damage the hobbyist over very long distances.

(Octavia treatment of very large area damage with scrap and a resonator)


Octavia is a very melodic and creative warframe that uses music as an instrument of destruction and allows the user to compose his own music to determine how the effects occur.

The combination of the Damage Retrieval Hammer with a powerful multiplier and the ability to lure enemies to death with a resonator make it an ideal tool to inflict heavy damage over a large area.

The metronome not only benefits him, but also influences his team, and with fans like Nocturne, who make everyone invisible, he has become one of the best support skills.

Octavia is good for support and damage, and can even use her other skills for other missions, depending on how the player uses them.

Octavia uses music as an instrument to destroy his enemies and for the benefit of his allies he wins the battlefield with his beautiful instruments.

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