Nintendo Switch ‘s Best Fitness Games in 2020.

Nintendo is a pioneer in the fitness gaming industry. With the invention of Nintendo Wii in 2006 and Wii Fit in 2008, Nintendo created a whole new genre of video games. In these fitness video games you actively participate in the game by reversing the concept of the game like a saddle.

Gambling is a common way to be physically active, burn calories and increase your heart rate while having fun at home.

While Playstation and Xbox have their own fitness games that follow in Nintendo’s footsteps, the latter remain at the forefront of the energetic movement. They have the most popular fitness games and the best hardware support, making the Nintendo Switch the best game system for training.

If you want to keep playing, this article looks at the best fitness games on Nintendo Switch.

Equipment required

In order to play fitness games with the Nintendo Shuffle Switch, you must ensure that your system is equipped with the correct motion controls.

Best Fitness Games for Nintendo Switch

Installation of the adventure ring

Participation in the adventure

Start the list with Ring Fit Adventure, the flagship of the shifting exercise for the console. With nearly 2,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, it’s probably the best fitness game on Nintendo Switch to date. As the owner of the game and playing it regularly so far, I can confirm that it is very fun and valuable.

As the name suggests, Ring Fit Adventure is an adventure game that also serves as a physical workout. Think of it as a Pokemon or a role-playing game in which you discover a fantasy world. Along the way you’ll encounter enemies and obstacles that you have to overcome with real exercises. Exercises include jogging, treadmill walking, high knees, shoulder pressure, yoga and crouching, to name but a few.

The adventure mode is a long campaign that keeps you up to date. There’s a story and a story, and it takes 3-4 months if you play one hour a day. There are also 12 mini-games that work perfectly as board games, and a customizable training routine creator.

If you want to change your lifestyle but have trouble finding the motivation to do so, or if you want to play a fun game with exercises for your friends and family at home, you usually can’t do anything wrong with Ring Fit Adventure.

The Virtuous Dance 2020

Just dance the Indian change.

Just Dance 2020 is the newest game in the Just Dance series. The game features 40 new songs from the Top 40 artists as well as popular children’s songs from movies such as Disney’s Frozen 2.

As in previous Just Dance games, you physically move your body to dance with your on-screen avatar on the beat. The 2020 version seems to reflect the essence of what made these games so wonderful – the choreography is fun, the routine is memorable and the counter tracking is the best. In addition, the graphics of the game are well stylized and animated, which makes the game fascinating.

If you’re looking for a fun dance game to help you lose weight, or just a stupid game to play occasionally with friends or family, Just Dance 2020 can serve all of these purposes.


Just Dance 2020 - Nintendo Switch

Just Dance 2020 – Nintendo Switch

  • 40 NEW TRACKS: Keep partying with the latest hits, like I don’t care about Ed…
  • FREE DANCE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS: Dance to over 500 of your favorite songs! Free monthly trial period…

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces Nintendo Switch

One of the most popular games on Wii Sports is tennis. Mario Tennis Aces builds on this experience and brings tennis to life in your home. You’ll be surprised how much it looks like normal tennis.

The game contains different types of shots, from discs, rags, broken and different rotations. There is also an energy bar and there are special moves you can make, for example to destroy your opponent’s bat if you calculate the time correctly. The gunshots allow you to rush from one side of the track to the other.

Mario Tennis offers a single-player adventure mode and a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is the most fun, because you can play online with friends or even against strangers by participating in online tournaments. The more you win, the higher your rank and the more prizes you can win.

In general, this game is really worth it if you are looking for a fun arcade tennis game. You will sweat, sharpen your quick reflexes and your ability to make decisions.


Tennis Aces Mario - Nintendo Switch

Tennis Aces Mario – Nintendo Switch

  • The new tennis game Mario raises the level of skill and competition at Nintendo.
  • Mario arrives on the court dressed in an elegant tennis suit to play intense matches against different opponents.

Fitness box

Fitness box switch

If you like boxing, cardio and rhythmic exercises, you will enjoy playing fitness boxing. The game is like the dance revolution, but for boxing. You follow the instructions in the game to make a shortening, jeb, hooks or a combination of these elements and dodge and weave.

As in the GDR, you will be rewarded with points for your accuracy. The game isn’t perfect when it comes to recording movements, so there’s a way to fool the system if you really want to. But if you want to challenge yourself – and that should be the case when you’re playing a fitness game – you’ll enjoy following your progress in tempo and accuracy over time.

The game contains more than 20 songs, and the more you play, the more songs, exercises, outfits and accessories you can unlock. With the second set of controllers you can also play boxing matches in pairs, which is great fun. In general, boxing fitness is a great enrichment of the boxing cardio-training.

Fitness Box - Nintendo Switch

Fitness Box – Nintendo Switch

  • Get up off the couch and move across the floor with the funny rhythmic boxing exercises.
  • You can personalise your workout by choosing from a range of fitness goals

Zumba: Burn it!

zumba combustion switch

Zumba: Burn It Up is a dance training game that focuses on the zoom for the standard. Learn popular Colombian dance moves during your cardio workout.

The game uses very energetic game modes with popular Latin hits such as J. Balvin’s I Like It and original songs. You may be worried that zumba at home is not the same as in class, but this game is ideal for creating a motivating party atmosphere in your living room.

The game can be played with up to four players at the same time, making it a great success even on game nights with the family.

- Nintendo switch

Zumba: Burn it! – Nintendo switch

  • Everybody’s favorite dance show is back! Zumba is a global movement that’s fun.
  • You can use your Zumba software anytime, anywhere with the ability to set and run modes that…

Sports party

party amendment

The Sports Party is trying to imitate Wii Sports. It may not burn a lot of calories, but it’s still a fun fitness game at the counter for kids who want to train at home and learn some moves.

The game offers unique sports such as frisbee, skateboarding, golf, basketball, jet skiing and beach tennis. It’s easy to install and easy to learn, so you can play right away. Players can customize their avatars and appearance, which is often a hit with children.

A sports party (Nintendo Switch) (Nintendo...)

A sports party (Nintendo Switch) (Nintendo…)

  • It’s time to sweat! Navy and solar sports are now within easy reach, accessible to everyone…
  • Enjoy Frisbee, jet skiing, basketball, golf, skateboarding and beach tennis! Discover some of the…

American Ninja Warrior

Nintendo Ninja Change Soldier

If you’ve ever seen American Ninja Warrior on TV and thought you could overcome these obstacles – well, you can try to imitate it with this game. With the American Ninja Warrior game on the counter, you race by jumping, swinging, sprinting and swinging your way to victory.

The game features real TV series obstacle tires, such as swinging the rope, balancing the glass wall and climbing the stairs. The game requires great precision in your movements. That’s why you don’t sweat as much as in the other fitness games mentioned.

In general, this fitness game can be worthwhile if you’re a fan of the series, but if you’re looking for a real workout, try one of the other games here.


If you want to work out in your spare time, try these Nintendo Switch Fitness games! There is something for everyone, whether you like sports, dance, cardio, strength training or just exercise.

The advantage is that you have a good chance of getting value for money, because you may be able to save on the memberships of the gym, the personal trainers and the tuition fees. You can also involve your friends and family to increase your participation and motivate each other.



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