Nidus Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Nidus is infected with Warframe and uses many skills related to the type.

Nidus is a very unique warframe because it is based on the infected and has similar skills as its origin, its gameplay requires few skills to succeed, and in a strategic game it becomes unstoppable.

How do I get Nydus?


The Nidus drawing can be obtained by completing the Glass Gambit quest, and parts of it can be obtained by completing the Oestrus Eris mission as a reward for each C-movement.

Instead of managing his games, Nidus can be bought on the gaming market for 225 platinum.


The Nidus can use its own pest at will and can cause a pest in line to cause damage, release a larva that can disarm predators, attach its own parasite line to predators and cause a pest while the larva can attack predators.

Unlike other warphrams, Nydus’ unique passivity, called adaptive mutation, requires assimilation with his enemies, which happens when he applies some of his skills to them.

Nidus will bend to mutations by assimilation with the enemies and become stronger with each pile of mutations.


The Nidus tramples his leg and causes poisoning to damage the line, and enemy strikes are stacked where 5 gives him a stack of mutations.

This attack becomes one of the strongest after receiving sufficient mutations and can be used to easily take out different enemies when mutations are important.

Upgrade : Mobile virulence gives Nydus 15 seconds, giving him a better chance of finding a primary weapon.


Launches a larva that spreads and begins to attract and hold on to enemies until the end of its lifespan.

This feature works well and should be used before Virulence is used to ensure that multiple enemies are hit.

The Larva is a very useful skill, not only because it gives Nydus an easy way to hit enemies with virulence, but also because it can be used on enemies such as the Index, Rathuum Arenas and others.

Upgrade : The larva outbreak damages the area by increasing the number of captured enemies, and is reactivated after the first roll of dice to do this damage, and then explodes.

Parasitic joint

Connects with an enemy or ally that causes extra damage to Nedus and his ally, and when connecting with an enemy that enemy takes on the damage that Nedus must take.

This ability is ideal for avoiding death on difficult missions, because enemies will take the damage for you.

The parasite link can be used to control the enemy, because he will not move until everyone has dealt with Nidus, to be the last to deal with him.

Each target to which Nydus is attached releases its virulence when Nydus launches the capacitance, and it moves in the same direction as the target.


The Nidus increases the plague in the area, heals itself and its allies, and lets the larvae spawn and attack their enemies.

Enemies damaged by larvae will also promote the addition of nest mutations to the chimneys.

The larvae explode when affected by the virulence, damaging the target area.

Upgrade : The instability makes it possible to get 2 mutation batteries instead of one when purchasing a battery.

Structure also reads as follows: Necrosis

Proposed buildings

Producing virulence larvae

The purpose of this building is to increase the range of virulence and the larvae to create a combination of larvae that are thrown from a distance to attract enemies, and then virulence to cause damage and get stacks immediately.

The design has a reduced duration, but the waveform joint can be used as a parasitic joint.

Hunter Adrenaline completes the Parasitic Link, as his hook on the enemy forces Nidus to do less damage, but he gets energy.

Structure also reads as follows: Loki


This design is mainly used to collect different enemies and hold them in your hands, so you or your team can attack them freely while they are captured by the larvae.

Enemies in missions like The Index and Rathuum Arena will also move, which can lead to an easy victory.

Building in balance

This building has been designed in such a way that Nydus can dispose of all its capacities without disadvantages such as lack of time or high energy consumption.

The damage caused by this construction are effective, and the ability to play different skills will be very useful once the stacks of the mutation obtained.


The Nidus can be difficult to acquire in the beginning, and it can take some time to understand how to use your abilities and make use of your unique passive capacity.

Once you learn how to use it, it will all be worth it, as Nidus’ abilities alone can effectively survive thousands of enemies as he gains strength.

The Nidus can be used in different ways, depending on the design and playing style of the user, for example for bladder damage, healing, crowd control, etc.

It has one of the greatest damage possibilities in war situations, is able to perform long missions and has the ability to easily kill enemies.

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