Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition – Console Command List

The developer and publisher Beamdog has released his new game Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. This is a classic fantasy role-playing game in which players fight against monsters in the world of dungeons and dragons.

The new edition of the game brings together all previous and new content. This means no more new adventures and enemies, you can use the normal game mode or use the console controls to make your life in the game easier.

Winter Night Extended EditionConsole Command List

To use the cheat code, first log into the game and press the default `/~ key on the console to remove it from the game. If the console does not appear, activate it manually.

To do this, go to the Steam Library and right-click on Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition and then Properties, a new window will open. In the new window, go to the general tab and click Set Start Options and type -console, then click ok. Run the game again and press `/~ and the console will exit.

Console controls

  • DebugMode 0 – disables cheat codes
  • DebugMode 1 – contains cheat codes
  • dm_allspells 0 – disables the use of any spell in the game
  • dm_allespells 1 – Allows you to use every spell in the game
  • dm_cowsfromhell – Makes angry cows feel like they’re killing your enemies.
  • dm_gettime – show current playing time
  • dm_givegold # – Gives you gold
  • dm_god – The way of God
  • dm_givelevel # – Raise your level.
  • dm_heal – Heal all damage to your main character.
  • dm_levelup – Gives you enough XP to get a level.
  • dm_modify # – Change drawing age
  • dm_modifyattackbase # – Change your basic bonus
  • dm_modifysavefortitude # – Change the throw of the mind.
  • dm_modifysavereflex # – Change the reflex storage throw.
  • dm_modifysavewill # – Change your savings role
  • dm_modifyspellness – Change the spelling resistance.
  • dm_setrace – Change the race of your character.
  • dm_settime – Change the current playing time
  • dm_mylittlepony – Speed scam
  • fps – displaying the image per second.
  • GiveXP # – Specify a specific amount of XP
  • Hidden names – Hide the names of your players in the sidebar.
  • ModCHA # – Adds glasses to the look
  • ModCON # – Addition refers to the constitution
  • ModDEX # – Displays indicate subtlety.
  • ModINT # – Adds points to intelligence
  • ModSTR # – Adds glasses to the strength
  • ModWIS # – Adds a pair of glasses to the wisdom
  • SetCHA # – Charisma of the game (9-50)
  • SetCON # – Amendment of the constitution to (9-50)
  • SetDEX # – Change text (9-50)
  • SetINT # – Change intelligence (9-50)
  • SetSTR # – Change force (9-50)
  • SetWIS # – Change wisdom to (9-50)
  • Show parties – Show the names of the players of your party in the sidebar.
  • SetAppearance # – Change the appearance of the sign of (001-298)

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