Nekros Build 2020 Warframe Guide

The Necromancer is a bar executive with similar capabilities as the Necromancer, who has the ability to manipulate the souls of the living and the bodies of the dead.

He is one of the best executives of agricultural warfare in the game, and along with other skills, he can control groups of enemies to a large extent, either by rescuing his allies or by inciting enemies to slaughter.

How do I get Necros?


Place of the player-prime ministerSome of the necroses can be obtained from the successful murder of Lepantis in the Orokin Deerlite Killer mission in Deerlite on the star map.

His design is for sale at the game market in the Orbital Room for 100,000 credits.

In addition to the finishing of the parts, the Necros can be bought on the Inheim market at the price of 375 platinum.

Necros Prime

Necros Prime is the most important variant of Necros and has a high power and a shield.

Relics with Necros Prime:

  • Drawing: Consolidated: Lith N3, Meso N3, Axi N3 Available No.
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: Meso F1, Axi N5 Available No.
  • Chassis: Violent: Lith N1, Lith V4, Meso K1, Meso S3, Neo Z1, Axi G1, Axi N4 Available Nr.
  • Systems: Consolidated: Lith N2, Meso N5, Neo N3, Neo N7 Available Nr.


Necros possesses powers that allow him to harm the souls of the living, frighten the hearts of his enemies, exploit the dead for his own gain and train his victims to carry out his orders.

His passive power is the soul sucker, which gives him 5 life points every time the enemy dies within 10 meters of him.


The Necros takes control of the enemy and pushes him forward, hits and shoots any enemy he comes into contact with.

This can be used to repel certain enemies, separate them from the group or kill them.

(The figure below shows necroses using the impact of the soul on the enemy).

Upgrade : Soul Survivor resurrects Soul Punch’s fallen allies.


Necros force enemies within a radius around them to flee in random directions, making them unable to attack with reduced armor, making them more vulnerable to more damage.

The Reign of Terror is ideal for crowd control and weakening enemies, and can also be used in difficult situations to help you or your team escape or perform other actions while running away from enemies.

(The image below shows the enemies in flight after Necros’ launch of Terrifi)

Upgrade : By crawling, Terrifi reduces the speed of affected enemies by 60%.


By manipulating the dead, Necros forces fallen enemies and their body parts to tear up the extra flight.

One of the reasons why Necros is considered one of the best dams for agriculture is this ability, because it makes all the parts of your dead enemies drop their loot, which means the more parts you have, the more likely you are to get the loot.

(The image below shows the enemy bodies dispersed by accidental looting)

Upgrade : Despotism leads to the desecration of health, not to the consumption of energy.

The Shadow of the Dead

By overcoming his dark forces of calling, Necros brings the enemies he recently killed back to life and forces them to fight for a limited time.

Once their time is up, resurrected enemies die, and when the attacker is active, they fall into health balloons.

Shadows of the Dead is ideal for deflecting enemy fire and helping Necros and his team do damage.

It is also a good reserve for restoring the health of the Necros and their allies.

(The picture below shows Necros raising fallen enemies to defend him)

Feed mode: 6% of the necro damage is redirected to revived enemies.

Structure also reads as follows: Loki

Proposed buildings

Construction of agricultural tractors

Our Bruiser/Farmer design gives the Necros a wide range when desecrating enemies, allowing them to extend the range of a robbery.

The number of terrorists will also increase considerably because of the distance at which enemies are forced to flee.

In Devastate , the desecration of Necros uses Health instead of Energy when the enemies disappear, leaving rakes and balls of Health behind.

Health Conversion gives the Necros armor, which is stacked in the Life Balls selection, making it an extra mode for Despoil.

Since life balloons will usually fall through desecration, Necros will always have better armor, making them more durable and durable.

Using Fast Thinking, Necros will have an interval of time to restore his health before he dies, because he will then be alive at the exact moment his health drops, and with the help of Health Balls should restore his health quickly.

This design makes Nekros an excellent farmer and allows him to fulfill his missions for a long time, as he will be difficult to kill and thanks to his mods will always receive health and armor.

(The image below shows prey falling from a distance at the same time as the health transformation)

Structure also reads as follows: Hydrogen

Dead Cruiser Building Shadow

As with the previous meeting, we have a scope limitation that allows us to desecrate a smaller radius in order to force a theft.

The shadows of the dead will last longer, and the shadows of his slain enemies will have a higher status, which will help him fight his enemies.

This meeting focuses primarily on getting the Shadows on your side to fight, and compromising the diminished scope that desecration should force to loot, but with greater protection for the groups and more damage from the Shadows.

(The image below shows the shadows of the dead killing the enemies)


Many people only see Necros as a framework for agriculture, but the truth is that there is more than that.

Necros is able to control and protect the crowd thanks to its Terrific and Shadow of the Dead skills, which prove their effectiveness when used when the situation demands it.

Nekros is not only good for agriculture, but can also be a half-empty tanker thanks to the combination of Health Conversion and Despoil that benefits from Profaner.

It’s definitely worth it to get Warframe, because you will benefit a lot from these dark and obscure Warframe possibilities and possible playlists.

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