Nar Shaddaa’s

1) Apron – You land on one of the landing stages in the refugee zone. Unfortunately, this notebook has been requested. As soon as you leave Quello, he’ll ask you to pay him. You can threaten him or pay him. In any case there will be problems later, when the Red Eclipse hardware arrives.

Go down the hall to the east. If you go around the corner, you’ll run into the stockbrokers. You can take them off or have them teased for LS or DS glasses. There are also a few refugees who are going to apply for a loan. If you help them, the Kraya will talk to you. Agree to have more influence on her.

2) Office – There is an office, but more importantly, you will find the Airspeedernavigation interface in a nearby container. One of the items needed to repair a faulty aerodynamic throttle of the Serroco gang.

3) Tienn Tubb and TT-32 – For the first time you come across a TT-32 Droid asking for help in finding the Droid that was sold to the Codin parts dealer at number 9. If you do that, you get an update function for the droid screen.

Tienn Tubb will help you later, as soon as you have a blank transponder card for Ebon Hawk.

4) Former bounty hunter Vosk – Talk to Vosk and he tells about the different groups and some bounty hunters in Nar-Shaddaa.

5) The owner of the Black Hawk ? – Yeah, it’s true. A man named Rathrin Weck will claim to own Ebon Hawk. He has no real proof of possession, except that he knows where the hidden compartments are. Agree to give Ebony Hawk for LS glasses or kill him for DS glasses. If you give him the ship or tell him to leave it, he will still try to steal the Black Hawk, and the Red Eclipse gang will kill him.

6) Oondar – Bad Trader – Oondar competes with Geda on the other side of this section #8. They’ll ask you to get rid of another dealer. You can tell each of them to leave, either Oondar or Guida, but then you will no longer have access to their inventory.

7) Exchange Boss – The Exchange Boss operation has failed. As soon as you enter the room, you’ll be turned around. If you kill her, you’ll get bad publicity at the fair.

8) Geda – Guter Kaufmann – Geda offers a number of common items for sale. If you come back to her later in the game, she’ll have much better stuff to sell.

9) Codin, Droid Parts Dealer – If you have seen the TT-32 in third place, you can buy the Droid IT-31 for 500 credits, for which you can get up to 150 credits. Threaten the codin with DS points and get a free Droid.

After you buy IT-31, talk to him and send him back to TT-32. Follow the Droid and talk to TT-32 for your reward.

10) Swoop Racing – This room and the next room are the inflatable cake competition room. Lupo fooled the racers by using an invincible droid, the C9-T9, to confront them.

Talk to Borna Fox, and she gets the chance to sabotage the Droid and make the Mastab race fairer to everyone else. Make sure he has received the access codes, then use Restore or the terminal computers next to the C9-T9 droid. You can test them to see if they’re weird and somehow sabotage them.

Talk to Lupo and convince him of selling the swoop race to Bourne. Go back to Bourne, and she’ll give you a reward. You can now enter the roundup race with a good chance of winning.

When you have cleared this area, go from one of the results to one of the other three areas.

11) Access to the entertainment boulevard

12) Exit to docks

13) Exit to Refugee Quadrant

Dock for entertainment

1) Exit to the refugee reception location

2) Twick’ghar and Kala Nah – As soon as you enter the entertainment promenade, you’ll see a couple of goons on the left, Twick’ghar and his friend. They’re asking for a patrol player named Gerady. You can convince Gerieri to come out or just keep the clubs waiting. Geredi is one of the three pazaat players you have to beat to meet the champion. So it’s a way to get rid of him if you don’t want to play well with him.

On the other side of the door there is a small panel called Kallah-Nar. If you talk to the security manager of Pazaak Den after a conversation, you can find the password to access Pazaak Den. Then you can find your current bets on the stock exchange. You have to have a certain bad reputation at the stock exchange to get an appointment with the Visquis, the local boss of the stock exchange. You can also pay Kall-Nar 2000 credits to improve your position on the stock market, but if you do other quests, this is not necessary.

3) Pazaak Den porter – The porter won’t let you in if you don’t enter the password. Talk to Kallah Jester in number two to get the password.

4) Pazaak Den – There are three pazaat players to beat to meet the pazaat master. You either have to win three times against them before they give up and admit you’re better, or you have to use cunning and tactics.

S4-C8 – This droid likes to play patsak. You can play games and try to beat him or convince the Droid to take a look at his programming. Change the programming so he’s no longer addicted to Dad, and you’ll have one less opponent.

Danis – This cute girl is just like Atton. If Atton’s at your party, she’ll let him win so she can flirt with him. There are two and one left.

Geredi – If you stay on the light side, you have to beat it three times legally. If not, tell him his friends are waiting outside.

Champion – When all three players are defeated or no longer play, the champion arrives. If you really like playing patsak, try to beat him three times. Otherwise you have to convince him that it’s not fun to win all the time. He accepts and gives you one of the best paediatric cards, tiebreaker +/- 1.

5) Bar – Here you will meet different characters, including the bartender, several thugs and a dance teacher. This is an optional area, but you have to come here if you want to access the treasure of the Vogg huts (quest defined on the docks).

After you’ve been on the docks and learned how to get to the Vogga treasure, you can buy jumasap at the bartender. The juice will put the Vogga dogs to sleep.

Domo, the dance teacher will complain that there aren’t enough dancers. You can dance yourself, or the maid can dance when she’s at your party. That’s not necessary, because the accomplices in this room will tell you how to talk to Vogue.

When you build your hidden field and approach Vogga’s villains in the southern part, you’ll hear them say no one can see Vogga unless they have something to say about Goto.

1) Leave Refugee Landing Zone – Upon entering this zone you will encounter some exchange clubs. You can scare them into letting you through or you can kill them. By killing them, you let some of the refugees in the area run away as soon as you find them later.

2) Geriatric – This person is sick, has plague symptoms, but you can treat them if you are able to cope with mild side effects. If you convince him to commit suicide, you get points on the dark side.

3) Refugee Centre is a large area where most refugees are located. The stock exchange holds the area on the west side of the map, while the Serroko gang holds the east side of the map.

Hussef – Talk to Hussef to find out more about the refugees and how they are trapped on both sides of the fair and the Serroko gang. You can help them by talking to one or both groups. If you want to earn DS points, convince Houssef they’re doomed, and the head of the fair, Sakash, will give you a good reward.

Aida – She is looking for her partner Lutra. If you were at the docks, you’d know he’s still alive. They had to kill the thugs at the fair who guarded the exit to let them escape. If you scare the bullies, the only way to get back in the saddle with them is to kill their boss, Sakesh.

Naddaa – During the exchange her daughter no. 4 was captured. Try to help him with the LS glasses. You can then make arrangements for their release. When you’ve saved Adara, go back to Naddaa and get the LS glasses.

Kaul – If you give him 20 credits, he will advise you to switch to stealth mode when looting containers, so the guards won’t notice you.

Kahranna – She’s looking for a passage of this moon. You can pretend to be the driver she is looking for and earn credits for DS Points or tell her that you will help her find someone. At the docks you’ll find help for them.

Odis – Looking for a pilot job, but no shipper You can talk to Fasa at the docks to find him a charterer or a Moonshade crew.

Twi’leks – These two give you the mysterious message that Atton isn’t everything he seems to be. You can try talking to Atton about it, but you probably won’t get any information from him unless you have a strong influence on him.

4) Adana is Naddaa’s daughter Kill the guards and tell her to wait here. Later you can negotiate with Sakesh #5 and let them go. Go back to her and tell her she’s free. Follow her to her mother, Naddaa, and tell her about the LS glasses.

5) Sakesh – Representative of the local network. They can intimidate him and try to convince him to release the refugees. This will lead to a fight with him and all his thugs. Once you kill him, you get LS points. You can make arrangements with him to help the refugees, or if you follow the dark side, you agree to send the refugees back by convincing Hussef that they are all doomed.

6) Cerroko Corridor – This area belongs to Cerroko To enter this area, you have to convince the guards at the entrance to let you in or start a fight and kill them.

Talk to Serroko, the leader of the gang, and try to make him feel better about the refugees. It won’t work, and there’ll be a fight. It’s a pretty tough fight, so brace yourself with shields and strength.

Once you’ve cleared the area, you can explore this area and recover all your loot. There’s an Airspeeder that’s not working right now. Once you have found all the rooms, you can quickly travel between the different places in Nar Shaddaa.

The Airspeeder needs three points. The manoeuvring flaps are located in a container on tower 3 of the docks. The Airspeeder Navigation Interface is located in a container next to the Tienn Tubb camp at the refugee landing site. Finally, the cryogenic energy cells are on the docks. Lhasawa gives them to you as a reward. Talk to Fasa about cancelling his debts. Do the job that Fassa asks you to do and then ask her to cancel Lassawa’s debts. Go back to Lassawa and pick up the cryogenic cells.

7) Serroco storage room – Theft of properties lost here. Exit to Refugee Landing Place – After entering the docks you will see a piece of Betwenn Vogga Hutt and Hanharr tree. Set course to standby (no. 2).

2) Fassa Dockmanager – Fassa is a pretty important character and can help you solve two of the four tasks and give you one of your own.

Phassa Charterer – After a conversation with Phassa he will let you work on identifying the cargo ships arriving at the docks. He wants you to make sure the cargo ships get priority. You can go a long way and divert power to each of the pylons as you run to see the identity of each freighter. A faster way is to attach the power to all the pylons. You can then go to one of the consoles to see all the identifiers. Here’s the solution: Silver Marshmallow, Alakandor and finally the victory of the Towers. Go back to Touch for the price.

Lassavu’s debts – After talking to Lassavu in one of the containers next to No. 3 and completing Fassa’s search for cargo, you can ask Fassa to cancel Lassavu’s debts. Let the Lassawa know and you’ll get another piece for the Airspeeder in Refugees.

Kahranna Transport – First talk to Kahranna at the Refugee Plaza and agree to help her find a way out of Nar Shaddaa If you visit Goto’s yacht, return to Fassa and he will agree to let Kahranna get off on one of his trucks.

The Odis pilot track – Here you will also find Odis looking for a job as a truck driver in a quad. Talk to Fassa after you’ve been on Goto’s yacht to get the job done.

3) The Voggie Horde – There are a few people you’ll meet here, and I didn’t say exactly where you’ll find them in each container. Open them all and see who’s inside.

Same clubs – If you try to approach them, they will tell you to get lost Switch to stealth mode and approach them. You will learn how to pierce a Vogga treasure by dancing for Voggas and then using Juma juice to calm Kat’s dogs. Juma Juice is available from the bartender on the Promenade des Loisirs.

Lunar Shadow Crewman – These guys are looking for a new pilot. You can tell them about Odis in the Quadrilya for rays of hope or find a pilot in the Yekk’Yekk Tarra area and convince him to come back. You have to use a character with a gas mask, not the main character, and go there to find him.

Scientific Bit – The scientist wants you to come back from Pylon 3 with your item, and he gives you 500 credits to buy it. On the way to Pylon 3 (#4), you will find the seller dead. Read the data path, then kill the cleaning droid that’s attacking you. Go back to Keith and find the missing person. He left Datapad, and you get 500 credits.

Lassavou – Talk to Fassa (#2) to complete this search for the cryogenic energy cell that is part of the Airspeeder. For the dark side: Tell him you’ve come to pay your debt to the cell. Without the low temperature battery you get 200 credits.

Pillage – This is Aida’s husband, with whom you spoke in the refugee camp. To connect them, you have to kill the thugs who keep the connection in your wallet, and then let Aida know that the coast is clear. If you threaten the bandits, you can’t attack them again until you’ve killed the boss of the fair.

4) Pylon 3 – Come here for the Smithsonian Scientists research (#3). Look here in the container for the nimble flap, another piece of the Airspeeder.

5) Vogga Hutt – You can see Vogga by dancing with him by visiting the entertainment walk, or by telling him you want to talk about Goto. If we dance for him, he falls asleep. Put some juma juice in a bowl of water to kill Kat’s dogs. You can now access the Vogga Horde through a door to the north and buy some nice cool items, including a lightsaber.

You can also talk to Vogga about the fuel situation on Telous and make a deal for the Telosians after the negotiations with Goto on the yacht. When the deal’s closed, you need to talk to Lieutenant Grenn of Entertainment 081 on Thelos.

6) Voggie Storage – You arrive here with Droid T3-M4 after your visit to Eccles Tarra. We’re going back down.

7) Yekk’Yekk Tarr – If you are invited to visit the Yekk’Yekk Tarr, Mira (or Hanharr if you are a Dark Side character) will intercept you and come to your senses.

Mira will be the one who actually enters the Jack’Jack Tarr, whether she intercepts you or Hanharr. Your goal is to meet Whiskey. You have to go through two green stripes through the door at the right side of the entrance. Yellow beam through the door on the left, where Luna Shadow’s captain is hiding. You can convince him to return to his team or offer Odis a job with the Four Refugees. Mira is not ready for this meeting and is captured the moment she meets Whiskey.

Your protagonist will wake up soon. Take him to Yekke’yek Tarr to face Whiskey. By entering Breathing Control , you will learn how to breathe in a toxic environment. You have to keep dumping him when he’s done, or you’ll be poisoned.

You will be attacked by LOTS of Ghent, so sift them or use the power of the group effect. Go to the room where the whisky was and talk to the maid to find an exit, which is on the north side of the room.

1) Entrance– If you arrive here as the main person, you have to make your way through the tunnels to the sealed door at number 2. The card inside does not work so easily to tighten the left wall by making all the left turns to the sealed door.

2) Sealed door

3) Peace vs. Khanharr in Battle Room – As soon as your main character reaches the sealed door, you take control of Peace or Khanharr in the battle of death. How Mira uses and runs long-range weapons to maintain her distance. Hanharr will crush the mines and make your job easier. Just like Hanharr, just shorten the distance and put it away. His melee skills will soon bring down the world.

When the fight is over, Whiskey will release Cat’s dogs. Beat it, then go to number 4 for the keypad.

4) Old corpse of the delicate animal – Find the corpse to get the Key Card to get out of here Open the door to the north and get ready to meet the bounty hunters of Ubes.

5) Tunnel Rescue Command – You can explore the entire area with Mira or your main character. To return to the main character, navigate to the console to access all available escape routes.

6) Workstation

Return to the battle arena with your protagonist, where you will be captured by Goto and taken to your hunt.

After the stage you will be back on the docks with the T3-M4. Go past HK’s units and meet Mira and Atton. They will have some heavy fighting with the brothers Zhug and Gent to return to Ebon Hawk. Not that they’re difficult, but there are so many of them. Once you get to Ebon Hawk, you’ll fly to rescue your protagonist in Goto’s yacht.

You enter the Goto Yacht through the hatch on the north side. You have a lot of droids to fight here, so make sure you have the right weapons to destroy them.

There are several consoles around the ship that give you access to different functions. You must find the codes for each function before you can access this pleasure. To change the function, you also need a corresponding function such as stop or overload.

You have two main goals here. You must first release your protagonist by entering the auditorium. And secondly: Go to the bridge with access to the power supply and switch off the power so you can return to Forest Hawk.

1) Hatching to Ebon Hawk– You cannot return to Ebon Hawk until you have disconnected the electrical distribution from the deck.

2) Console and Powerline Utility – Make sure you have someone with computer skills who has access to the console. From here you can download the download program. If you don’t, you have to kill the Goto Guard droids and listen to their final broadcast. It’s a binary code. Select the right account to receive the program. Here are the answers.

zero one = 1
zero one zero = 2
zero one = 3
one zero one zero = 4
one zero one = 5
one zero one = 6
one one one one one = 7

Either that, or you cut the controls to get the program, which is much easier. Use the droid utility next to the console to disable the program.

3) Go to starboard commander – Kill the Droid and find the fuel cell access code. Use the console here to charge and disable the two received programs. Unlock the safety cells and run the shutdown program on these cells to remove the shields. You now have access to those cameras.

4) Damaged Droid – This little Droid isn’t going anywhere. Search in this document for the access code for the Tourette’s defence. Use the console and unlock the tower’s defense system. Restart the shutdown program in the tower protection system.

5) Domes – I hope you have disabled these domes, but if not, you can use shields for all your characters and remove them. There are also droids here to complicate things.

6) Main character and power distribution Access code – Enter this room to save your main character. Make sure you use the console here, because this is the only place where you can get the power distribution access code. Use the console to activate the power distribution, but you can only remove the plug from the deck.

7) Damaged Droid – this small Droid has a reset program.

8) Laboratory station

9) Workstation

10) Defensive towers – This piece is lined with defensive towers, but they are not so difficult to knock down in a gust of wind. On the way back you will also encounter the Twin Suns bounty hunters.

If you go further east, you’ll come across mines and Goto’s central commander. Kill the droid and search the remains for the minefield access code.

11) Control panel – use the console here to unlock the minefield system Use the overload program or turn it off. If they’re overloaded, they still work, but they explode when Droid #12 moves them.

12) Mines and Droids – You will be followed by a corridor of mines with Droids. Or you shoot the droids in single-player mode and let them run over the mines towards you. When the droids are ready, you can disarm the mines and proceed to the bridge.

13) Bridge – Check the cylinder on the right side when entering friendly objects and the access code of the Droid Controller. Now that all the droids are dead, it’s a little late.

Use the central control console and start the power-down program in the power distribution system. You can get the access code under number 6. You can now open the hatch to go back to the Black Hawks.

On the way back, you meet thugs and bounty hunters. Especially the Solar Twins, who will attack you at 10:00. Go back to Forest Hawk and you will return to the Nar Shaddaa docks to meet Zez Kai Ell.

After destroying the Hk-50 Droids, talk to Fassa and complete all necessary tasks. Like finding a job for a pilot with four refugees. Go north and talk to Vogg’s Hutt. It gives you 500 credits to return to Thelos station and make a deal with Lieutenant Dahl Grenn in the TFS office of Entertainment 081.

Go back to Thelos station to close the deal or continue your journey to the next planet. I choose Onderton, but you have to walk to the Onderton Dxon moon when you get there.

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