MTG Standard Rotation 2020: All you need to know

Any standard MTG rotation causes problems for the players. However, this is not necessary. We will help you to avoid unpleasant problems with this manual. Just follow our advice and the whole process will certainly be easy.

We will talk about the trays included in the standard, the exact moment when the rotation takes place in real life and on the MTG Arena. Finally, there will also be excellent events for the transition to MTGA. Let’s dive!

Which documents are now standard?

Currently, six publications are legal in the standard. From Guild of Horsemen to Theros after death – these verdicts are in the left column of the table below.

Current standard kits Default status in the future
Level Guild It’s spinning.
Loyal to colleagues It’s spinning.
The Spark War It’s spinning.
Base rate 2020 It’s spinning.
Throne of Eldraine Stay within the norm.
Theros after death Stay within the norm.
Icoria: Sample cave Stay within the norm.
Basic rate 2021 Stay within the norm.
Zendicar’s rebellion Stay within the norm. It’s starting to spin.

As you can see, everything has changed with the release of Zendikar Rising.

All groups of equals (Guild of Equals, Loyal to Equals, Spark War) are out of the game. The same applies to the central declaration for 2020. The Eldraine Throne, Theros Beyond Death, Ikoria remains in the standard package with the 2021 Core Series and the newly added Zendikar Rising.

But what about the second rotation?

Let’s look to the future. What happens after the Zendikar uprising? Well, we have an unknown set in early 2021, the second around May 2021. In the summer of 2021 the main sentence of 2022 will follow. The second turnaround will therefore take place in the autumn of 2021.

There’s always a year between shoots, which means you don’t have to worry. You should have enough time to play with your cards before they are turned over.

When does the standard MTG 2020 rotation take place?

That depends. The rotation dates are different for Magic and MTG Arena. We know there’s a rotation on paper when you release Zendikar Rising. That makes two of us. October 2020, one week after provisional publication. At the moment the date is not confirmed, but given the history of previous MTG releases, it is our best estimate. The date will be updated as soon as we have received more information.

On the other hand, Zendikar switches to MTGA in front of the paper output. We expect the standard rotation to start on the 24th. September 2020 in . This is the most likely release date for the Zendikar Rising, although it has not been confirmed.

What happens to old MTGA cards?

Absolutely nothing. You may remember that your entire collection was destroyed in the previous rotation. That’s not gonna happen this time. You keep all your cards – they’re played in history.

MTG: History

The history is a perpetual MTG format created especially for the arena. The perennial format means there is no rotation. Think modern in MTG or wild in Hearthstone. With each new deck of cards, the new cards in history are legal. However, maps only leave the format if they are forbidden.

The historian will therefore record every sentence beginning with Ixalan. There are rumours that Amonhet and the Caladesh block could be added later. Unfortunately – or fortunately, according to the interviewees – this is always pure speculation.

The game modes in which you can play history include

  • The tail of the best of all historical games
  • A series of the best of three historical games
  • Direct challenge (playing against a friend)
  • Training competition
  • Duper (not always available)
  • Single element (not always available)
  • more specific formats

As you have noticed, of course, there will be no rules in the historical ranking. The designers have explicitly indicated that they want to make Historic an entertaining and relaxed format.

MTG Arena Upgrade

There is no spray or similar method to turn your turntables into new ones. The developers know that very well and that’s why we get very generous donors after the rotation. These events will help you update your collection to the new standard.

Don’t miss them, because you can expect them to be very profitable. In August 2020 we will have more information to share.

Why is there a standard MTG rotation?

You may be wondering why there’s a rotation. The standard format is very popular for good reasons. It changes radically every year. There are only two ways to do it: Crawl and performance rotation.

Nobody likes ugly. It may be interesting to see powerful new cards first, but it is very disappointing to see that the old cards are now worthless.

For example, four sets are returned once a year and new ones are added. It maintains the Standard with many different, fresh and exciting maps.

Time registration by Howard Lyon

What should I do with the standard MTG rotation?

As we have already said, it really depends on the nature of the medium, digital or paper. Let’s look at each of them.

MTG paper

Sales for rotation

You should probably sell most standard paper tickets before you rotate. The best time to sell is probably 4 to 6 months before they turn around. But if you want to play with them, you’ll have to save them – that’s why you have them in the first place!

Sales after rotation

So you kept your cards, and now they’re upside down. Don’t try to sell them right away. They’re probably at the lowest price level at the moment. If you don’t need money now, you can wait a few months to see if the rice prices are right. This can especially apply to cards nailed to the kitchen table, such as Project Guardian or the suffocating tenth.

MTG Arena

Since you can sell or throw away your old cards at the MTGA, it is best not to make them. The turn will come soon, and if you’re not joking anymore, maybe it’s better if you’re not the ships of this Angel of Mercy for your Angel of Grace tribal bridge.

On the other hand, if you really want to play in the game, and you need a key card for that, just make it. Fun is the most important part of magic.

Top 5 best cards in 2019

The list can be quite long, that’s why we’ve chosen our Top 5 of the most amazing maps that come out with MTG’s standard rotation. If you don’t agree, tell us which cards we missed in the comments!

Your Honor: Quick-change

The stage just missed our list. The reason for this is that it has just seen its time in the sun after the collapse of the core in 2020. But the dead-sign field really did contain one of the most interesting card games we’ve seen recently on Bant Scapeshift. He turned the metagame upside down, but only three months before the shooting.

5. LegionLanding

Although not very powerful, this mana vampire seemed to carry a whole archetype of white aggro mono inside it. The installation of a superstructure, a ramp and a sink for the mana was very good. Aggressive white bridges fought for a while because there was no good substitute for this rare drop.

4. Fate ratio

When the Nexus was in the standard version, you could see all seven seasons of Game of Thrones, and then return to your game where your opponent was still doing Nexus tricks. Fortunately those days are over and we can change each other today.

3. Tilting goblin chain

Although the triple red goblin was played less at the end of his stay with Standard, his influence is still present since his debut with Dominary. A lot of single-celled bridges have been pushed out of the metaspel.

Besides dealing with small creatures, we also know that the chain breaker cleaned the airplane walker. However, Mono Red loved most of his strong cards and saw a lot of play even after his turn.

2. Teferi, hero of domination

He started his career in 1998 as a subversive student. It certainly took time (pun intended) to become one of the most powerful planes ever. The terriers hated or loved each other, there was nothing between them.

At one point the control bridges weren’t even supposed to work in victory conditions, Domaria’s hero was enough. They took his emblem, banned everything and put Teferi with his minus 3 on the deck again and again. Sooner or later, the opponent was shredded.

Maybe you miss Dominaria’s hero. But don’t worry – there must be a four-man Teferi operation around the corner. So you can play Teferi’s 3-4-5 curve with Hero and Teferi, Time Raveler.

1. Llanovo elves

They were at MTG from the start – the Alpha game is the first in which they appeared. Even after 25 years, elves are still very good magic cards – they provide both mana and body for a single mana. They set the standard environment as a hook in green bridges of all kinds. As such, they’re number one on our list.

Eldraine’s throne didn’t bring us Llanovar’s elves. But we have the golden goose, which is better in some places and worse in others.

Bonus: Hammerferocidone

Rampling’s Feroxidon is banned, along with a number of other cards that had already been returned in 2018. The dinosaur stayed a few weeks before the rotation at the banquet. At the time, it was forbidden to control the Dead Deck Field. It was the first card not forbidden in the standard.

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The default rotation will probably have one or more codes that can be used on MTGA, so pay attention to our list of all codes for free hardware. If you want to know more about the throne of Eldraine, you can find out more here.

We hope this guide has helped you prepare for the standard MTG 2019 rotation. Until next time, you can open up all the myths you want.

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