MTG Card Size: What are the dimensions of the MTG Card?

You want to print your own power of attorney, but you don’t know what size? How many cards do you count by simply weighing them? You can do all this (and more) using the useful information about the size of the MTG map and other functions we have collected here.

MTG card format

Each Magic the Gathering (MTG) card has a size of 63 x 88 mm.

These MTG map formats mean that they fit into standard map pockets. This is the most popular size for card game covers, which are available in many different styles and colors. Not all of them are of the same quality, so look for high-quality handles that can take a beating.

MTG card case informat

In the course of history, magic has had three different card frames. That’s why the size of the images on MTG maps actually varies with the age of the map.

  • Initial limit (1993 – 2003): 48.5 x 39 mm (1.9 x 1.53 in).
  • Current margin (2003-2014): 52.5 x 38.5 mm (2.06 x 1.52 inches)
  • Postmodern border (2014-): 53 x 39 mm (2.09 x 1.54 inches)

Weight of the MTGcard

To determine the weight of the Magic card, we weighed 1000 cards. We’ve done this for a lot of cards from different games. The average weight of a thousand cards was 1775 grams or 3.9 pounds. For example, an MTG card weighs 1.775 grams or 0.06 ounces.

How to count MTG cards based on their weight

You can easily calculate your maps by placing them on the scale and consulting the tables below for easy conversion.

books Table

Weight Amount
one pound 256 cards
5 pounds 1278 cards
3.91 pounds 1,000 cards
£19.57 5000 cards

Mileage Table

Weight Amount
1 kg 563 cards
5 kg 2,817 cards
1,775 kg 1,000 cards
8,875 kg 5000 cards

Additional information

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