MTG Arena Vault Guide: All you need to know

Want to know how to get more clues faster? Do you know how long you’re going to open the safe? We have all the information about the MTG Arena Vault, including tips for quick refills.

What’s in the safe?

Each safe contains 6 special characters:

  • 3 unusual models
  • 2 open forests
  • 1 special mythical symbol

What is the purpose of storage?

You cannot own more than four copies of a map in the MTG Arena. So you should be able to do something with the extra cards you get, right?

The wizards provided the duplicate protection for lunatics and mythical lunatics. This means that you cannot open more than four copies of each rare and mythical specimen in a tutu. If you collect them all or open the fifth one in the drawing, you get the gems. At the fifth rarity you will receive 20 gems and at the mythical 40th 20 gems.

On the other hand, too many ordinary or unusual cards you open don’t give you any gems. You contribute to your safe. So you exchange these cards for substitution signs.

How does the storage in the MTG Arena work?

You receive 0.11% of the progression for each Extraordinary, and 0.33% for each Extraordinary. This means that you need either 909 additional communities or 303 additional unusual communities to open a warehouse.

You will most likely get a combination of these items – for example, you will need 400 municipalities and 170 unusual municipalities to fill the warehouse.

Why can’t I see the safe?

The Warehouse can only be seen in the game when it is 100% complete. When you fill the garden, it will appear in the top right corner of the screen. The purple chest will glow between your gems and your friend’s bell button.

However, there is a way to monitor your progress, even if you have achieved less than 100%.

How can I check the progress of my MTG Arena memory?

There’s no gambling counter in the warehouse. Luckily you can find your success in the log files of the MTG Arena.

First look for the Wizards of the Coastal Folder where MTG Arena is installed. It should probably be on the main drive in the Programs folder.

Then follow the path:
/Coast Master/MTGA/MTGA_Data/Logs/

Open the last file in this folder with a word processor (Notepad). Use the search function (CTRL + F) to find vaultProgress There will be a number next to it – this is your current progress in completing the safe.

In the example below you can see that the safe Progress has a value of 60.6, which means that 60.6% of the safe is closed.

Unpack log files

Unpack log files

Open the safe?

If you need seats, be sure to open the memory in the MTG Arena. It’s not a big advantage to keep your safe closed.

However, if you do not need the special symbols immediately, you can wait before opening them. In exchange, you get two small benefits:

  1. You’ll get a game counter for your next jump. Yeah, over 100%.
  2. The right to brag. – Who doesn’t like to brag a little bit? Of course you did.

When you open the warehouse, make sure you use the wildcards wisely to make better cards.

How fast can I complete the MTG Arena Vault?

There are several ways to get faster access to your wildcards:

  • Missing arts and crafts and rare objects
  • The game is over.
  • Project

Missing cards

Normal and unusual replacements are often bought faster and can be more expensive for some players. If you’re one of them, you might want to forge the missing cards. That’s why you turn an ordinary joker into a small game of a rare joker.

There are two other elements to take into account before using this method:

  1. Make the missing cards from the last deck. Most rewards on MTG Arena come from the last set. So you’ll have more opportunities to get extra tickets there.
  2. Do not start creating until you have enough special characters to fill in the fieldst Check this by selecting Common Icons in the Collection menu and typing q<4 in the search field.

Sealed set

Sealed and designed packaging differs from that in the arena. The shop packaging comes with six cards. At the same time, the sealed and temporary boosters each contain 14 cards:

  • 1 mythical or rare map
  • 3 rare maps
  • 10 general maps

They open six packages in sealed form. This will result in 60 communities and 18 more unusual communities. You will also receive 3 price packages. In total there are 75 communities and 24 unusual communities. Each accelerator also contains a rare or mythical rarity, but they do not contribute to the Warehouse.

Assuming you have all the cards in the corresponding deck, each sealed card brings you about 16% closer to the end of the camp. So you need to play seven sealed events to move your memory from zero to 100%.

The problem with this approach is that you can only participate in sealed events with gems. So if you can play for free, you probably want to take a ride.


Drawings can be entered with gold as well as precious stones. As you decide which cards to choose, the results of memory replenishment may vary. However, on average you will receive about 30 in total and 9 rare specimens. You get one or two prize packages.

Assuming you have all the cards in the right deck, the average design will bring you about 7.4% closer to completion of the warehouse. That’s why you have to play 14 designs to complete the Warehouse.

During the design process you can make different selections to optimize your value. For example, if you get a selection without the cards you are going to play, you will have to make an unusual selection compared to the normal selection. This will get you to the warehouse faster.

Other Arena Tips

If you want to fill up your furniture storage more quickly, don’t forget to pick up all the free material from the MTG Arena. We have summarized all the codes for free cards and cosmetics, so check it out.

Would you like to pass on another useful tip for MTG Arena? Visit our Instagram page or Facebook. We also provide fresh magical memes.

I hope you’ve learned how to fill the vault in the MTG arena. I wish you a good day and I’ll give you all the information you need.



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