Mortal Kombat 11-Location of the Mind, Soul, and Heart of the One Being

Mortal battle 11

Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest version of the main series. This is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studio and Warner Bros. interactive entertainment.

In the new game there is a new large version of the crypt, where you will need several key elements to make progress. Some are easy to get and some are hard to get.

Location of the mind, soul and heart of a person in a deadly bomb 11

The spirit of one being, the soul of one being and the heart of one being are the three jewels you need to walk in the Goto Cave. Below are instructions on how and where to get them.

How to find and understand what should be, what the soul is, what should be and what the heart of man is.

Take the three gems you need to reach the tower at the bottom of the map. But you won’t find them in a pickup truck.

Instead, you have to earn it by performing certain tasks and activities.

Spirit of the person who is – Complete 10 dead in the tower. You can learn how to perform all the character deaths in the tutorial below.

  • All accident data entry buttons (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

The soul of him who is – Full of 10 horrors in the tower

The Heart of the One who is – The 10 Manifestations of Mercy Move in the Tower In the following instructions you will learn how to perform the Showing Mercy moves.

  • How to use Show Mercy Move

How to use the spirit of a creature, the soul of a creature and the heart of a creature

Once you have the three gems in the tower, you have to go to the crypt, Goro’s hideout, and then take the elevator down.

As soon as you get off the elevator, you’re in the Great Hall of Goro. Here you have to turn right and you will see a three-hole door.

You have to put three gems in these three holes. This will open the church door.

For more information about the Lethal Kombat 11 manuals, see.

  • Location of all objects in the crypt
  • How to unblock the gel (symbol)



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