Monster Hunter World Iceborne Decoration Guide to Farming

Jewelry is what makes you strong in the world of monster hunters. With good jewels you can assemble an effective end game. The general question is how to design jewelry quickly and efficiently.

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In the world of monster hunters there are three levels of jewels: small, medium and large. The little ones had things like life, attack and critical eye. The average will have important rewards, such as the use of weakness, critical buoyancy and maximum performance. The large decorations such as the detaclement/ammo up and the handmade elements were precious.

In Aisborne these original decorations are still very valuable because there are still places for old decorations. Even the old decorations must be at their best.

Monster hunter – World of ice decoration – Agricultural manual

There are three ways to unlock the jewels in Aisborne and we will unlock them here in this guide.


If you regularly research materials, you get jewelry, because Iceborne seems to be a little more generous in this respect. There is no official percentage for jewellery, but you usually get a reward at the end of a survey.

Event quests usually result in rewards at the end, although this type of search and event quests are certainly not the best way to decorate the farm.

Main welder

You can now switch to a distorted current in the Senior welding machine. If you have enough good grades and research, you can go through all your streams by riding twisted fairies.

Elder Melder also has the Soulstream I and Soulstream II, which give new stones. I warn you, they’re incredibly expensive and will eat a ton of your resources. They give you old and sculpted fists that represent the 4 new levels of decoration. Shower Power II is probably the best way to concentrate.

Hardened samples of large grade

The last and best way to unlock these new trinkets is to play a new master of hardened monsters. As before, there are hardened searches in the title of Master. You can receive up to four or five prizes, keep an eye on your Resource Centre for Good, which will award you numerous prizes.

Go through with your strongest sense and be rewarded. High quality searches bring more flow to Ouderen Melder. In the search for the master title, old stones and carved stones are usually offered as gifts, and some of them are transformed into small jewels. You can also receive high level prizes from these workshops.

The land of travelers can also be decorated, but this is not as effective as carrying out temperature studies. If you want a lot of Faiston, we recommend that you focus on enhanced testing.

Here is a general overview of the jewelry culture in the world of the monster hunters of the Ice Landing Squad. One of the things you have to do is watch out for your charms that can compensate for the lack of jewels. Focus on the spells Vitality, Weak Exploitation, Critical Eye, Critical Acceleration, Crafting, Free Points/Ammunition, with the first three being the most important. As always, find out what you are trying to create and concentrate on the materials you need for that particular building.

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