Monster Hunter Leak List, huh? (Info, of course, to back it up)

Well, I saw that picture walking around for a while. And I’d like to talk about it, because people don’t agree. Personally, I think there is a good chance that this is real, and I will describe in detail why in what follows.

(First let me tell you that each one of these icons is very good). Fulgar Anyanat, Jade-Barrot, Gore Magala, Khesu, Silver Rafalos, Screaming Legian, Ebony Odogaron, Podvid Paolumu, Basel Variation? Zinograd, Golden Ratian, Glavenus, Sour Glavenus, Segreggios, Podvidi de Toby-Kadachi, Fatalis, Banbaro, Nargakuga, Barriot, Brachidios, Podiki de Puki-Puki, Tigrex, Welhana and Beotodus.

That would be 24. Extension of samples of which 12 have already been officially confirmed. I’m happy about this, because they’ve already announced that they plan to add free sample updates to Iceborne, just like they’ve done all over the world. (So, about 5 free samples as DLC)

Why is this leak so important to me that it makes a lot of sense? Half of that has already been confirmed, which makes it possible. The return of the Barrot de Jade is beautiful (although Banbaro somehow fills this niche).

The Silver Ratalo and the Golden Ratian are easy to use, and maybe they’ll let us hunt in the caves of Eldorado? Is that so?

The subspecies of Pukei, Tobi and Paolumu make sense if in relation to this tweet in question Tweet

Khesu fits well in ice caves, although I found that the Gigginox fits much better (see previous articles).

Zinogre and Segreggios: These two images are the last of the lower half of the flagship image to be attached, although only those in the lower half will be added to the 15th anniversary image.

Then everything becomes… Harder? Fish?

Now, Gore is interesting: It was the last flagship I expected, but if that is true, it opens the way for the use of this skeleton for new samples or for Valstrax as DLC.

The question mark, which I have called fatalis because I have seen others say it, is what it should be, but it can be refuted.

The Basel variant can also be a subspecies, but a variant adapted to the Savage Deviljho makes sense because they have to compete with each other.

And what else? What happened to Oroshi Kirin and Alareton from an old MHW leak noticed elsewhere? Maybe Aisborne’s DLS?

Now the elephant is in the room: No Lagiacar, no Valstrax. As I said, the recording of Mountain Valstrax makes it much more likely, yet Lagiacrus is still the only flagship outside Iceborne. but they said they had a problem with the skeleton of the Leviathan, so… Idk?

(Sorry for the long lecture, but I have something to add to the discussion or pictures you want to add to the circle, just comment).

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