Monkey Island 2: Revenge of LeChuck

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is an extension to Monkey Island Mystery and follows the adventures of Guybrush Trepwood as he hunts for the treasure known as the Big Whoop. Geibrush soon ran into Largo LeGrand, who brought LeChuck to life, and now he wants revenge.

Monkey Island 2 was first published in 1991 by LucasArts. In 2010 a remake was made for PC and in 2017 it was released on Xbox One. The remake features HD graphics and a more user-friendly interface.

Despite the fact that Monkey Island 2 did not sell well at its release, it was voted best adventure game of the year. It features complex puzzles, an interesting plot and background music. Complete walk on Monkey Island 2 : Lechak’s revenge is further away.

Monkey Island 2 Pass

Part 1: Embargo Largo

They’re starting just outside the city of Woodtic. If you try to leave the screen, either by crossing the map on the right or by crossing the bridge on the left, you will be stopped by the local hooligan LeGrande who will collect all your coins.

Take the shovel out of the bin and cross the bridge to the left. Enter the second ship at the top right of the screen to meet Wally, the cartographer. After you talk to him about everything, wait until he loses his eyes. When he does, he takes off his glasses. Take it and then remove a piece of paper from a stack at the bottom of the screen. Leave the store.

Go through the hatch in front of Wally’s shop down to the Bloody Lips Tavern. Talk to him about everything until Largo shows up and spits on the wall. Use Largo spit paper, then leave the tavern. Go back to the galley through the open window at the side of the boat. Take the knife and crawl out the window.

Walk further west along the pier until you see the laundry room with the clothes. Talk to three men in low spirits. Ask for a wooden leg until one of the men asks you to buy him a varnish. He’ll give you money. Try to get the bucket. The men will try to stop you. Ask them if they have the bucket. That’s not true, so Geibresh will get it.

Turn left and go to the hotel. Use the knife on the rope and hold the little creature. He will run away and the innkeeper will follow him. Take a few cheese dribbles from a bowl of small critters, and then open the only door in the hotel that leads to Largo’s room. Take the cul-de-sac from the dresser and leave the room quickly.

Go back east until you see the map. Go to the catch basin and use the water bucket of the catch basin to collect the mud bucket. Take the coffin and row it east in your mouth. We’re taking you to the Voodoo shack. Take a little wire from the table and head east to talk to Lady Voodoo. Ask him how to make a voodoo doll out of Largo. She’ll tell you what ingredients you need. Give him a stupid, drooling embargo. You have to find two more ingredients, so go back to the island.

Go back to the map and go to the beach. All you need here is a stick, so take it and go back to the map. Go to the cemetery and go to the graves on the hill. Look at the gravestones to find out which one belongs to Marco Largo LeGrande, and use the shovel inside to pick up one of Largo’s ancestral bones.

Go back to Woodtic and meet me at the hotel. Go to Largo’s room and close the door. Put a bucket of dirt on the door. Hide behind the screen and wait for Largo to come back. Largo will make it dirty and run to the laundry to wash his clothes.

Go to the laundry room to see Largo arguing with the Mad Marty washing machine. Go back to Largo’s room, close the door and take a laundry card at the back of the door. Go back to the laundry room and show Mad Marty the claim card for Largo’s clothes, a pearly white bra.

Go back to Lady Voodoo and give her the stuff she needs to make a voodoo doll, a spitting largo, a dead-end street, a bone and a bra. Go back to Largo’s room. Before you get fired, use pins on a voodoo doll.  After Largo escapes, you come back with Lady Voodoo.

Take the chest back to the island and walk to the peninsula in the lower left corner. Get on the boat and talk to Captain Dred. Give him the monocle, and he’ll agree to be captain of the ship for you.

Part 2: Four parts

After the scene with LeChuck, you’re on a boat with Captain Dred. Take Chow, the parrot, and go to the cabin. Talk to Captain Dred and ask him to take you to Futt Island.

When you arrive on the island, you will be spotted by the security service and taken to the mayor who will throw you in jail. Pull the mattress to find the stick. Use a stick on a skeleton to get a bone, then use the bone on forest dogs. The dog will approach to pick up the bone and throw the key. Take the key and use it to open the camera door.

Take a gorilla wrap and a manila wrap off the shelf. Open both envelopes to find your stuff and a banana with an organ. Get out of jail, turn right. Turn left in the first alley, just before the library, and look at a man spinning a wheel. If the candidate has won, follow him from the alley to the next alley behind the library.

Knock on the door and ask for the number of the tape measure. You have to take the test before he gives you the number. It’s holding a few fingers. The first time he holds a pair of fingers, that’s the answer to the question. Say it three times and he’ll tell you the winning number on roulette. Go back to the first aisle and play the game after the participant has won. Use the number you won and select the invitation as a prize.

Get back in the boat and set course for the prey island.

Enter the shop on the left and buy the old saw, the boat horn and the parrot warning sign. Put the skin of the parrot on the hook that held the panel and the parrot turns around to get food. Now you can buy a mirror. Ask him to buy a ticket, but he won’t sell it to you. He only offers it for the market.

Leave the shop and go to the costume shop. Give the invitation to the salesman and he’ll give you your dress. Leave the shop and talk to the woman with the big hat. She offers guided tours on her boat for a unique price. Turn left on the road and walk to the Governor’s residence.

They’ll stop you at the safe house on the way. Show your invitation to the guard and then put on a dress. Follow the path to the villas, then go around the house on the right to the back. Read the sign next to the door and press the garbage can. When the cook goes hunting, you run through the house and walk back. Go into the kitchen and get some fish. Go away and go to the front of the house.

Open the door and go inside. Look at the map and take it with you. Leave the manor. The dog will sniff that you brought something from the house and the gardener will take you to Elaine. After talking to her, she throws a piece of card out the window. Get out and get back in the room. Elaine will go. Take the paddle on the wall and leave the mansion.

Try to pick up the piece of map and it will eventually explode at the edge of the rock. Take the dog, go to the woods and then go back to your boat. Sail to the island of Futt.

Enter the library, open the model lighthouse and take the lens from the model lighthouse. Open a map catalogue and look in box C – D and find the catastrophe of the great shipwrecks of our century. Click on the button I need to remember in this dialog box. Go to the PQR box and find recipes, Hex’s Voodoo Joy. Don’t forget that either. Choose another name, any name, and remember it.

Talk to the librarian and get a library card. It doesn’t matter what personal information you give him. Ask for the three books you found, and she’ll get them to you. Leave the library and read the first two books.

Talk to a fisherman and brag about the quality of your catch. When he calls you up for the game, show him the fish you caught in the mansion. He’ll give you his fishing pole.

Go up the stairs and use the flyer of the desired poster. Turn left and take the road. The woman whose face is on the flyer will arrive and be taken to jail. Go back to the pier and go to jail. Open the camera door with the small key and let the woman go. Take a vanilla wrap from the shelf and open it to find a bottle of Bottle o’ Near-Grog.

Get out of jail, get back on the path and go to the mansion. Open the gate and go through the front door. Talk to the guard blocking the stairs and tell him there is a fire in the kitchen. Go upstairs and use the third book you borrowed from the library on Governor Fatt’s bed. Guybrush will replace your book with a book with quotes from famous pirates. Go away and go back to your boat. Sail to Botie Island.

Follow the path and go to the big tree on the north side of the island. Use the board on the tree and paddle it to the next hole in the tree. Geibrush will try to climb, but he falls and hits his head. During the vision you will hear a song. Geibrush will write these words with great pleasure. You’ll need it later.

Take the broken rudder, go back to your ship and sail to the island of Scabb. Walk along the pier and enter the first shop called The Woodsmiths. Give him the broken oars, and he’ll support you.

Go away and go through the hatch. You’ll see a monkey playing the piano. Use a banana with a metronome and it will stop. Pick up the monkey. Talk to the bartender and ask him to pour you a drink. Show him your library card and order the Yellowbeard Baby. And you get Crazy Straw, too. Order another drink. Order the blue whale this time.

Open your inventory and combine a yellow potion with a blue potion to make a green potion. Go back to the upper deck and go down to the low morale men. Use the old saw on one of the men’s wooden legs. Go to the wooden blacksmiths and get the hammer and the nails. Go back to your boat and sail to the island of Prey.

Turn right and go to Stan’s shop. Tell him you’re looking for the coffin. Wrap this up and he’ll give you Hanky. Go back to the shop and ask him about the coffin. This time, when he hits the coffin, you nail him with the coffin nails. Take the key to the crypt and leave the shop. Follow the path to the right.

Go to the spittoon match on the right and talk to Spittoon. Enter the contest and you will fail. Blow the horn to distract everyone and use flags to bring them closer together. Talk to the Spitmaster to try again. This time use the green straw for the drinks. You’ll do better this time, but not good enough. Talk to Spittoon again. Use Crazy Straw with the green drink, but wait until the wind blows on the lady’s scarf before you spit. You win first place and receive the Pla Plake.

Go back to the antique shop and give him a plaque. He’ll give you 6,000 of eight for that. Go back to Kate, the pamphlet lady, and read the shipwreck book to find where Crazy Monkey turned. Charter the ship, point with the cursor to the desired coordinates on the map and dive into the sea. When you reach the wreckage, lift the monkey head. Use a rope that must be brought to the surface.

Go back to the antique shop and give him the monkey head. In exchange, he’ll give you a piece of the map. Go away, take the path and go to the cliff. Use the rod on a piece of card and Geibrush draws the second piece of card, but it is swept away by a seagull.

Go away and go to Big Tree. Use the board to stand upright and then use a reinforced bat for the next hole. Take the board and use it higher up in the hole. Continue until the Geibrush is strong enough to climb the tree alone.

As soon as you reach the observation platform and take the telescope with you. Enter the hut and put the dog on a pile of paper and he will find a second piece of card. Go away and return to the Dreadship. Sail to the island of Futt.

Turn left on the path and go to the waterfall. Climb to the top of the waterfall and use the pumping monkey to stop the water flow. Go back to the bottom of the waterfall and enter the newly discovered hole.

Turn left until you come out of the tunnel and go to the small hut. Come to the cabin and talk to the old man, Rom Rogers. Tell him you’re looking for a map and then challenge him: My name is Geibrush Tripwood. Prepare to die. He challenges you to a drinking contest. He’ll give you a cup of grog. When he goes to get his cup and pours it into a tree. Fill your cup with the unopened Grog you stole from Kate when she went to jail. Now that the trial begins, it’s okay, but Rom Roger will faint.

Use the mirror you took from the antique bookstore with the mirror frame on the wall. Go outside and open a window at the left side of the door. Place the telescope in the hand of the monkey statue. The sun will shine on a spot on the back wall of the cabin. Enter the hut and press the stained brick. The geibrush goes through the hatch. Take the third piece of the card and go through the hole. Go back through the cave, take your boat and sail to the island of Scabb.

Take the path and go to the cemetery. Use the crypt key to open the middle crypt. Read the book you took from the library, quotes from famous pirates. The quote to remember is from Rapp Scullion. Look at all the coffins, find the one with the Rapp Scullion quote and open it. Take some ash and go back to the voodoo shack.

Take the Ash-2-Life book off the shelf and talk to Voodoo Lady. She’s gonna give you a life drink of two ashes. Go back to the crypt and use the Ash-2-Life magic potion on the ashes. They’re coming back to life. Once you’ve convinced him he’s dead, he’ll ask you to go back to his restaurant and turn off the gas. He’ll give you the key to the restaurant.

Go back on the path and go to the beach. Use the restaurant key to open the door of a small restaurant. Turn off the stove and go back to the crypt. Use the magic potion again on the ashes and Rapp will give you the fourth piece of the map.

Go away and go to Woodtic. Go to the second store and talk to Wally, the cartographer. Give him a model beacon lens so he can see. Give him a card, and he will agree to put it together when you go to the Voodoo Hut to get his love potion. Go to Voodoo Lady and ask for the love potion. She feels Wally’s in trouble. Go back to the cartographer. He’s gone, but he left a note on his desk.

Go back to the swamp and open the box. Use the drawer to get in. A delivery team will take you to the fort at Lechaka.

Part 3: Fortress LeChaka

After entering the scene at the right side go up the stairs and through the door. They’ll come out of the fort. On the right is the path to the place where Wally is being held in the prison cell and a return tunnel that goes around the cell and back to the starting point.

Look at the saliva paper on which Geibrush captured the text. It gives you an indication of which doors to open. The poems are randomly generated, so your poems may be different. Here’s an example.

Shoulder bones connected to the head
Head bones connected to the ribs
Head bones connected to the legs

Use your hand, head and ribs to find and open a door from top to bottom. Say it again for the next three verses. As soon as you pass the door puzzle, open the giant door and take the voodoo key. If you try to grab him, LeChuck will grab you and hang you over an acid pit next to Wally.

If LeChuck stops talking, use straw and a green drink. Spit once on the frying pan in the foreground, then twice on the panel hanging on the right. You and Wally are gonna run away and end up in a darkroom. Open your inventory and open your buzz bag to find matches and a love bomb. Use matches. After the explosion, you’ll be on Dinky Island.

Part 4: Dinky Island

Take a bottle, a Lomot and a Martini glass, and then use a Martini glass on seawater. Use martini goggles with seawater in a stationary car. Open the cannon, and Geibrush will find crackers. Herman’s here too, and you can talk to him if you want, but it’s not necessary.

Turn left into the jungle. Take the next exit to the left and follow the path to the bag hanging from the tree. Break the bottle in a tree, then make a hole in the bag with the broken bottle. Take the can that fell out of the bag and use distilled water on the can to make 2 more crackers.

Go back to the intersection and this time go directly to the crate at the edge of the pond. Take a rope and then use a shovel on your chest. Get that dynamite out of your chest.

Go back to the beach and give the parrot a biscuit. He’ll give you instructions. Follow the instructions and you’ll find the parrot. Give him another cracker and go to the next place. Do it again and you’ll find the Big X on the floor.

Use a shovel on the Big X to dig a big hole. Light the dynamite with matches and then throw the dynamite in a big hole. The explosion will attract Elaine’s attention, and Geibrush will be on the edge of the well.

Attach the rope to the tray and use it with twisted metal rods above you. The Geibrash jumps to the chest when the ledges collapse. Elaine appears, and from that moment on, the story starts right at the beginning of the game. The rope will break and Geibresh will fall into the darkroom. Move the cursor until you find the switch, then press the button. LeChuck’s in the room! Talk to LeChuck, and he’ll tell you he and Geibrush are brothers.

LeChuck uses a voodoo doll called Guybrush to send him to another dimension, but only to another room. From there you must hunt for the necessary items for the voodoo doll, in an attempt to avoid Lechak.

Once you’re off Lechak, head north to the infirmary. Remove the skull from the father’s remains. Open the garbage can and get the surgical gloves. Open the medical drawer and get the syringe. Leaks can teleport you, so it is difficult to give precise instructions for the following.

Find a room with a broken grog machine and use both surgical gloves with a helium tank. In a room with a hole in the roof and crumbling breasts on the floor, take a card. In a room full of boxes, open the boxes on the floor to find the doll and the balloon. Go back to your room with a helium tank and fill it with helium.

Use the grog machine and the chamber will unroll. Wait for LeChuck to show up and pick up the piece. When he does, he bends over and opens his underwear. Get his underwear quickly. Next time LeChuck shows up, give him Hanky and he’ll sneeze on him.

Find the elevator and use the call button to get in. If LeChuck shows up, pull the lever. Part of his beard was cut off at the door. Have a crispy beard. Go through a door that leads to an alley on the island of Mele.

Put a crispy beard, a voodoo doll, a skull, underwear and a used handkerchief in your juju bag. That’s what the LeChuck voodoo doll does. Go back to the elevator and wait for LeChuck to show up. If he uses a syringe on a voodoo doll. He runs away, but follows him and uses the doll again. While chatting, select the option to tear the leg off a voodoo doll. Enjoy the last scene.

Congratulations on the completion of Monkey Island 2:. Racheleck!

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