Modern Warfare Update 1.19-Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes

A new update Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone was released today. We have the full patches for the 3 of the 8 season updates. April.

Modern Warfare Warzone Update 1.19 can now be downloaded for PS4, PC and Xbox One. You need to download a total of 11.7 GB, but at least on PS4.

Today’s update also marks the start of the third season of modern warfare, with new weapons, new vehicles, new maps and more.

Modern Combat Patch Notes 1.19 – Season 3 Update


  • Maximum XP reduction and bait points for grenades.
  • The backend corrects memory error 13-71. If this error still occurs, contact Activision Customer Service.
  • Fixed a bug that caused several dogs on the same team to be in the multiplayer main menu.
  • As regimental keeper, players have sometimes noticed an error in the selection of another player from their regiment. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not skip campaign icons when using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented players from seeing other players’ clan tags in the social menu after restarting the application or after a power outage.
  • Fixed an issue where some players suffered graphic damage that caused a black shadow on the screen following them. This has been corrected.
  • Correction of the Saint-Pierre area that had no collision and allowed the reconnaissance drone to fly away.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the clan labels to appear twice.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from talking to their team during a single game if they changed teams after the start of the game.


  • Reduce the sound volume in a plane during infiltration.
  • Turn it off as soon as you enter the Gulag.
  • Reduce deactivation volume for long-range and long-range weapons.
  • Some of the footsteps during the DDA and the pinch movement were cut off at a distance where they were audible, depending on the type of surface.


  • Solved a problem where the EPRA version of the linear discharge could perform a basic version of the same weapon.
  • Players with the Cherry Blossom option from Akimbo Guns could interrupt the animation while the ADS was on the stairs. This has been corrected.
  • When a smoke hand grenade was fired with a 40 mm dip tube smoke hand grenade, the smoke hand grenade did not emit smoke. This has been corrected.
  • When the sniper’s visor is mounted on the MK2 rifle, an opaque white lens is visible from the gunsmith’s point of view. It’s repaired.
  • Tighten the balls on the magnets of the 6-R bale for the 680 model.
  • Akimbo weapons now start with two extra ammunition magazines instead of one.
  • Narrow hip space with the VLK Rogue Shotgun
  • ADS propagation reduction for shotgun cartridges
  • List descriptions have been added, indicating that longer drums and throttles improve ADS accuracy.
  • Adapt the names of the weapons to the logos of the weapons
    • 725 : FTAC Equilibrium has been renamed Cronen Equilibrium.
    • SA87 : The FSS SA87 Heavy Stock Pro has been renamed XRK SA87 Heavy Stock Pro.
    • RAM-7: The XRK Ranger has been renamed FSS Ranger.
    • Grey 5.56: FSS 26.4 Archangel renamed Tempus 26.4 Archangel.


  • Adding a text on the screen that can be called up in case of damage to the player’s car
  • Operation Bounty Hunter: Correction of an error that could have occurred after the launch of the UAV.
  • Operation Bounty Hunter: Fixed a bug where a minimum value could replace targets on the screen.
  • The damage from a fall in a war zone is now the same as in a war zone.


  • We will now tell you how far away you are from your teammates during the race.
  • Restores the gas mask animation that interrupts and blocks the deployment of players’ parachutes.
  • Miscellaneous operational corrections
  • A bug fix in case players couldn’t revive their teammates after they were interrupted during the first CPR animation.
  • A bug fixed that allowed players to be killed by vehicles without being near a player.
  • Fixed a bug that can lead to a bad rank on the screen after stopping and reopening the player’s game application.
  • Correction of a problem where the reconnaissance drone used an OV line for personal radar. This VO was also heard by all the actors on the map. This has been corrected.
  • A bug fixed which made players invincible when changing places in the Tac Rover.
  • When you observe a player in a gulag, you can move your teammate even if he can’t be moved. This has been corrected.
  • When a player observes the winning team in an FP match, the result of the winning team is displayed in the scoreboard record. It’s repaired.
  • Fixed a bug that could kill a teammate when installing the watchtower.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from exchanging M13 for another weapon in the moral manual.


  • Fixes for players who cannot resurrect solo.
  • Up to $10,000 drop-off charges at the commercial station…
  • Suppression of blood spatter and shaking of the screen on impact in the waiting room of the Gulag
  • The loss column has been removed from the ROE ranking and replaced by the Top 10.
  • An error with end circles outside or in undesirable positions has been corrected.
  • Correction of a problem with shielding plates and circuit breakers that are not usable under certain circumstances.


  • Various corrections to prevent accidents and improve stability

Source: The eternal coming