Modern Warfare 2019 – How to Fix Error 6065

In the past few days we have received more and more requests for development errors in Modern Warfare , let’s talk about it now.

Some players have had problems with DEV ERROR 6065 after the installation of Modern Warfare Update 1.05, what’s wrong?

We can’t say what the exact reason is, but it seems that it mainly concerns only PC players. So far we have investigated some error codes and found solutions.

Modern military equipment ERROR 6065

  • ERROR DEV 5759: DirectX came across an irreparable error. This is a bug related to DirectX. Try updating the drivers of your device:
    • Nvidia driver downloads
    • Download the AMD driver
  • Unit error 6606: This is a display error. Be sure to use updated device drivers. Try starting the game in 1080p or turn off the second monitor to correct this error.
  • Unit error 6165: Open and perform a scan and a game repair to solve the problem.
  • Unit error 6065: Activision and Infinity Ward are currently working on a solution to this problem. At some point a correction will be published with Modern Warfare Update 1.06. As a remedy, they recommend lowering the tone of the settings.
  • Unit error 6068: Another mistake was DirectX. Make sure you have the latest version of Windows and DirectX installed.

With update 1.06 some PC errors have been fixed, error 6065 does not seem to be fixed yet.

  • Development error 6065 : We are currently working on a solution to this problem and thank you for your patience. At the same time, a reduction of the graphic parameters can help.
  • Error type 6165 : Players facing this problem should try to scan and recover through In case of a malfunction, a complete reinstallation can solve the problem.
  • The graphical parameters are not accessible: We are actively working to solve this problem, but we are deleting the drive directory under Documents -> Call of Duty : Modern warfare can help to solve the problem until it is solved. If this doesn’t work, let us know.
  • RTX isn’t working: To activate RTX, you need a card that supports RTX and Win10 1809 and higher. Make sure you have updated your Windows and graphics card drivers.

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