MLB Show 20 Updates 1.08 Patch Notes

The developers of MLB 20 have released patch update 1.08, full patches for this update will be available on the 10th. April available.

MLB 20 Update 1.08 is now available for download. It’s just a little game update.

MLB 20 Update 1.08 Patchnotes

At stake:
– Fixed an issue that caused the field players to hold when the user entered the queue area at the last possible moment.
– The problem of the home runs being sucked into the fielder’s glove has been solved, leading to a withdrawal from the game.
– Fixed an error where a user could be stuck in the pause menu until the pause time has elapsed, resulting in an error.
– Problem solved when home invasion was not counted as a race on some Deep Fly balls.

– The Basic Decisions option has been removed from the game menu for online head-to-head games, as all online head-to-head games are manual by default.

Sir, sir:
– Users who have lost their connection in the force test front menu will not automatically cancel the moment or display the result.
– Fixed several small problems with play-by-play comments.
– Various crash corrections.