MHW – Guided Land Materials List

Here you will find a list of HOHG national guidelines and where you can obtain them.
You can keep track of what you have in this equipment list:

  • MHW – List of country guides

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Update: 11/25/19

Sample Normally Durci
Diablos bravely deformed distorted temper
black diabla Black Tirantorn buckle Temperton Blackcurl
Legiana Smooth and icy skin Hardened ice skin
Nargakuga cut off the killers Hardened cutting
Paolumu Rubber cover Hard rubber bowl
Misty Paolumu Obsidian fur Hardened skin
Ratalos Royal Libra Published Red Scale
ratalos azure blue azure scale Scale of liberated lapis lazuli
Silver Ratalos Whistling scale Hardened money balance
Ratian King’s ladder Green Scale Press Release
pink ratification Pink Scale Publication of the Pink Scale
Golden Retention Moonlight scale Hardened golden dish
Something like baselgeuse. Massive diamond explosions An explosive ladder is released
Tigrex The jaw of a strong man Hardened jaw
Brutus Tigrex Shaking jaw Hardened ebony
Sample Normally Durci
Kulu-Ya-Ku A colourful feather
Pukei-Pukei Fragrance bag Hardened poison bag
Kotsen-Koraal Hydration bag Wildbach-Sachs hardened
Qiqitzi Yaku A dazzling image+.
Ian Garuga Threatening silver skin Hardened silver skin
Sample Normally Durci
Dodogama Heavy pines
Large teeth A strong mane
Toby-Qadachi Orificecathode Hardened cathode
Large companies Bedside table
Odogaron Deadly Randclaw Hardened Randclaw
Ebony Odogaron Good for the shower Hardened heel
Zinogre Charged a deadly shock Temperature shock
Rajang Bloodthirsty mica skin Hardened mica skin
Sample Normally Durci
Anyanat Flickering flames Hardened flame
Fulgur Anyanat Cracking skin Thunder Star Skin hardened by lightning
Banbaro Vintage Big Horn Hardened large horn
Barroth Dirty Crown Hardened Crown
Brachidios Shiny bowl Hardened shell
Glavenus Smouldering undergrowth Hardened brush
Glavenic acid Sharpened handle Hardened tail knife
Rado track Spotted oil paint layer + Hardened oil shells +
The ferocious devil Spotted strap leather Injected skin
The hurricane Metal trap A hardened scout
Sample Normally Durci
Lavasiot The magmafine flashed Hardened Magmaphine
Sample Normally Durci
Blackvale Waal Hazak Twilight tooth Hardened twilight tooth
Kirin The festive Côte d’Azur Hardened azure blue horn
Kushala-Daora The storm calls the steel wing Hardened steel
Lunasta azure mane The moons Azure blue liberated
Named after Charming Finehide Three-layer hardened leather
pure ergigant The disappearance of the Great Horn
Theatre The moons of hell Hardened carmine red mane
Welhana Horn of dawn Crown horn off
Supernatural dragon bone The heavy dragon bone Dragon wine solid bone The wine bone of the old dragon
Anyanat Brachidios Glavenic acid Blackvale Waal Hazak
Banbaro Diablos ratalos azure blue Kirin
Barroth Fulgur Anyanat Silver Ratalos Kushala-Daora
Dodogama Glavenus black diabla Lunasta
Large companies Lavasiot Brutus Tigrex Named after
Large teeth Legiana Ebony Odogaron pure ergigant
Kulu-Ya-Ku Nargakuga Golden Retention Theatre
Paolumu Odogaron Rajang Welhana
Misty Paolumu Ratalos The ferocious devil
Pukei-Pukei Tigrex Something like baselgeuse.
Kotsen-Koraal The hurricane Ian Garuga
Rado track Zinogre
pink ratification
Qiqitzi Yaku
Slogbone spirit wine Alcoholic wine Solid bone An older Spiritwain bone
Anyanat black diabla Blackvale Waal Hazak
Banbaro Brachidios Kirin
Barroth Ebony Odogaron Kushala-Daora
Diablos Fulgur Anyanat Lunasta
Odogaron Glavenus Named after
Paolumu Glavenic acid Theatre
Misty Paolumu Golden Retention Welhana
Pukei-Pukei Lavasiot
Kotsen-Koraal Legiana
Rado track Nargakuga
Ratian Rajang
pink ratification Ratalos
Toby-Qadachi ratalos azure blue
Silver Ratalos
The ferocious devil
Something like baselgeuse.
Brutus Tigrex
The hurricane
Ian Garuga
Alcoholic wine Precious shard Wine spirit jam Great Spiritual Pearl
Anyanat black diabla Blackvale Waal Hazak
Banbaro Brachidios Golden Retention
Barroth Ebony Odogaron Kirin
Diablos Fulgur Anyanat Kushala-Daora
Odogaron Glavenus Lunasta
Paolumu Glavenic acid Named after
Misty Paolumu Lavasiot Rajang
Pukei-Pukei Legiana Something like baselgeuse.
Kotsen-Koraal Nargakuga Silver Ratalos
Rado track Ratalos Theatre
Ratian ratalos azure blue Welhana
pink ratification The ferocious devil
Toby-Qadachi Tigrex
Brutus Tigrex
The hurricane
Ian Garuga
Region My exits Bonepiles
Forest Vervalkristal Clam
Forest Crystal Ligament of the forest
Crystal in bloom sleep miracle
Wooden crystal guide Forest guide for the dragonfly
The Wild Spur Cracked Crystal Eroded Cragon
Badlands Crystal The Collar Desert
The crystal of peace Hardened bone
Heather conductive crystal Led dragonfly
Coral Light Crystal Shiny carmine red bone
Rif crystal Coral chromonopod bone
Crystal of the Deep Crimson
Reef guide crystal Dragonfly Reef Guide
Rotte Deformed crystal Francibon Malformel
Rock crystal French carbon drainage
Schemerkristal Frenzibon victim
Guide bar crystal Dragonfly Guide
Volcanic Molten crystal Burning of wild bones
Magma crystal volcanic wild bones
Crystal of hellfire Burnt by dragons Wild bones
Magma guide crystal Volcanic Dragonfly Travel Guide


Here is the same information regarding the list of traceable materials.

  • MHW – List of country guides

Hello, hunter!

Use this equipment list to keep track of your equipment in the country guide.
This red message may be useful as a reference, but the above list of documents is what will benefit you the most.

I made this so we can see what materials we have, little or none.
That way we can focus on the reserves before they correct the geologist’s mistake.

For those who don’t know: An introduction to your skills by at least a level 1 geologist will allow you to collect two of each splinter that falls in a monster fight. Folded up quickly! Not only that, but also the fact that you can exchange Melder materials for ordinary sample parts for the price of 1:1. So, imagine that the materials in the guide are the elements of the monster you need!

Stock quantities are colour coded as follows:

  • Yellow. – You have this material, but you should probably get more.
  • Light green – A decent amount to replenish a few guns.
  • Green. – Enough to do almost anything.
  • The blue is more than enough. You should think about using them or handling the sensors.
  • red… Too much! Consider selling up to 40 or 50 pieces.

Thank you and bon appétit!

  • DevanteWeary


  • 11/25/19 : Published List of country guides.


  • Information about the game.
  • /Locations of orientation lands, you can find the drop-down list here.

Additional manuals

  • MHW – Event Rewards Listing

The source: Initial reference

Message MHW – Country List Guide Hardware for Monster Hunting World.

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