Metro Exodus – All Suite and Weapon Upgrades Location in Caspian

Metro Exodus will be the latest game based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky. The third part of the game follows the event of Last Light with the protagonist Artyom and his partner Anna.

You will once again travel through the devastated post-apocalyptic Russia, the most important group of Spartan Rangers in the East, in search of a new and prosperous life.

Location of all costume and weapon upgrades on the map of the Caspian Sea desert in metro.

During the game you can unlock and equip many costumes and weapon upgrades for Artyom.

These upgrades will improve the strength and functionality of the suit. In addition, the weapon can take more bullets and cause more damage.

In this guide you will therefore find the location of all costume and weapon updates, shown on a map of the Caspian Desert.

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Upgrade for costumes and weapons (Caspian) in metro Exodus

Armoured Gas Mask (marked red) – Reach the end of the cave in the canyon and defeat all enemies This will give you access to the stairs.

Very bright light (marked pink) – This is an enclosed shelter. So avoid it, get in and you’ll find an upgrade.

Bulldog Machine Gun (called Deep Blue) – One of the many places where you can find Bulldog machine guns You can find them on the bodies of enemies attacking the lighthouse.

Night vision, heavy box, single column wizard (marked in light blue) – At this stage you will find a shelter with traps.

Motion sensor and Gatling Gun (marked in light green) – At this point you will find a wreck with an updated motion sensor and Gatling Gun.

Valve lever, stem, front side (marked yellow) – Here you will find the valve lever, front side and stem for the valve gun.

Shambler with three small cylinders (marked in light brown) – You are now on the Yamantau tracking mission. On the roof you will be attacked and this attacker knocks down the three-cylinder Shambler pistol.

Ashot/Shambler Suppressor (with orange marking) – At this stage you will find a ravine and at the end a camp with a suppressor suitable for both Ashot and Shambler.

6x Sniper rifle (white marked) – Here you will find a crane and fall under the attack of a sniper. All you have to do is kill and loot to get a 6x sniper rifle scope.

Reinforced Tank Helmet, Ashot Quad Barrel (marked in dark green) – At this point there is a wreckage, in the first part there is a reinforced helmet and in the upper part of the stern there is a bridge, on which the Ashot Quad Barrel, firing two cannons, is located.

Extended content/consumer goods holder (marked purple) – At this point you will find a rock with a small cave. In the cave you will find an updated consumables rack to carry more medicines and air filters.

Night vision amplifier (NVD) – (indicated by the black pointer/interface on it) – At this point you must fight a variety of mutating animals and reach the top of the main building to obtain a Night Vision Amplifier.

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