Mesa Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Mesa is an armor-piercing shooter who can do a lot of damage in seconds, pushing the strongest enemies back to the biggest groups.

She looks like a specialist who specializes in inflicting damage on enemies within range, while getting both offensive and defensive blows of her abilities, making her an almost unstoppable and highly deadly gunslinger.

How do you get the scholarship?


Drawings of Mesa’s parts can be obtained by defeating the mutalist Alad V in the Eris mission.

Your drawing can be bought for 30,000 credits on the market in the Orbital Room.

You can also buy Mesa for 325 platinum to get an already built version of Warframe.

Mesa Prime

Mesa Prime is the most important version of Mesa, which is stronger and has more health, armor and energy.

Relics with Mesa Prime:

  • Drawing: Consolidated:: Neo Z2, Neo Z3
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: The M3-lift is available: M4 Lighting
  • Chassis: Consolidated: Axi H4 Available: Neo C1, Axi M1.
  • Systems: Consolidated: No: Neo M2

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(Mesa capacities)

Mesa is able to fire powerful shots, increase Allied damage and block enemy weapons, create a barrier that reflects and reduces damage, and quickly fire his control cannons at enemies.

His passive power gives him a speed of 15% double, 25% single-handed reload and 50 extra meeting points when he doesn’t have a melee weapon.

1) Ballistic battery

This feature allows Mesa to undo the damage from the shot when it is activated, and use the accumulated damage for the next shot after the feature is activated for the second time.

There are several ways to make use of this possibility: Shoot during a gunfight, before you fire a powerful shot, or ruin everything.

Shots can be loaded very quickly, which can help Mesa to absorb a lot of damage per second in combination with your playing style.

(Mesa-powered ballistic battery)

(damage when charging a Mesa with a ballistic battery)

(Mesa with damage caused by charged ballistic batteries)

Change Mod. Ballistic Eye Bulls applies a 100% probability of status based on the charge of a ballistic battery.

2) Fire area

The forming fire gallery causes additional damage if the enemy weapons are disturbed. It can influence allies and make jumps between different team members.

This ability is very useful to temporarily neutralize enemies and increase the damage that you or your allies can inflict on your enemies.

Affected allies are from time to time protected from melee weapons, because the enemy weapons come close every few seconds, giving them more time to react.

(Mesa next to enemies with active firebreaks that disrupt their weapons)

Change Mod. Muzzle flash triggers a spike before the range goes to another player who blinds the enemies within a certain radius for a certain amount of time.

3) Emergency shield

Mesa creates a barrier that sends orbs back to the enemy and reduces the damage it does to the enemy.

This ability is vital for survival, because it enables Mesa to resist damage and treat it as if it did not exist.

By pouring shrapnel before enemies are hit, performance is greatly improved when Mesa can do damage while remaining intact.

(Mesa with active shrapnel shield that causes almost no damage during enemy attacks)

Change Mod. The Stun Shield has the ability to stun enemies whose damage is reflected when using the Burst Shield.

4) Peacekeepers

Mesa goes into Peacekeeper mode, becomes stationary and draws Regulator Guns for use against his enemies.

A large grid will appear on your screen and every enemy inside will be targeted by Mesa by holding down the fire button.

The longer the Mesa fires at enemies, the more damage it does and the smaller the grid becomes.

With unlimited ammunition and increased damage per shot, this ability can cut enemies to pieces and can kill almost any enemy in seconds.

(Mesa fires at enemies with regulatory peacetime rifles)

Change Mod. The Mesa Waltz allows Mesa to move at a speed of 50% when the Peacekeeper is active.

Proposed buildings

Building in balance

The balanced composition of Mesa should make it possible to use all its capacities without negative consequences for the statisticians.

The damage to their capacities is increasing at a considerable pace, as is the effect of their capacities with a good reduction in energy costs.

The length is increased by a good percentage, making it last longer.

All her skills can be used here when she needs them, and she can be used for many movements, making this design practical for both new and experienced players.

(Mesa uses all his abilities to fight enemies)

Strength of construction

This constitution aims to give Mesa more power with less time for his abilities.

The capabilities of the launch gallery and the torpedo shield are reduced, but remain effective during the missions.

Ballistic batteries can be charged for a wide range of damage, resulting in higher damage capacity and can be dropped more often with better efficiency.

The damage to the peacekeeper will increase dramatically and with increasing effectiveness the ability to escape is sufficiently balanced to catch up with him.

With this build you can do a lot of damage and use Mesa skill effects that can be really useful against powerful enemies and more difficult missions.

(Mesa kills enemies with Peacekeeper activated)

Energy-efficient buildings

Capacity building is aimed at enabling Mesa to use all its capacities at an extremely low cost, while still having a slightly longer duration and considerable capacity strength.

This gives all his abilities a good bonus in damage and effects, so that Mesa can not only handle damage well, but is also protected by his other abilities.

All his skills will have a low energy cost, allowing him to launch himself easily from time to time, support his amateurs and often charge the ballistic battery.

With increased efficiency and a slight increase in runtime, the Peacemaker can be activated for less power and the current becomes very low, allowing more damage and capacity to be maintained over a longer period of time.

It is a very useful model for those who like to use multiple skills, often in multiple ways.

(Mesa with all its possibilities, including peacemaking, activation, killing enemies)


Mesa gives Warframe back the old arrow swing and allows you to use any weapon you want its fans to use.

For some this may seem like dexterity, but for those who use the skills of the user, survival along with the skill of the user can be wrong for many people, because enemies may not reach Mesa, because they may die on the way.

The Mesa can cause heavy damage over very long distances and cover large areas, making it an excellent choice for destroyed enemy groups and even for concentrating fire on a single enemy.

When used correctly, it can remain safe at a high rate of damage per second and perform tasks of some complexity quickly.

If you like shooting and fighting at extreme distances, Mesa is a fixture worth buying, because you won’t be disappointed in his martial arts.

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