Max All Trustees in Persona 5/P5 Royal Without a Walkthrough and Work Towards 100% of Game Without Spoilers

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal (updated gold version of P5) is a surprisingly entertaining game, and unlike Persona 3/4 it is much more forgiving in many ways. If you want to play without having to walk, which makes the game boring and exhausting to get through the daily checks, and if you crash somewhere outside the boat, this guide is for you.

The problem is that it is difficult to play the game without running because the game is so big and there is so much to do. The fact is, in order to save time, you have to waste your trophy bearer to figure out how to get them, but that is due to the loss ofto the second . You must have two 100% breakthroughs. This way you can play your first breakthrough the way you want, and if you don’t get everything that’s good.

Short board

Here are a few tips on what to do if you just want to play fast and good without running.

  • You get less time in person 5 and in person 5 Royal for everything. You don’t have to worry about it, as long as you save on extra actions (such as fishing, making any tools and video game) to save on cleaning.
  • You’ll spend the last quarter of the game with a maximum of social stats, even if you don’t try. Improving social status at an early age is only useful for the orientation of certain confidants.
  • Don’t be afraid to consult reliable guides to answer their questions. In those who are online, there are not so many spoilers for scenarios, and even in those who are online, there are not so many surprises.
  • Finish the palaces in a few days. When you have finished the game and you want to play 100%, you may want to consider switching to secure mode or restart the memory to restore the day. The safe mode also makes it possible to get tons of money, making the game trivial but easy to play whatever you want.
  • Always check your phone. You can commit to free travel to people you trust and receive requests that are ultimately unreachable if you don’t accept them over the phone.
  • Watch who shows up day and night, both of you. Concentrate on people you trust who rarely show up and only at certain times of the day. This makes administrators easier and more accessible when you don’t have access to others.

You really want to get the most out of your first break, so let’s look at the basic mechanics of the game and how you mix them up in Persona 5 to make sure you get the most out of your first break and how you use the saved files wisely.

First we have to understand the game. The visually romantic aspect of the game takes place when you are not in the dungeon, allowing you to move around freely during the day and possibly even in the evening. Events such as meetings with directors or obtaining instruments to move on to the next phase.

The dungeons consume the whole day, except for a trusted person who has the opportunity to return the evenings later in the game. Palaces take a minimum of two days (some ask for more) and souvenirs are optional, but you have to fill in all requests and use them for orientation, so when you approach a palace, you can fill in everything at once.

The game will feature scripted events that also take time. You have a calendar that warns you of some, and others of surprises. It is in your interest to complete the palace at the beginning of the mission and the memories shortly before the end of your time (in order to prepare the next palace and complete all the requests you have received by that time).

Confidential people have a life and they need time to meet. You must meet with each administrator for at least ten days, and some (e.g. Restraint and the Moon) have time limits to maximize them. Fortune and Temperance are two trusted people who can give you more time for other things in the game.

There are achievements related to fishing, reading, playing video games and other activities that take time and are of little use to you at this time. If you use a saved file to get an achievement (start of a mission), you can get an achievement and not waste time browsing it to talk to trusted people.

So, with the above knowledge, save often and save a few salvations (if you are not safe and lose in the dungeon, it doesn’t matter, just charge your salvation). Ongoing work on the coordination of managers. If there is no reliable third party, work on the harmonisation of social statistics. Complete the construction of the palaces in the shortest possible time and use souvenirs to raise the level to help you. Don’t be afraid of the safe mode to play during the game as the battle becomes tiring for you.

Once you have completed the game, you can switch to New Game + Pass mode to skip the missed game, either by viewing the game or by simply deleting achievements you have not received or could not receive. Again, some achievements require a new game +.

Keep a book with you, at all times. The fertilizer gives you free friendliness through the plant (always buy the best). On Sundays, you can enjoy a free Social Upgrade at the Metro Drinks Market. Do not read books on the site before the end of the game, the administrators will unlock most of them. Not all available administrators will write to you if they are free, you will need to use a map and a square button.

Some places offer better bonuses at certain times, such as a snack in the rain.

Always bring the right person to the right person.

Person 5 is very accommodating with time, there is a lot of overtime. It’s a small spoiler, so stop reading if you don’t want to, but a Fortune administrator can provide you with a social network, which means you don’t have to do an extra day between updates if you come every day (it’s not only available in the rain).

Person 5 Royal

All the advice above and below is absolutely correct, but PS5 Royal is even more forgiving. Morgana/Monah doesn’t tell you to sleep less at night and opens many more nights for you to do everything. There’s another palace that gives you more time at the end. Palaces and souvenirs are also easier to find. The palaces have special items for repairing SP’s and a grab hook to numb the shadows. Mementos sells José new things, and it grows, making it the best place to balance.

PS5 Royal cannot use the stored data from the original Persona 5. It’s a new game. Trophies in the PS5 Royal are much easier and you can lose most, if not all, trophies at once. With the extra time it should be easier than ever to get them, especially with some savings on scrubbing.

Spoiler Tips

  • The cleaning lady (Temperance) is 100% important as soon as possible. He will allow you to use your night, even if you go to the dungeon with a massage, he will make tools and do the laundry for you without taking much time.
  • A soothsayer can deepen your social relationships with people you trust without wasting time (only money).
  • The confessors who guide you through the palaces do not have the most interesting skills and are the easiest to unlock.
  • The last trusted person is the one who has the hardest time to reach the maximum before the end of the game.
  • If you trust your group between the scavenger hunt and sending a business card, you won’t be there to do anything.
  • You have until the end of December to finish the game. (22 December)
  • In order to obtain a rare fish, you must have a maximum qualification. For the last fish (Mona will tell you that you are tired and can catch another one), use a special bait and pull it towards you by throwing it and pulling it until it bites. When you’re up, do your best. Like I said, use a deposit that you don’t play your main game with.

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