MapleStory KMS DPS / DPM Chart (updated in July 2019)

Are you interested in the strongest classes of MapleStory? With the information from the KMS we can classify each class based on the total DPM (damage per minute) at the maximum levels for damage per minute.

Here is the last table with the status May 2019 for KMS version 1.2.315. The original source is in Korean.

The number of DPMs represents the maximum damage per minute caused by a class, while the multiplication factor indicates by how much the DPM of that class is greater than the base DPM of the lowest class.

Evaluation Employment DPM Multiply
1 Angel amplifier 52,956,599.07 % 205.01%
2 Prosecutor 49,752,960.70% 192.61%
3 Kadena 49,395,332.65% 191.23%
4 Blaster 48,010,042.85% 185.86%
5 Aran 46,475,460.32% 179.92%
6 Night walker 44,963,768.28% 174.07%
7 Sniper 44,412,456.29% 171.94%
8 Heroes 44,354,924.46% 171.71%
9 Boucaniers 44,079,127.20% 170.65%
10 Demon Destroyer 43,543,152.05% 168.57%
11 The archers 43,404,225.40% 168.03%
12 Illusion 42,927,818.25% 166.19%
13 Demon’s Avenger 42,843,255.17% 165.86%
14 The Thunder Hammer 42,436,516.48% 164.29%
15 Archers 42,430,885.73% 164.27%
16 Mercedes 42,111,031.69% 163.03%
17 shooter 41,290,819.51% 159.85%
18 Miliel 41,143,107.14% 159.28%
19 F/P architecture 41,004,821.38% 158.74%
20 Evan 40,742,311.96% 157.73%
21 Corsica 40,053,656.78% 155.06%
22 The warrior Zaraf 40,053,063.58% 155.06%
23 Ghost donor 39,718,942.03% 153.77%
24 Clear 39,280,252.32% 152.07%
25 Emperor 38,275,717.70% 148.18%
26 The Black Knight 37,474,651.87% 145.08%
27 Wild Hunter 37,425,182.36% 144.89%
28 Paladin 37,409,586.14% 144.83%
29 Shadows 37,224,169.32% 144.11%
30 Fighting warehouse 37,191,352.24% 143.98%
31 Fitter 36,893,696.30% 142.83%
32 Kinesis 36,772,078.96% 142.36%
33 Xenon 36,559,519.92% 141.53%
34 Double blade 36,448,526.28% 141.11%
35 Lord of the Night 35,786,831.56% 138.54%
36 Arche 35,361,996.75% 136.90%
37 Zero 34,170,218.06% 132.29%
38 Master of the flame 34,153,572.31% 132.22%
39 Ghost 33,704,179.18% 130.48%
40 archemag 33,634,582.39% 130.21%
41 Bishop 25,830,729.78% 100.00%

As you can see, the strongest class is Angelic Buster, with Pathfinder and Cadena completing the top 3.

The weakest class is Bishop, followed by the Summer/Ice Archimage and the Phantom for the DPS.

Stronger classes tend to have easier lineup and supervision times. To find out where to practice, refer to the Maplestory Alignment Guide.

MapleStory Classes DPS Level List

Based on this diagram we organized the lessons in the list of levels for fun. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

S Level

  • Angel amplifier
  • Prosecutor
  • Kadena
  • Blaster
  • Aran
  • Night walker
  • Sniper
  • Heroes
  • Boucaniers

A Level

  • Demon Destroyer
  • The archers
  • Illusion
  • Demon’s Avenger
  • The Thunder Hammer
  • Archers
  • Mercedes
  • shooter
  • Miliel

B Level

  • Wizard of the Fire Poison
  • Evan
  • Corsica
  • The warrior Zaraf
  • Ghost donor
  • Clear
  • Emperor
  • The Black Knight
  • Wild Hunter
  • Paladin
  • Shadows

C Level

  • Fighting warehouse
  • Fitter
  • Kinesis
  • Xenon
  • Double blade
  • Lord of the Night
  • Arche
  • Zero
  • Master of the flame
  • Ghost
  • Magic ice lightning

D Level

  • Bishop


1) Angelic Buster is the strongest class after 5. but is also very dependent on the transmission. Her early and intermediate play isn’t very good, but at level 140 you can equip her with Empress sets, and at level 150 – the Chaos Root Abyss sets, where she really takes off.

The power of Star Observer increases the critical damage by 45%, but in fact you do not get meaningful feedback until the end of the game. Once you have a review, it becomes incredibly easy to queue up with great mobility, and Celestial Roar meets different platforms in the crowd.

2) Many high-level characters are DEX dependent.

3) Pathfinder is 2nd on the list, despite the recent nerds, but the actual DPS output in the game depends largely on your ping. If you have a high ping, it’s hard to even hit a crowd in front of you.

4) With the exception of the Illium, all wizards are located in the lower half of the DPS output (Fire/Magus of the 19 only in the upper part). It seems that the three assistant conductors were always looking for the nerd, while the others had amateurs.

5) It is good to see that some of the four original categories of adventurers are in the top ten: Marxman (#7) and Hero (#8).

6) No wonder Bishop has the lowest DPS in the game. Bishops must be a supporting class within the party. They always have a high value in relation to the bosses and contribute to increasing the damage caused by other party members.

Final reflection

I hope you found this table and the list of levels useful to determine which classes have the highest DPS. But think about some things.

First of all, it is important to note that KMS and GMS are not exactly the same. GMS has exclusive classes such as The Beast Tamer, Jet, Canna and Hayato, which are not included in this table. The work capacities also have different statistics and mechanisms between the two servers.

Secondly, you should take into account that these DPS/DPM indicators have reached their highest level. Some classes will perform better than others in the early and intermediate game, and it will be easier for them to reach the maximum level.

Finally, don’t take the DPS cards too seriously. They assume ideal conditions without paying attention to the mechanics of the player or anything else, such as the ease with which the character can do such damage, his safety against bosses, other advantages he brings to the game, etc..

Don’t think you have to re-launch your character and do the Angel Buster just because she’s at the top of the list. Play whatever you want! Ratings always change with each balance spot, so don’t get too carried away by the taste of the moment.

If you want to make your character stronger, you absolutely must use the binding skills of other characters to increase your stats and damage.

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