Pass of the Supreme Knight of the Old Republic

On your way to Manaan you have another dream, which shows you the location of the star map. Once you have landed, you will be asked to pay 100 extra credits in docking fees. If you have the opportunity, you can persuade them to waive the fee.

Manaan is an interesting planet with Sith and Republican bases. Two of them are arguing when you get out of the dock. The indigenous Selkat breed sells them a special plant with medicinal properties, and they have to get along with each other or threaten to lose their trade agreements.

Republic Basic

You’ll find a Republican base in the eastern central courtyard. Talk to Roland at the desk. He seems to know something about the star map, but he won’t help you if you don’t do something for him. He wants you to bring back the droid the Sith took. There are three ways to get to the Sith base, interrogate the prisoner, decrypt the password and raid the landing site. If you have good persuasion, it may be easier to talk to the prisoner.

Go through the door behind Roland and see the prisoner. I.D.’s in the next room, the computer room. Talk to the intelligence officer first, and he’ll tell you what’s important to the prisoner.

Talk to a Sith prisoner and try to convince him to give you the password. Use all dialogue options you have learned from an information worker. If it succeeds, it’ll be cracked and you’ll get the Sith base access code, which is zeta 245698 alpha.

If not, go to the computer room and try to decipher the passwords there. Use a computer terminal to decipher the display card. Here are the answers to questions about decrypting the password card:

First series: 1 2 4 11 16 –> 22

Second set: 21 18 16 15 15 16 –> 18

The third series: 1 2 4 8 16 32 –> 48

Fourth series: 128 64 32 16 8 4 –> 2

Fifth series: 1 32 81 64 25 –> 6

1x1x1x1x1x1x1x = 1

2x2x2x2x2 = 32

3x3x3x3 = 81

4x4x4 = 64

5×5 = 25

6 = 6

Episode six: 1 0 – 8 3 – 32 5 – 128 –> 7

2 to power 1 = 0

2 to power 3 = 8

2 to power 5 = 32

2 at force 7 = 128 (hence the answer 7)

Now that you have decrypted the map or password, continue your journey to the Sith database.

While you are in the Republican database, you can connect to a computer system to get more information about the Sunry study.

Seat surface

Walk to Ahto East and go to the entrance of the Sith-base. There will be a Sith diplomat present. If you choose this route, show him your passport and he’ll let you in. Once you’re in your coat, you’ll have to fight. The Sith shouldn’t be your choice. There’s a door to the front and a door to the east. The door to the east leads to the control room of the river.  Actually you can bypass the flow control room because there is another way to get to the other side.

Take the door to the north and then go west. You’ll find a room with a broken droid that belongs to the Republic. Take a look at it and take the data module.

Head west to the West Room and eliminate Sith Attack Droids and heavy landing troops. Go north to the north computer room. Run to the door on the other side of the hall. If you sneak through the fog, you’ll do some damage, but I hope you survive.

Look at the computer console and the force fielddisabled . It allows you to go to the other side. Now you can go back to where you came from and turn north through the current field. If you go further north, you will encounter job training with the missing Selcat from the Selcat mystery side quests.

After passing the training field you will meet the Dark Jedi Master with some of Selkat’s assistants. It’s a tough fight, but the three of you will have to endure it. Proceed to the next room and take Datapad from the captured safe. It describes in detail how the Sith tried to turn the young Selkat into the dark side of the Force.

If you leave the Sith base, you will be arrested. Tell Selcat Bva’las you don’t need an umpire. That’s how you get past the Selcat process.

  1. Plead not guilty.
  2. Let’s say you’re investigating the disappearance of a young Selkat boy.
  3. If you are asked for evidence, tell the judges that you have a calendar of appointments indicating that the Sith is guilty.

The trial is over and you’re free. Return to the Republican base in Central and Eastern Europe.

Bracketing station

Take the submarine to Hracert Station. Open the door and you’ll meet someone who tells you Selcat has gone crazy. Continue along the corridor to the east and you will find a console where you can load the field schedules.

First go to the Envirosuit Warehouse to get an environmental suit and then go to the Central Airlock. On the way, check the tree trunks and take the sound transmitter with you. You need it to kill firax sharks in the water outside. Use the pressure door and get out.

Go west and talk to the survivor. Follow him to the bottom of the ocean. Go east and use the sonic transmitter to kill Firaxa sharks if they get too close. On the east side two doors give access to the same building. Enter one of them.

Follow the corridor to the north and you’ll get stuck in the room and the pressure will be released. Use the console to interrupt the pressure relief. Talk to two people on the other side of the force field. They give you two options to defeat the giant Firaxa shark, use poison or destroy the reaper.

Go further north and exit the other door to the bottom of the sea. Go east to the Colto control panel. You can use it to guide the poison into the openings (dots on the dark side) or by using the tank pressure regulators.

Tank Pressure Regulator – These are the steps required to pressurize and inflate a 4 million tank.

  1. Fill the injector capsule.
  2. The passage from the injector to the tank.
  3. Fill the injector capsule.
  4. The passage from the injector to the tank.
  5. Reset the container cap.
  6. The passage from the injector to the tank.
  7. Fill the injector capsule.
  8. The passage from the injector to the tank.

The container is now under a pressure of 4 million blood and is about to explode. The basking shark Firaxan will gladly give you access to a star map of the East.

Go back to the submarine and meet Malak’s student, Dark Bandon. Take care of him and then return to the Commonwealth base by submarine.

Selkat will rediscover the explosion and take you for questioning. Walk quietly with them and tell them about the research station and the basking shark Firaxan. You’ll be free. Complete all side missions and go to the next planet.

Sales Gizka

Leave the berth and follow the passage to the right. You met a Selkat named Nubassa. He is interested in collecting all kinds of life forms.

Tell him you have Gizka for sale. If you convince him, he’ll take her away from you.

Sunshine murder case

If you go to Westhof, you take Joley with you. You will meet a lady named Elora whose husband, Sanri, was captured by Selcat and accused of the murder of a Sith warrior.

Go to Selkat Yard, located in the southwestern part of Western Yard. Talk to Judge Shelkar and tell him you want to investigate Sunry’s murder. You’ve been appointed arbitrator. Now you can ask the judges what they think of this case. Go back and talk to Sunry about everything you can. He’ll deny what’s relevant to the murder.

Walk to the central courtyard to the east and enter the hotel opposite the Republican base. Talk to everyone here and ask them about Sanri and Elassa.

Cut a hidden record out of the Republican base computer room system with Sunry killing Elass. Looks like Sanri lied, but you want to take the case to court? Go back to Sanri, and he’ll confess, but please don’t tell anyone to save the Republic’s relationship with Selcat.

Reverse flights

You can find the registration for the swoop race on Ahto-Ista. Just like on the other planets. Practice the route first until you feel confident. A race costs you 20 credits. When you’re ready for the races, you’ll get 300, 600 or 800 credits and you’ll become a Manaan racing champion!

Selkata Mystery

The Selkat youngsters seem to disappear, and a Selkat named Shaelas in the mercenary zone in the northern part of the Western Court asks you to investigate their disappearance.

You will complete this mission when you reach the Sith base. Here you will find Chasu and the youth of Selkat exploring the dark side of the Force. Convince them that the Sith are evil by bringing them a pin from a friend of theirs who was killed by the Sith in one of the rooms in the area.

They will agree to leave the Sith base and return to their families. You get dots on the light side to move them to the dark side. Go back to Shaelas for the price.


If you follow the dark side, visit Hulas, in the central eastern part of Ahto. Get the other members of your team out and talk to them alone. He’s part of Genoharadan’s secret group. They attack people, which they think has a good reason, but is controversial. If you decide to commit murder, you’ll be rewarded pretty well, but you’ll also get black points.


Enter the mercenary recruitment area in North Westhof, where you will be greeted by a Selkat named Nilko Bwaas. He’s trying to find out why the Republic hires so many mercenaries. All he needs is information. When you’re aboard the submarine at Hracert Station and you come back, you can let Nilko do what he did. He’ll give you 500 credits for a fee.

Once you have collected three star charts and tried to leave the planet where you are now, you will be captured by Saul on Leviathan.

Next part: Leviathan

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