Making Tools Useful in 5e: Cartographer Tools

Other tools : Alchemist accessories, masonry tools, games, handicraft tools, care sets, brewery supplies, blacksmith’s tools and kitchen utensils.

Well, well, well, well… Here we are. After making cool and sexy tools such as alchemist supplies or games, we move on to less cool but still very useful tools such as shoemaker tools or pottery set… but today we’re going to talk about our 9th birthday. The tools speak, the tools of the cartographer!

For those who do not care about small grains:
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Card tools

Let’s first see what Xanathar’s guide says about everything on page 80, and then talk about new and improved tools for the map maker:

Card tools

Using mapping tools, you can create accurate maps to make your journey and the journey of those who pick you up easier. These maps can vary from large-format images of mountain ranges to diagrams showing the location of the dungeon plan.
Parts. Cartographic tools consist of a pen, ink, parchment, compass, caliper and ruler.
Arcana, history, religion. You can use your knowledge of maps and location to reveal more detailed information when using these skills. For example, you can find hidden messages on a map, find out when the map was created to see if the geographical characteristics have changed since then, etc.
Nature. By becoming acquainted with physical geography, it will become easier for you to answer questions or solve problems related to your environment.
Survive. Your understanding of geography makes it easier for you to find routes to civilization, predict where villages or towns will be and avoid losses. You have studied so many maps that you are familiar with general patterns such as the development of trade routes and the growth of colonies in relation to geographical locations.
Make a card. During the trip, in addition to participating in other activities, you can also draw a map.

As always, what Xanathar says is very basic, and none of them is particularly revolutionary… but you know it shouldn’t be possible, with all the tools available, to build a giant fighting fur and produce the deadliest toxins known to man. Some of the tools will be pretty simple, and that’s what I’d like to do. I’m sure they looked at the list of skills you’ve got, and if they could figure out how to use them, they threw them in… and they did. You feel like a policeman because the instrument is only naked, but I have nothing to say today, so it makes my life easier!


Our first step with the cartographer’s tools is to provide a person who can draw maps with them. At first I thought it would take a little DC to draw a map… and then I realized that someone had to follow where the future cartographer had made a mistake and roll it out 1. and then take that into account to determine the effectiveness of the map and, frankly… it looks awful. Therefore, no verification is required for a person with knowledge of mapping tools. They just do.

That’s a little cute and gives them a few pieces of RPing of their tools as they explore their world. But PI’s never good enough for me, the gun’s not good enough for me… I need the content, and that’s where we start our intelligence work.


Traveling can be difficult. You have to climb a few hills, descend mountains or swim across the ocean to reach your next destination… and if there’s one thing I don’t like more than the spell that animate the items, it’s that every day, day after day, my players get lost because they’ve all decided to take back just one of them for this session.

Having a cartographer in your group increases your chances of success in your research. If we look at the tomb of destruction, the jungle area of DC 15. It’s rude for characters just starting out in their careers and it can mean that your party loses more than it loses. Even I’m on an adventure where the party is in unexplored oceans and DC 15… I understand that the players will be lost, and while that may be a good thing, sometimes it just slows down the game. Getting lost again and again is normally not what the DM expects.

If you use the FolderMaker and one of them is part of your group, he can help your navigator and make your group travel faster and more reliable. At the beginning of each day, and the cartographer has his tools and maps with him, they can plan an approach and inform the navigator, if he could, about the best way to cross the country to increase his speed. The CD for this study is 10 + half the number of persons in the party, taking into account that the passage of a larger group in a certain area takes longer than the passage of a smaller group. For large groups you have to worry about excessive breaks to go to the toilet and the fact that a rickety bridge makes it impossible for anyone to get through, while small groups will find it easier to fly through the forest.

This revision allows them to increase the speed at which the group moves while retaining the benefits of the initial speed. So if a battery for that +5 moves slowly during the navigation check, the chartplotter can perform a check at the beginning of the day to speed up this progress. They roll against the DC (10 + half the number of travelers), and if they succeed, the game goes to a normal stage, while they get that +5 for the navigation control. The same happens when they want to travel at normal speed, the cartographer throws against DC, and on the success of the game moves as if they were driving at a fast pace, but there are no negative results in the navigation test.


Other use your folder maker to help you get a stop at the end of the day. If you look at the Grave of Destruction DC 15 navigation control, you will get lost, especially in the lower levels, when your skill is only +2 and your wisdom at best is +4. If you get lost, the cartographer can view the maps he is working on and check where the page is.

Now the ToA tells the DM to scroll through the navigation test behind its screen and not to report the batch if it is lost. If this is the case, the DM can scroll behind its screen through the navigation test and also, at the end of each day, when a batch has been lost, the DM can report to the cartographer that it has been lost and indicate on a map where it is located.


And finally, the passive effect that our cartographer can give to our browser. During a trip, the navigator has an advantage in your navigation tests. This ensures that the DC 15 Wisdom Test (Survival) can really be done, and that this site can really take on the real adventure and not rotate in circles. although random encounters can be a very useful tool to guide your players through the desert.

Package Travel

Air travel can be too strange or differ from the usual understanding of cartographers, so you can use the skills of the cartographer only after a certain time, at DM’s discretion. Although some planes, like Feywild or Shadowfell, are pictures of the material plane, and if DM allows it, you can still use your tools on this plane. Airplanes can sometimes be very strange, and it is safer to stay in a material airplane where you don’t accidentally wander in the rose garden of a mighty god and do your own thing.

Cartography… Cartography… Cartography ?

Our brand new mapping tools are ready. It’s a fairly simple tool that can really help your party if your campaign focuses on education and travel. Usually they just want to get to their destination, and don’t worry if the slopes of hill 34 are a bit steeper than those of hill 47.

One last thing: Travelling can be considered boring and repetitive. There are people at my own table who think that, although I try to add surprises and other things along the way. Some mentalities are just hard to break. If you have trouble travelling or if you want to try something new, take a look at my travel system: Making a trip costs!

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