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Weber’s tools! Today we can move on to designing outfits, suits and maybe even a fashionable leather suit. If you weave clothes, you take bales of fabric, cut them into pieces and sew them together to make clothes. What are you guys… I mean, duh. Clothes do that… …although at first I thought this was a basket weaving tool, and I could hardly imagine making huge baskets and how it would work… Fortunately, the outfits are much easier to design!

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Weber tools

Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. My favorite part is talking about Xanathar’s guidebooks bullshit for everything, so later… We now turn to page 85:

With the Weaver tools you can make fabrics and sew them into garments.
Parts. Weaving tools consist of threads, needles and pieces of fabric. They know how to work on a loom, but this equipment is too big to transport.
Arcana, History. Their experience will give you more information as you examine fabric items such as capes and dresses.
Research. With your knowledge of the process of making fabric objects, you can see clues and draw conclusions that others may overlook when studying carpets, upholstery, clothing and other woven objects.
Repair. You can repair a damaged piece of tissue in a short period of rest.
Clothing for craftsmen. If you have enough fabric and thread, you can make an outfit for the beastie during a long rest period.

Okay, Xanatar, let’s talk about what we have here. The parts are still good, I think you know… maybe I shouldn’t be so rude to Xanathar. He gives me parts that I sometimes adjust to let you know that… Xanathar gets a gold star for the parts he produces… On the other hand… …everything else is pretty boring. It’s the same nonsense as all the other tools, oh, if you look at something magical that belongs to your niche tool, you can get an extra understanding.

I have no idea what this extra information is, but I think it can be very useful in some campaigns… if a weaver really knows something about a magic carpet? I suppose your character has to be from a different material than a normal weaver, otherwise you’d come… but it doesn’t matter. It just seems… a little tense. An ordinary weaver probably never has to deal with magic, unless you are in a world of high magic or there is no abundance of magic. The only thing I find useful is that the Craft Clothingshould take a long break… which may seem a bit far-fetched, but of course… why not, creating an outfit is faster than coloring cobbled shoes or something glamorous. We can work with that.

Let’s do better than.

So how can we improve this tool? Finally, the idea of making outfits and dresses and what not very close to the cobblestones. Some shoes go with some outfits, and it takes different outfits and shoes to make it really work, although if you look at my wardrobe and my one pair of shoes, I obviously don’t think that’s real.

But speaking of cobblestones, I think it’s a great mechanic for what we’re doing here and it’s flowing well. If someone wants to design a suit and doesn’t want to, he doesn’t go beyond the possibility of being a shoemaker, or at least having some knowledge of making beautiful shoes. So we take it where we create outfits for certain situations and take a little advantage of them.

According to Xanathar, the only big difference between the two is that the outfits are made quickly. As a quick long vacation, and since most people add their long vacation in their sleep, this is the way to quickly make an outfit in 2 hours. I’m not sure if it’s realistic, even for a fantasy game, so we’re going up a bit, but the outfits are made faster than the shoes? On the other hand, they will be more expensive because more equipment is needed and as compensation. Of course shoes are cheaper, but it takes longer to produce them, while outfits are more expensive, but faster. There’s a strange kind of symmetry in the creation of the outfits, and if you’re in a game with a lot of downtime, it’s the perfect time to make sure you’re always fantastic when you’re climbing a mountain.

Clothing industry

How does it all work? Well, our weaver has to make his own design first, and I have a few ideas, although the players still have to work with their GM to create something that fits their situation perfectly, and they start to sew and weave. For each day that they make progress on their clothes, it is assumed that they have worked 4 hours on their clothes that day. If the DM allows it, you can now spend much more time designing your outfits. For the release of the new Warforged in Eberron:. From the last war, Warforged could work day and night on the equipment to get to the ball in time… The best elves, who only need 4 hours break, now have 20 hours to sew their fingers!

The baseline for the manufacture of clothing is similar to that for the manufacture of footwear and can be found in the equipment for general underwear. These 5 sp clothing items are simple, probably not very comfortable and are worn by the general population with slight differences in style.

Since the production of the shoes from our old tools costs 1 sp, the production of the clothing itself costs 4 sp. Do you see that? The outfits will be more expensive! And it will take 3 days with 4 hours of work to make general clothes, which is faster than 7 days to pave some shoes, again the outfits will be faster to make, but the cost is higher.


Just like our shoes, our dresses have special features, and you can always work with your GM to create dresses that achieve the desired results when you talk to him and everyone agrees on things. Our outfits such as cold weather clothing can protect you from the cold or the clothing of a killer can give you an advantage over covert controls in the dark or gloomy … …as long as you don’t wear armor and you only wear these clothes. There are a few compromises you have to make to be sneaky, and there is air conditioning at 10 plus your agility, which is actually only 1 less than if you were wearing a leather harness, so it could be worth it if you are super sneaky.

Weaving and gluing

And these are the foundations of our Weaver tools. She makes outfits, some outfits are made more or less according to your needs, and that costs a bit of money. As you travel through your world, you can find many ways to disguise yourself, and again, you can find many ways to disguise yourself. You can come up with an excuse to build a few more outfits than you really need, just to show off your skills.

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