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Have you ever thought about… Shall I make some firewood?

Well, I did, and let me tell you… I don’t like to have sawdust in my nose and I’m not very good at keeping it straight and balanced. I love programs like Photoshop, where I can just press Ctrl-Z and undo all the bad moves I make… the tree isn’t that forgiving. I can’t count how many times I had to go back to the store to get more wood because I don’t know how to measure the angle properly …

If you couldn’t tell the difference from the name, we’re going to look at woodworking tools today!

For those who are not interested in my tools:
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Carpentry tools

I love creating these tools, especially because they allow me to think more about how they will work in my own world, and I always research the tools I’m working on, which gives me a lot more information to work with when my players ask me questions. Although there is some initial information in Xanathar’s Guide about everything in Xanathar’s Guide that we can also work on, it says on page 80

The skill of the carpenter allows the character to build wooden constructions. The carpenter can build a house, a hut, a wooden cabinet or similar objects.
Parts. Carpentry tools include saw, hammer, nails, axe, square, ruler, nobility, flat and chisel.
History. This tool helps you determine the use and origin of wooden buildings and other large wooden objects.
Research. You will get more information when inspecting areas in wooden structures, because you know the tricks of the trade that allow you to hide areas from the prying eye.
Perception. You may notice irregularities in the wooden walls or floors, making it easier to find traps and secret passages.
The secret. You can quickly assess the weak points of the wooden floor, making it easier to avoid points that squeak and moan when you walk on it.
Reinforce. With one minute’s work and raw material, you can make the door or window more resistant to opening. Increase the direct current required for opening by 5%.
Temporary accommodation. For longer holidays you can build a foldable shelter or something similar to keep your group dry and in the shade during your holiday. Because it was quickly made from all the available wood, the shelter collapsed 1d3 days after assembly.

I think I’m insensitive to descriptions of Xanatar’s instruments. Not only is it beautiful in a boring way, but it also has a few objects, such as building furniture. I can read a few paragraphs about this instrument, as I usually do, and I really should do it if I want to tone it down a bit, but…

Maybe I’m getting softer with age. It’s been almost a year since I told Chris about the introduction of Dump Stat, and I’ve learned some important things… like the fact that Smith’s tools were much more popular than I thought, or that if I keep making the tools every other week, I won’t be ready until February. Sigh, I blame myself for not jumping any faster this year than when I wrote the first book on Cook’s gear in January. Well, stop staring at your navel, let’s jump!

Carpentry cabinet

Carpentry is therefore a skill that requires working with saws, chisels and, as you may have guessed, wood. It’s also because I’m not very good at it, which is a bit embarrassing, because I really can’t afford such a nice gaming table!

This tool is very similar to Mason’s Tools because you build both constructions with it, although the big difference is that Mason’s Tool needs a stone and this bad guy works with wood… which makes me wonder which Mason’s Tools character gives you the most tools? Probably take Warforged and Artificer build, but after that… I’m not sure about that.

When you build your structure, you have to be sure where you are going to build it, and that may mean you need some kind of document for the country … Or maybe you’ll get lucky and find a good bunch of ghosts no one claims. Once you have the land, you’ll need supplies. When you’re in a ghost forest, it can be much harder to get these supplies.

As soon as you receive these documents, you work on your structure for one day and progress in steps of 25 gp. This means that if you want to build a small farm, a brand new farm will cost you 1000 gp. For a worker this means that it takes 40 days to complete the construction.

But you can always hire employees. Each project has a maximum number of employees who can work on it at the same time, because only so many people can be involved in the project before the work is delayed or no progress is made. Our small farm only accommodates three representatives per day.

Now that we have more work, the time needed to build the farm will be much faster, but we will have to spend more and more money every day. Workers are not cheap, if you don’t participate, then each skilled worker must receive 2 hp per day, plus you have to spend 25 hp to pay for the equipment for each worker. This means that if you don’t work and you have three employees, you need 75 resumes for materials and 6 resumes for labour.

Construction sites

Although it’s amazing that you can build a fantastic house, you do need to stock up on furniture on your farm! Of course you need your usual stock to make furniture, but the amount of work per day is much lower. Furniture usually requires a slightly finer eye and you can work in increments of 5 gp per day. In this way an ordinary table can be built up in 3 days without too many peculiarities and spend 15 gp on it. For filigree work and heavy aesthetics DM can decide that it takes more days to do great work, but that there is no need for extra gold, or that you need more gold because you want to put the real gold on the table.


As with all instruments, magic can sometimes speed up the process. Crafting is a great spell if you can cast a Level 4 spell. It’s a great way to finish a day’s work in 20 minutes.


These are our beautiful woodworking tools! A great way to spend extra gold, lazing around for days and relaxing with a hammer and a pair of nails. Now go build your favorite farm, outpost or palisade! It can be difficult for an invading Orc army to destroy your house if you build it from iron wood or palm trees!

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