Loki Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Loki is a secret swindler who can hide and confuse his enemies with his unique skills.

It is an excellent warfare when it comes to infiltration and tactical missions, and it can do a lot of damage without being noticed by the enemies.

Where did you get Loki?


Parts of Warframe Loki can be acquired by defeating a pack of hyenas in the Psamate mission on Neptune.

His subscription can be purchased on the market for games of chance in orbit for 35,000 credits.

It can be bought on the gaming market for the price of 175 platinum.

Loki Prime

Loki Prime is a main variant of Loki and has a higher basic energy than its counterpart.

Relics containing Loki Prime:

  • Drawing: Consolidated: Meso F3, Axi S2 Available Neo V8
  • Neuropathy: Violent: Neo E1 Available : Meso O3
  • Chassis:  Violent: G2 lamps available: Meso O3
  • Systems: Violent: Axi L1 Available : Axles L4


Loki’s magician skills allow him to distract enemies with bait, hide from prying eyes, trade with allies to save them or with enemies to deform them. It also has the ability to disarm enemies by forcing them to fight at close range.

Because of its passive power, called warframes, it can hang on the wall longer than other warframes, allowing it to hang on the wall for 60 seconds.


Loki creates a decoy that distracts the enemies in the area and forces them to approach and shoot the decoy.

This ability is useful for distracting enemies as they try to complete other missions, and also allows the discovery of progress or escape for you and your team.

(In the picture below you see Loki using a diversion to distract his enemies)

Upgrade : The lifesaver accelerates the bait, and as Loki approaches death, he replaces the bait.


Loki makes himself invisible by allowing him to sneak up on his enemies and kill them or groups of enemies without becoming a target.

No matter if things become invisible or dirty, going into invisibility will help a Loki to break loose or kill enemies with ease, because they may panic, but will not know where to shoot, and during the period of invisibility, the chances of shooting enemies at a Loki are slim.

(In the image below you see Loki passing in front of an enemy while invisibility is active)

Upgrade : Shut up about the damage of Loki’s weapon so he can destroy the enemies without warning them about his position and maybe not knowing what’s going on.

Teleport circuit

Loki immediately changes places with the enemy or ally, if he changes places with the enemy they become confused and vulnerable to attack.

This ability is good for covering long distances, rescuing allies, or confusing difficult to kill targets, but in some cases it can also be used to teleport some NPCs in the game so that they can reach their goal faster.

(The picture below shows where Loki is traded with the enemy)

Upgrade : The safety switch makes allies invulnerable for a certain period of time when they change places.

The Shadow of the Dead

The Raial Disarm encourages enemies in the region to use melee attacks instead of weapons with a range.

This possibility is useful when you need to bring the enemy closer to you in a tense situation instead of attacking him from a distance.

It can be used to lure enemies close to you so that they are in the same place, making them easier to kill.

(The figure below shows Loki using radial disarmament to force enemies to use melee weapons)

Upgrade : Irradiation Disarmament causes irradiation and confusion of enemies, causing them to attack their allies.

Structure also reads as follows: Banshee

Proposed buildings

Construction of invisibility

The purpose of this construction is to remain invisible when the Loki is used.

Energy costs have been lowered, which has facilitated the casting process and also extended its duration, allowing it to regenerate energy for longer and remaining invisible.

The duration of the lure is also extended, and Loki can use it to pick up enemies while they wait for the right moment to attack under the effect of invisibility.

Loki can remain invisible for a long time and quickly send enemies unaware of his presence.

(In the image below you can see Loki attacking enemies while he is invisible using bait)

Structure also reads as follows: Hydrogen

Disarmament and irradiation facilities

Disarming the radiation will cause the enemies to fight each other instead of attacking Loki, and he can remain invisible and destroy all survivors.

This building is perfect for summoning large groups of enemies to kill each other, giving Loki and his team a chance to plan for the future.

Not only will the enemies be forced to attack each other, but they will also be disarmed and resort to melee, forcing them to regroup, which can lead to easy killing.

(On the picture below you see Loki looking at the infected enemies killing each other)


It is true, imposter, that Loki changes the state of battle by using his tricks that can give him and his team an advantage.

Loki is an excellent war framework for espionage and various other missions, because he can perform tasks without alerting the enemies, giving his team a tactical advantage.

Loki is not only suitable for missions, but also excellent for the purchase of Simaris agricultural and other stealth glasses.

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