List of all console commands and functions of the party

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Developer and publisher Eek! The games, OOO popular game House Party has been quite successful in mating. This is a sophisticated first-person game simulator where it is inspired by games such as Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island.

In the game you can chat, complete tasks and do more to progress, but you can use the controls on the console to relax and perform various tasks.

All controls and functions of the console for the house party

When the game uses the console key, i.e. the `/~ key, to take the path out of the console. If it does not appear, activate it manually from the steam library.

To do this, go to the steam library and right click on the house party, then go to properties, a window with a common tab will open, go there and select Set Startup Options, type -console and click OK.

Now just start the game and use the console key to use the commands it contains.

Distortion actuators

  • Warpto players
  • The players of Warpto Ashley
  • Warpto-Razor Player
  • The actors of Warp Catering
  • Warpto-Med players
  • Warpto-Racer players
  • The players of Warpto-Stephanie
  • Warpto-Vidki players


You can change all the clothing characters in the game, the clothing team specific clothing characters from.

The character name means the name of the character you want to dress, and a specific fabric means a specific garment with 0 for the top, 1 for the pants / skirt, 2 panties / boxers, 3 bras / bikinis, 4 shoes.

An example of its use is given below.

  • Discount on the Catherine 0 dress
  • Katharina clothes 1 to the outside
  • Discount on Catherine 2 clothes
  • Clothing Catherine 3 reduction
  • Clothing Catherine 4 reduction


In a game of about 20 poses, it can be used to force each character to assume a certain pose for you. The team for this pose character is specific, call true

Like the name of the figure of the clothing team, the specific position type is the desired position.

Here is an example of how it should be done (the exact number of postures is not yet known, so you can keep changing the number and see where it stops).

  • pose for amy 0 where
  • pose for amy 1 where
  • pose for amy 2 where
  • pose for amy 3 where
  • pose for amy 4 where
  • pose for amy 5 true

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