Life of the Party Walkthrough (Side Mission) at Borderlands 3

  • Type of operation: Secondary order
  • Planet: Pandora
  • Place: Devil’s Knife – Boomtown
  • Level: 33

Mordechai wants to attend the party and would like you to go with him, because the dream of the birthday children would come true if a treasure hunter was present.

Your task is to prepare what will bring you and Mordecai, and to go to the birthday party with those who also participated in the event.


Choice of colours

Mordecai will first ask you to go there and get the flowers you bring for your birthday.

Once you get to Falanga Pass, go around and collect the flowers that Mordecai asked you to bring.

Mordechai will ask you to collect 5 special flowers before you can celebrate your birthday.

Direction of lot

Go to the place where you and Mordechai will meet and get out of the car, because it will not be accessible from the bridge.

Once you get to Mordecai, who’s on the route, go talk to him.

Another kind of surprise

Mordecai is surprised because the little girl whose birthday it was was killed, and he asks you to leave flowers on her grave instead.

Hirshim, the girl’s father, will tell you that Gracie will be happy that a treasure hunter has come to her party and will ask you to go celebrate with him.


Hirschim will invite you all to eat cake and will start a few games where the cake is supposed to eat something his daughter Gracie probably has a record for.

You can decide whether you want to eat some pie or just go without a supplement, or break or exceed Gracie’s record.

Mordechai will ask you to leave the tape so that Gracie’s record for Hirschim remains unbeaten.

The next game consists of throwing grenades through improvised rings.

Again, Gracie will have a bond that Mordecai wants to leave undefeated for the same reason.

The last part of the game is a shooting range that will consist of a rake that will scare your domestic skeleton as you walk away.

The same goes for the shooting range, Gracie will have a record that Mordecai doesn’t want to be beaten to keep his invincible score.

Battery completion

When the board games are over, go to Hirshim, who will judge how well you treat them and then ask you to beat the piñata.

In close combat you either shoot or the piñata to destroy it, causing the prey to fall and the party is quickly over.

Finally, Hirschim will be pleased with your behaviour, and if you have been so kind, he will give you an extra reward, which is a weapon for his daughters, whether or not he said he would only give it to you if you beat their records.

Party Missions Award

After completing the mission Life Of The Party you will be rewarded with approximately 7576 euros in cash and the legendary Dastardly Amazing grace gun.


  • For most side quests, this is more of a test of your character’s posture and doesn’t require much fighting spirit.
  • This mission is an excellent opportunity to gain experience at lower levels and acquire a powerful legendary weapon.
  • Almost every result ends with a legendary weapon.

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