Let’s talk about options to choose your first Ascension Perk

Many premium traditions are about winning or creating influence.

​Interstellar domination

  • -20% Damage costs
  • -20% Expenditure related to base effect

Interstellar dominance is very strong. With a saving of 20% you can build a free starbase for every 5 facilities you build. Do not forget that aggressive expansion involves sacrificing something like research or consumer goods to quickly increase the production of alloys.

​Executive Vice-President

  • +50% Duration of the decision

Executive Vigor is also a wise choice. It doesn’t save you as much influence as a badge, but it’s a bonus that is always passed on. The decrees of your empire will depend on the ethics of your leaders, but it is necessary that each player (if they think to go down this road) explores the unity of the planet as soon as possible, since the campaigns you launch will yield the real savings. In the middle of the game, this bonus is even better as it applies to strategic resource publications and the unit’s ambition.

​A vision

  • +10% Single delivery
  • +50% Dedicated management ethics

A vision is a different tradition of influence, when all popes are attracted to the same ethics and thus the same faction does two things. First of all, it makes this fraction easy to satisfy and creates maximum influence. Second, it makes all your fathers happy. Happiness leads to the stability of the planet. The stability of the planet leads to an enormous change in the production of raw materials. And as if that were not enough, One Vision also gives you a +10% unit bonus, although, unlike research laboratories, it is difficult to increase the initial unit set because there is only one monument per planet. This bonus is very important for egalitarian people who get more influence from happy groups.

A common destiny

  • -75% Integration costs of the object of influence
  • Thematic trust fund +100

After all, there is a common destiny. The biggest problem with this premium is that you have to wait 10 years before you can integrate. This makes much more sense as a second bonus (perhaps a nihilistic takeover as a first bonus). For this decision to be valid, you really have to get vassals/producers. Advance war games is really risky if you succeed perfectly! If you can’t, you’ve spent years trying to catch up. If you really want the Corvette to send someone, go ahead. This bonus will help you make up for your contempt for the economy by taking over someone else’s, but it’s risky. Unlike any other first election, it is useless if you stay behind. This bonus is also useful on maps that show the number of primitive species, but if you wait 10 years for a system that is very strong again, it is better to just take the planet by force. The coverage of the trust fund is nice, but I don’t really have an opinion about it.

Follow the unique ethical benefits of.

​Sacred (spiritual) worlds

  • The decision to dedicate worlds

It’s a more powerful unit that generates bonuses than One Vision while playing high because you can only make three. The holy worlds even give their people a strong spiritualistic attraction. This bonus is one of the main reasons to play Empires of Spiritism, as it is exceptional for them.

​Universal transactions (Megacorp)

  • -15% Settlement costs
  • Trade agreements have no effect

Universal transactions look good on paper, and they can. However, to do better than the other first steps, you really need to get involved in setting up branches. Unfortunately, unlike other traditions, it depends on what other actors are doing around you. In SP some AI can be hostile, in multiplayer they can simply renounce the commercial contract if they completely miss the commercial opportunity.

​Nihilistic (authoritarian/xenophobic) power grab

  • Clear the position of the attacker’s bomb.

​Compatibility with xenophiles (Xenophile)

  • +33% Immigration tractor
  • +20% Rate of growth of pop music when there are at least 2 different species in the world
  • Can cause interbreeding if there are at least 2 different species on the planet.
  • Semi-hard has mixed properties, +1 Max. Ownership and +1 Max. Point of ownership

Damn, that’s a reason to play as the Xenophile realm. The growth of pop music is so important for this update, and it will help you in many ways. Firstly, xenophobes benefit from discounts on migration agreements. The AI JV already loves Xenophilus, so you shouldn’t have too many problems. As a member of parliament, you must hope that your neighbours want your opinion and that they can live together in the same climate. This may be better if it takes some time to find a suitable partner for the migration contract or to achieve climate acclimatisation. The immigration appeal of +33% means that your new colonies will reach 10 Pop very quickly. A growth of +20% in pop music means that you might want to give up genetic clinics in your worlds (though, who’s kidding, these buildings are great). The big hat of the maximum plate – that’s just the icing on the cake, because even the organic climbing does not allow a normal transition to 5 plates.

Finally, there are a few other important niche benefits we need to talk about.

​Nature management

  • -33% Net blocking costs
  • Decision on demining

The possession of nature has become much better. Tile cleaning has become more expensive, so the savings of 33% can begin. A big fan, however, is the transition to the liberation of the earth. Depending on the size of the planet, you either don’t add two tiles or you add two. Instead, he adds two circular hats to each planet you take him to. It’s great if you’re building a skyscraper, or if you have a world with many important bonus areas to exploit. Tile lock is your first choice depending on the situation, but the terrain compensation bonus ensures that you don’t regret being in the middle of the game.

​Technological progress

  • +10% Search speed

It’s a very weak first jump and I see something like a new trap for the player. When your first policy is implemented, you typically carry out 10 to 15 of each science. If you add a bonus of 10%, this means that you get about 1 to 1.5 extra scientific knowledge per month. You know what else is nonsense to science? Construction of a second research laboratory. Even if you continue to build your research station, you only get +2 to +3 of science by crawling 20 and 30 generations of science. It can be a decent bonus if you pick it up in the middle of the game. But it does so little in the early years, at the expense of other big first decisions, that I think it might be the lowest first increment premium.

​Transcendental training

  • +2 Coverage at management level
  • +1 Management pool size

I’ve been in love with this bounty for a long time, so I’m sad it fell out of favor. When you take away the maximum power of a leader, this bonus means that these valuable extra leaders are no longer available. Instead, the number of options you have to choose if you want to buy your frames increases by 1. This can be useful on a case-by-case basis, especially when looking for the right scientific discipline. The capacity of the +2-guide seems excellent, but there are many other traditions (especially new discoveries) that allow you to limit your level without the need for a reduction. What’s more, your leaders must live long enough to actually use their coverage. You must either be a long-distance runner or use this bonus in the middle of the game if you have technology that will improve your life. I certainly don’t want to say that this privilege is bad, but it’s certainly not the power it once had. Take that as your first choice when playing Honorable View.


  • Can build habitat stations

It won’t be your first choice if you don’t play niche strategy, all RNG. The worst thing about this bonus is the choice. As you can see, you need to explore the Starholds (level 3 outposts) to choose this bonus. The fact is that Starhold’s technical card has a change factor of -10x if the year of play is < 50. You can increase the chance that this technology is used at the border of the fallen Empire, since a neighbor with this technology gives it a x10 modifier to draw. Speaking of which, it also requires enough second-line machinery to make it legal to drive at all, and it actually requires enough technical research to get it within a reasonable timeframe. After all, you have to have an economy that supports the construction of a living space. It would probably be possible to delay the production of the unit’s products instead of bringing monuments to the laboratory, settle comfortably next to the fallen empire, transform the forges of this alloy and pray to the RNG for a glorious environment. She’s a nice Stratina, but I’m not sure she’s competitive.

​These are the advantages of ascension, which you can choose as your first choice. As you can probably see, I love the early growth of games and dare to participate in the first game wars, but that’s just my style of play. Let me know what you all think of my analysis, this patch has certainly made a mess, with a revision of the planet and a change in tradition.

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To get on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a good reason to expect it this year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no recognizable release date will not be taken into account.

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