Lego Lord of the Red Brick Rings Guide

There are 20 red bricks on the other side of the Mediterranean to find the access. The game card tells you how many red stones there are in each part of the Mediterranean Sea by hanging over the card stone at each point. Each red brick is unlocked by performing the mithril object search. You can’t find this stuff, but you have to make it at Bree’s forge. To do this one must first find the design itself and then assemble the mithrillstones so that the blacksmith can make the object. The structures are located at different levels and throughout the Mediterranean. If you need help finding them or if you want to know how to make articles, read our Design Guide for Forges.

Mithril tiles are unlocked to achieve certain things in the game. You can let them complete the level in the storyline, reach a real adventurer in the level, finish the mini-kit, complete the research mission, etcetera. When you’ve completed the search for recovery, a red brick will appear next to the person you helped. You need to click on it and buy it with the bolts you have fitted to make it available to you. It can then be added to the Advanced menu, which can be accessed at any time by pressing the Start button.

Pu foal

The cost: 25,000
Forcing the mitre rope for a hobbiton. You have to destroy the stones in the morgue that block their door to access the search.


Cost: 50,000 Mitril
lamps for the man from Edoras. Before you get the search, you have to put out the fire outside his door. Go to the left side of his house and plant a plant there. Now, jump on his roof where you can run along the sign to find water. Fill the bucket and turn upside down to put out the fire.

boss jacket

The cost: 100,000
Making a horn for a dwarf on the Cardras Pass To find it, you have to go to the island by jumping over the bouncing water lilies. For the first you have to use the rope hook and for the second you have to hit the target with the arrow. Now jump on the cushions until you find the dwarf behind the door you need to open the Beserker.

8-bit music

The cost: 200.000
Make boots for the Black Gate Orchestra To do this, you need to find a hole with an arrow on the right side of the door. Pull with an arrow, and then jump high with the arrow until you land at the foot of the ladder. Now all you have to do is walk up the stairs to find the orc.


charges: 250,000
Craft Mithril gloves for a lady in Rivendell. It can be painful to reach this woman. Go to the question mark on the north side of Bruchtal, there you will find a water basin. Walk around the pool, on your right, until you see leaves in the water. Go to the sheets and use them to get to the drop zone. Jump to the wheel with the water lily. Shimmi went around the spine, fell on another lily pad and then jumped on the ground to find the female elf.


The cost:
Mitril Rod Craft for the Uruk High School in Amon Hen.


The cost: 4,000,000 Mithril
cylinder, handmade for women in Edoras.


The cost: 8.000.000
Build a mitris shield for a dwarf at Helm depth.


The cost: 10,000,000
Forcing a man to use a mithril squeaky sword for a man in Cirith Ungol.

Search for applications

The cost: 50,000
The Mitril Craft for Man stood at Pony’s entrance to Bree.

Mini chest search

The cost: 50,000
Production of a mitre tunnel hammer for a hobbit in a crypt on the Wesertop An orange pin has to be pulled to enter the crypt.

The Mitril Stone Finder

The cost: 75,000
Prepare boxing gloves for Bree’s husband. I want you to blow Mitri’s lock on her door.

Character Stallions

The cost: 25,000
Throw a mithrilbow of fire for eleven to Minas Morgul.

Attractive things

Costs: 100,000 bulbs of
Mithril root for a dwarf in Lotloria. You’ll find him hiding in a cave west of Lotlorien.

Help in action

The cost: 25,000
Draw the Mithril’s whistling sword for Uruk in the lair of Shelobes.

Rapid construction

The cost: 100,000 Mitril
Handmade music boots for the Uruk High School in South Isengard.

The Autumn Greeting

The cost: 75,000
Elven boat in Lotloria.


The cost: 75,000
Manufacture of pixie headgear in the northern part of the march of the dead. You have to climb Gollum’s Wall to get there.

Regenerate the hearts

Cost: 100,000 Mitril
iceballs for a man south of Wesertop. We need to blow up Mitril stones blocking the entrance to the tunnel. You’ll find the man on the left at the end of the tunnel.


The cost: 500,000
Make a rifle box for a dwarf at Cirith Ungol

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