Lego Harry Potter: 1-4 Years of Gold Bricks

There are 200 gold stones that you can find and collect in this Lego game. Once you’ve found it, you can reach the bonus level at Borgin & Burkes in Diagonallee. If you want to put all the characters together, you have to find all these stones. When you reach the bonus level, you unlock a character that cannot be found in any other way, namely Voldermort. For your own sake, I have put together a complete list in which you can refine all the stones.

Many golden bricks can be found by achieving certain things during the game without having to search for them. The list below gives an overview of the locations where the stones are located.

To complete the different levels of the game in scene mode, 24 building blocks are provided.
There are 24 building blocks given to reach a true master in each level.
There are 24 bricks to complete the weapon of the house in each of the levels. For every student you find in danger, you will receive
50 building blocks. (24 in the levels, 26 around Hogwarts).
10 bricks given to complete the bonus levels in the Gringotts Bank.
12 bricks are for sale at the Eyelops Owl Emporium in Diagonallee.
4 The bricks are in the basement of the liquid boiler, in model making.
15 blocks are given to complete the lessons in scene mode.
There are 37 bricks that move freely in Hogwarts.

In the table below you can see which history lessons will help you unlock the golden stones. The message then contains a table with all the building blocks that can be found in free roaming.

# Lesson
1 Unlock Wingard Leviosa (Charm, Yr1)
2 Unlocking the Lumos (Charms, Yr1)
3 Unlock the power potion (Potion, Yr1)
4 Unlock Lumos Solem (Herbology, Jr1)
5 Unlocking flights with sticks (Flight lessons, Jr1)
6 Activate the processing of the mandrake (Herbal medicine, 2nd year)
7 Unlock the immobilizer (DADA, Yr2)
8 Unlock Expeliarmus (Dueling Club, 2nd year)
9 Unlocking the Polyjoie Potion (Potion, Yr2)
10 Unlocking the spot (DADA, Yr3)
11 Total rates (Find 3 large cups, Jr3)
12 Treatment of the unlocking keys (Magic Creature Care, Yr3)
13 Unlock Expecto Patronum (DADA, Yr3)
14 Activating the aging drink (Potion, Yr4)
15 Unlock Reducto (DADA, Yr4)

There are 37 other stones that circulate freely in the school. The table below tells you where they are and how to get them.

Location How’d you get there?
Zermatt Youth Hostel Work your magic on each of the canopy beds to make their tops stand out, and above one of the beds a brick appears on which you can jump to get to the brick.
Corridor of the common area At home you hit 5 flags hanging on the wall with magic to make a brick appear.
entrance hall With a wave of a magic wand, six candles float through the room.
Corridor of the Great Hall Place 4 banners of the house with magic, 2 on each side of the entrance to the large room, 2 on each side of the stairs.
Corridor of the bathroom If you have a reducto, use it to pierce the pipes on the top floor. Behind it there is a maze on the wall with a small object in the lower left corner. You have to navigate the ball through the maze and hit it with magic when it is free. He will turn into a snail crawling over the wall, leaving a brick behind.
Points (room 2) To obtain this block, you need to perform several steps and unlock certain characters. First you have to open the gate on the right side of the room with 3 green keys. The first can be made with the Polyjuice Potion, which transforms into a Hufflepuff Thio character to get the key to the portrait. For the third key, use the Wingardium Leviosa in the left hand of the gargoyle behind the giant statue of the snake. This gives you several blocks that you can install in the Griphook safe. Turn yourself into a hook and turn the lock until the key falls out. When the doors are open, build the bricks that were behind the doors so you can climb the ledge to the left. Then you have to drive with an adult character to be able to cross the age limit and get a brick.
Classroom lobby Between the two classrooms there is a huge H on the wall and a number of blocks on the floor in front. At the Wingardium Leviosa these blocks are placed in an H-shape and the silver crest is open. Break Reducto’s ridge to discover the flight of an animal. You have to move the figure using the Wingardium Leviosa and then move the animal through the jogger to break the chain in the top left corner.
Protection against the dark art class (left) Divide the 7 silver objects listed below.

  • Next to the polar fleece closet, which is held by an elf.
  • In the linen closet.
  • In the blue cage to the right of the room…
  • Drill the wall next to the blue body
  • Made by another elf, next to the painting.
  • On the floor in the middle of the room.
  • To keep the Devil’s Factory on the left wall…
Protection against the dark art class (right) Enter the secret zone with black magic by the doors under the stairs. Cross the room and remove the elves, then go down the stairs and double up so you can eliminate more elves as you go. When you reach the door on the other side, you will find two more pixels, each containing a column. Put them both away and the statue will fall with the brick.
Transformation (room 1) To obtain this module, you must complete the transfiguration. To do this, each character, one by one, must enter the specified area and exchange two dummies for animals. If the three characters are changed by two dummies each, the block is activated.
Transformation (room 2) To accomplish this task and obtain a brick, you must turn three mannequins in each track into animals. When three animals enter each cage, a brick appears. If you let the dummy cross the line without transfusion at the end of the course, the score for that cell will be set to zero. You don’t have to do it for every character you master, like you did in the last play.
Courtyard of the bell tower Use black magic to destroy the dummy to the left of the pendulum, then jump on a broom and fly to collect groups of gold and blue nails as they appear. You must place all five studs in a group before the next group appears. When all the bolts have been put together, a brick appears.
Clock tower Climb up the ledge and meet the portrait on the right wall. This gives you a purple tooth that you can place on the wall next to the portrait. Now walk on the left wall and use fragmented language (like Harry or Voldermort) to communicate with the snake on the wall. After a small cut you see a brick.
Clock Tower (clock) You have to climb the ledge and find the portrait on the left side, hit it with magic and there are some Lego blocks at your disposal. Now go to the right and open the rune cabinet behind the green tiles. Build bricks on the hands for large clocks and then use the Wingardium Leviosa. One of the other characters moves with the other hand (or player 2 if you are in a cage). Hold them in position until both hands indicate a small square with the corresponding color.
Chouette Go upstairs where you’ll find a portrait on the left wall and next to it a small pink pencil. If you use Wingardium Leviosa on the pen, you get different stones. Build it, and you’ll find a brick.
Owl (Time Turner) On the right side of the room, on the ground floor, you will find three small brown packages on the floor. Each package has a small color – red, green and blue. You have to put the bundles in the hole in the owl that is only for the top stone.
Flight experience Large breasts are visible in the middle of the field. One blow from Reducto blows the lock and the tires fly off. Jump on a broom and fly through each band to open a brick.
Herbological greenhouse If you look over the helmet house, you’ll see a brick. Jump on a plant in a pot next to the cupboard, then jump on the cupboard and you can reach the brick.
Earth When you leave the castle and go outside (where Hargid’s hut is), you’ll find three big grey stones that need to be lifted and cleaned for the hot brick. The first one is equipped with a devil trap, so you have to use Lumos to release it. If you do this, move the WIngardium LEviosa to where you have the broom in front of you. Use this to remove dirt. The second stone must be struck with a spell to free the surrounding debris and then lifted and removed. The last stone has just fallen, so pick it up and clean it for the stone.
The lake When you go down the stairs for the first time, you will see a fishing rod lying on the floor. Use the Wingardium Leviosa to roll bricks and put them in frogs. When the frogs jump into the water, you see the plants appear. Jump on a frog and swim through the plants as they appear. The brick will be given to you at the end of the race.
Hagrid’s garden This part is very important. They have to build a huge salt shaker to process the snails Ron keeps opening. First use a Wingard Leviosa on the pot for you. Then ask the animal to dig in the upper right corner of the garden to find more pieces of salt shaker. Then destroy three pumpkins at the bottom of the garden to find a small seed. Plant it and use the Wingardium Leviosa on a nearby watering can to find more pieces. To find another room, go to the right side of the garden and look for the birthmark. If you cast a spell on him, he’ll move to another place. Keep hitting until you get a piece of the spreader. Now find the picnic basket on the right and touch it to cover the ceiling. Now use the magic of the basket again and you’ll find more shakers. At the end you build a shaker and get a golden brick.
Hagrid Garden (Time Turner) For this brick Norbert must be able to hatch. Start digging with the animal where Hagrid starts and you’ll find the head of the stuffed animal. Use the Wingardium Leviosa to place it on a scarecrow. Dig into the ground directly in front of the scarecrow and destroy the pumpkins you found, then pull up the lever they left behind. Pull the lever and the scarecrow will go crazy and destroy everything in its path. Build what’s left and then use the Wingardium Leviosa to lay an egg in what you’ve built.
Quidditch field Use the bench in front of the tent to climb up. Go to the left side of the tent and use the Wingard Leviosa to release the waffle (red ball). He’s going to slip and open the brick.
Quidditch field (Time Turner) Use the animal at the excavation site near the scene. Build the bricks that appeared on stage and find a book that leans against the stage. Use the Wingardium Leviosa to put a book on the catwalk and use it again on the book to rock the tool. Keep pouring until the stone appears.
Library (hall 2, reserved space) You have to find three brown magic hats and knock. In the first case you may have several goblins in the left corner. Get off her, and you’ll see the hat. To access the second one you have to climb on the upper ledge with the yellow book lit at the door and resting on the ramp. Before jumping down, take out a helmet and go down and under the opposite rim on the right side of the room. Find a red book on the shelf and use magic to take it down. Use the Wingardium Leviosa to extract its contents and then dig out what it leaves behind to make a ladder. Go upstairs and put the mandrake in the pot, then you can hit the last brown hat on the left bookcase.
Magic class (right) Enter the secret room under the classroom with the Griphook safe to open the floor hatch. Walk a little to the left and light a stick with lumos. Here are the bars on the floor. If you step right on one of them, you’ll be knocked down and you’ll have to start all over again. Walk between the bars and you’ll approach the point where the mechanical animals keep sliding on their way. You have to go through them and into the room behind them. In this new room Lumos can be used to remove the demon trap, which holds the chain to the right of the output. If you do, he’ll go to the other side. Use Lumos again and you’ll get the brick.
Magic class (left) Use Reducto on a large padlock on the floor to enter a secret room. Walk a little further until you find two big white balls. Break them both and use the Wingardium Leviosa to bring the statues to the dragon they belong to. If you jump on a dragon’s head, he’ll throw you back into the room upstairs and you’ll get a brick.
Large Hall Along the five tables are six jugs of pumpkin juice, each with two cups. Hit the six and the brick will open. To get a brick, you have to go to the end of four long tables and find a stack of plates on three of the four tables. Hit each of them and they form three platforms where you can reach the brick.
Open stairwell At the bottom of the bowl is a portrait of a Quidditch player with a waffle. Hit the ball with a spell and the ball goes to another portrait. Keep going up the stairs and just behind the flying class you’ll find another portrait at the Quidditch. Hit him and the ball will be thrown back. Go back to the two floors where the ball is at the third Quidditch player. Hit him and he’ll fly up the stairs. Go all the way up and you can lift the brick.
Dumbledore’s office Go to the middle of the room and find the locked safe. Press the padlock with Reducto and you can get the stone.
magghovecological examination For this construction element three rabbits have to be found to operate the machine. You’ll find the first one on the TV on the right. Hit him four times with a spell and the rabbit will jump. To get the other one, go to the right and look for the portrait next to the door. Click on it and the letter will appear. Put the letter in the mailbox next door and the rabbit comes out. The last rabbit at the mailbox. You will find three pieces of furniture that can be placed on the purple floor. Use it to jump on a shelf and store a box on it. When the last rabbit comes out, the car leaves and the brick remains.
Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory (Time Turner) Open the trunk next to the bed at the left side and jump in to grab the brick.
Rabe Common Area We need to find five yellow books and beat each of them with magic. The first one jumps up and down on the couch next to a sleeping child. Hit the thing he’s repelling, then you can put it back in place with Wingardium Leviosa. When she’s on the shelf, you cast a spell on her. To the right of the last one you see a small box jumping around. Hit him with magic and you can put this book back in place to hit him with a spell. The third book is already on the shelves. Go to the next room and take the second bed. It’ll fly away, which means you can get into the book. Do the same with the last book in line, but touch the book while the bed is floating. The brick will reappear in the common room for you to collect.
The common room of Hafflepuff As you go through the fruit portrait, you’ll see a silver castle next to you. Click on Reducto and then use the WIngardium Leviosa to give the cake to the portrait above.
Housing Watch out for the black suitcase at the foot of the second bed on the left. Hit it and the water in the middle of the room starts boiling. When the students jump into the brick, they appear.
Eyeballs Owl Emporium (diagonal avenue) Destroy the cage next to the row of owls in the back of the store. Install the figurines in the sweeper and jump on them. Scour the room and wipe the owl’s droppings on the floor to collect the stones. Some people can fight it. When you do this, look closely at the ground and make sure you’ve missed something. Usually you miss a few at the door.
Borjeen and Burkes (nocturnal alley) As soon as you enter the shop, jump behind the counter next to the door and the brick is behind you.

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