Latent power building for dual blades

Hidden power is a capacity that almost everyone finds useless or not worth building. However, this is not entirely correct because hidden energy in double sheets can be viable. That’s why I want to emphasize the viability of hidden power.

Building –

Building a showcase…

This is also a mounting option with no touch/evasion master expander because I am missing a gear.

Why do meta-constructions such as Critical Eye Level 7 or Attack Enhancement Level 7 build-up hidden energy?

  • They reduce the hidden shutter speed by 50% results in twice as much time in daemon mode, which means a longer stable decline per second. (Demo mode lasts 30 seconds in current meta-structures with 150 shutter speeds, while in this case, 200 shutter speeds and 80 seconds with active latent energy are used).
  • Operation in daemon mode becomes profitable; there is no more shell to go from point A to point B.
  • Because you have 200 endurance and your endurance is halved, you can walk in the demonic mode because the assembly also escapes the existing expander.
  • 50% affinity with the activated LP + 50% affinity from the exploitation of the vulnerability gives an association of 100%,
  • Combined with 100% Affinity with Master’s Touch, you never lose the sharpness of white when you touch the weak points.
  • Due to the nature of the construction, battles are more fluid as you spend less time in the shell to go from point A to point B, and in Demon mode, you can escape and recharge, allowing you to spend more time in battle, resulting in more significant overall damage.

Meta-constructions with demo mode with 150 shutter speeds –

LP Build with demo mode with 200 shutter speeds –

Why is latent power better today than it used to be?

  • In the past, the main argument against latent power’s vitality was that it was too difficult to activate latent power. The operating time is generally low.
  • With the arrival of the Arch Tempered Monsters, the DLC bosses, the monsters now do more damage than ever.
  • Get 1-2 hits from these Endgame/DLC bosses to activate the hidden power.
  • Damaged pliers like AT Waal Hazak, Leshen, Lunastra are becoming commonplace. (Another argument was that excellent players are never beaten. Relying on being hit to activate is not an effective way to play) Finch damage helps to activate hidden power during battle passively.
  • Players have finally understood that Health Boost Level 3 is required for the DLC content of the endgame and Lifesteal. Previously, all those who carried out a complete mission of zero survival claimed to be divine hunters with an escape rate of 100%, and most of them have since been destroyed by extreme monsters.
  • Works based on actual health loss, not based on 200-180 = 20 HP, which have yet to be activated. With a 200 HP pool and a life force, the return of this HP will not be a problem, and you will work on starting the LP without actively stopping the drinks.

Why do you have to try this building?

  • They’re tired of seeing the brain of a quadruple dragon piling up.
  • You’re not a meta-believer.
  • They’re incredibly bored.
  • You like being a loser.
  • You’re an adventurer, and you love the creative movement.
  • You’re a man of culture.

Exclusion of liability: Hidden power is only possible with double blades. The shutter speed can be reduced by 50%, and I will not recommend it for any other type of weapon.

Feel free to leave constructive comments or feedback.

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