Kingdom of Hearts 3 – The location of all battlegates and rewards

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a new action role-playing game Kingdom Hearts developed by publisher Square Enix and developer Square Enix Business Division 3 and will be the sequel to KH 2.

The history of the game follows the events of KH 3D: Dream Drop Distance, where Sora has lost almost all her strength and now must regain it, collect the seven Guardians of Light and stop Master Xehanort.

Location of all gates and rewards in the heart of the kingdom 3

In history, you will be able to fight against different types of enemies and leaders and open and receive new materials, weapons, armor, and much more.

The Battlegate Trail is one of the last content items that can only be unlocked once you have completed the game story. The best thing about this mode is that you fight against powerful enemies and receive unique rewards.

This guide will show you the location of all portals in the Battlegate and the rewards you get for completing these portals.

The goal of battle 1 – Olympus

Location – To reach this portal, you must teleport to the fourth rapid point of movement, then climb the stairs and enter the Kingdom of the Gods. In the open courtyard, you will find a small blue ball with spikes.

Price – Fire-resistant cufflinks and secret report #1

Battlefield 2 – Olympus

Location – To access this portal, you need to go to the sixth highway. When you get there, turn around and go through the big gate behind Zeus. In the middle of this area, you will find a blue portal.

Price – Spacebelt+ and Secret report nr. 2.

Battle gate 3 – Twilight city

Location – to access this portal, you must go to the second rapid transit point. From the spawning point, go to the right, and you will see the blue ball as soon as you leave the fence.

Price – Evolutionary Crystal and Secret report nr. 3.

Buttlegate 4 – Toybox

Location – To access this portal, you need to go to the sixth rapid transit point. From the spawning point, you can see a ball in the vent pipe.

Price – Megaexlixir and Secret report nr. 4.

Battleship No. 5 – Toybox – Galactic Toy Shop

Location – To access this portal, you need to go to a second speed point. Turn from the spawning point, and you’ll see a blue ball.

Price – Thunder break and secret report no. 5.

Combat gate no. 6 – Crown rich

Location – To access this portal, you must reach the fifth quick move point. From this spawning ground, you go to the swamps instead of to the flower fields, and you see a small rock with small caves; go to the right, and you see a blue sphere.

Price – Crystal Illusion and Secret Report No. 6.

Slaughter gate No 7 – Crown kingdom

To access this portal, you must go to the first point of your journey. From this point, you cross the cave and follow the path on the right, and soon you will see a blue sphere.

Reward – Aerocufflink and secret report number 7.

Battle gate 8 – Monstropolis

To access this portal, you have to go to the seventh high-speed traffic point. From the spawning site, leave the power station and follow the path to the bunkers. In the middle of the bunkers is a blue ball.

Reward – Crystal Illusion and Secret Report No. 8.

Impact panel no. 9 – rent

Location – to get to this portal, you have to reach the third point of rapid movement. You have to use the portal to enter the ice maze from the spawning area and then follow the maze with the elevator to the intermediate level. Now all you have to do is follow the path and go to the camera. A grid of blue balls will appear in this camera.

Price – Crystal and secret report #9

Battle gate 10 – Caribbean

Location – To get to this gate, you have to go to a fast crossing. Walk from the spawning site to the boat and take it with you by sailing to the right. On the way, you’ll see a cave. Just go in, and you’ll find a blue sphere.

Price – Wristband button and secret report #10

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