Kingdom of Hearts 3 – Location of Dark Inferno Boss / Get Crystal Regalia

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Kingdom Hearts 3 follows the stories of the KH 3D Dream Drop course that was published in 2012. A new action role-playing game, Hack and Slash, was created by the publisher Square Enix and Enix Business Division 3.

In KH 3D, Sora almost fell under Xehanort’s control, but she managed to escape and lost most of her strength. To regain his power, he travels with Donald Duck and Goofy to stop Xehanort’s despicable plans.

The Dark Hell of Rulers / Crystal Revenge in the Heart of the Kingdom 3

In the game, you have to face different types of enemies and bosses. Some are easy to fight, others are hard, but you can get unique and valuable materials and items if you beat them.

The Dark Inferno is one of the many powerful enemies in the game, and if you defeat him, you’ll get a rare object, the crystal necklace, which you can’t touch in the course of history, so you have to find it.

Below you will find a guide on where the Dark Infernos are located and how to obtain crystal chandeliers.

Place of the black hell

To get to this boss, you first have to finish the story of the game. After that, all the gates of battle will be available in all worlds.

To get to the Dark Inferno, you must now go to Key’s cemetery and look for gate 14. Once you’ve found it, you go inside and start fighting the black monster.

The Dark Inferno is a challenging 3-star enemy, so get ready for a tough fight. His weapons can do damage over long distances and have a lot of power.

To make the situation even more complicated, you’ll have to face this friendless enemy.

Awards – Decorated Crystal

Once you defeat this enemy, you will receive one of the unique items called Crystal Ornament, which increases the power by 5, magic by five, and APs by 16. It gives you access to the MP Hastega feature, which allows you to replenish your MPs.

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