Jump Force – Basic Controls, Starter Combos, and Advance Combos

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Jump Force was finally released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It was published by Spike Chunsoft Co, Ltd., and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and will play the fighting game genre.

The game will have different game modes and contain 42 other characters from 16 popular manga series such as Boruto Next Generation, Bleach, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter and many more.

Basic Controls, Combos for beginners, and Combos for jumps

Throughout the game, you can use different characters with unique abilities.

But the game’s fighting system has several key combinations that can be quite confusing. Some varieties are easy to perform, and others are complicated.

So in this guide, you’ll find the basic commands, basic combos, and advanced combos you’ll master to become a good and brilliant fighter in Jump Force.

PS4/Xbox controllers

  • indent – L1/ LB (used to pursue or flee the enemy)
  • Jump – X/A
  • Energy load – R2 restriction / RT restriction
  • Escape – L1/ LB (to be done during safety)
  • Standby – Standby R1/ Standby RB
  • Heavy Attack – Triangle/D (click fast for more attacks)
  • Heavy Kick – Y-Holding/Holding Triangle (used when the opponent is on the ground).
  • Rapid counter – square/X (to be used just before striking)
  • High Speed Dodge – R2/RT (use just before hitting)
  • Movement – analog stick left.
  • Attack support – Company L2/ Company L2
  • Switch – L2/LT
  • Race – Lap/B
  • Quick Attack – Square/X (press quickly for a chain attack; you can change it by pressing up or down)
  • Lightning strike – Hold Box / X (Break Enemy Guard)
  • Pound attack – Down + Square / Down +x (executed during jump)
  • Side step – left analog stick + R1/ left analog stick + RB (avoids return attacks)
  • Disappearance – R2+X/RT+A (to be done during a massive or steep attack and press left or right to move quickly in the desired direction)
  • Capacities 1, 2, and 3 – Hold R2 + Triangle, Square or Circle/Hold RT + Y, X or B (these commands can be used for three different capacities).
  • Analog Alarm Clock – R3 (only works if the alarm clock display is at least 50%).
  • Ultimate alarm clock – R2+L2/RT+LT (to be used after activating the alarm clock, please note that it is not available for all characters)
  • End Technology – R2+X/RT+A (Used when the alarm manometer is at least 50% full.

A combined system for beginners and jumps

But remember, before jumping into a combo, by pressing X or Y 4 times, you end the combo, and by pressing + 3 times another key, you extend the combo.

  • X Combo – press X 3 times
  • Combo Y – press Y 3 times
  • X combo > Y combo – X, X, X, Y, Y.
  • Combo Y > Combo X – Y, Y, Y, Y, X, X.
  • Combination X > Super – X, X, RT + X/Y/B
  • X Combo > Ultimate – X, X, RT + A
  • Combination Y > Super – Y, Y, Y, RT + X/Y/B
  • Combo Y > Final – Y, Y, Y, RT + A
  • X-combo > Y-combo > Super – X, X, X, Y, RT + X/Y/B
  • X combo > Y combo > Ultimate – X, X, Y, RT + A
  • Y-combo > X-combo > Super – Y, Y, Y, Y, X, X, RT + X/Y/B
  • Y-combo > X-combo > Ultimate – Y, Y, Y, X, X, X, RT + A

Advanced Jump Suits

Below are the extensive combination lines. Just refer to the primary selection for the correct combination of the buttons below.

Before using the combination below, you should also know your characters’ super effects and how they work.

  • Super-Knockdown – These are super attacks that have a training effect. What’s a knockout? Any attack that knocks down or drops the enemy…
  • Super with Knockout – these are super attacks that have a knockout effect. What is a knockout? Any attack that puts an enemy on the run.

List of combinations (see essential combination for the item)

  • Jumpsuit X > Super with Knockdown > Jumpsuit Y > Super
  • Jumpsuit X > Super Knockdown > Jumpsuit Y > Ultimate
  • X Combination > Super with Knockdown > X Combination > Super
  • X Jumpsuit > Super with Knockdown > X Jumpsuit > Ultimate
  • Y-pak > Super with Knockdown > X-pak > Super
  • Y-suit > Super-Knockdown > X-suit > Ultimate
  • Y-pak > Super with knockdown > Y-pak > Super
  • Y-pak > Super decomposition > Y-pak > Ultimate
  • X Combination > Character and fast change > X or Y Combination > Super
  • X combination > Character and quick-change > X or Y combination > Restriction
  • Combination Y > Fast and character change > Combination X or Y > Super
  • Combination Y > Character and rapid change > Combination X or Y > Limit value
  • X combination > Super with kickback > Quick and character change > X or Y combination > Super
  • X Combination > Super with kickback > Fast and character change > X or Y Combination > Limit
  • Y suit > Super with kickback > Fast and character change > X or Y suit > Super
  • Y combination > Super with kickback > Fast and character change > X or Y combination > Restriction

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