I’ve done a few tests and I’ve calculated every HP monster, as well as a few other data.

Good morning, everyone,

First of all, I am French, so my English is not perfect, so apologize in advance for the mistakes I will inevitably make! By the way, big shouts to the French MH community, forums of JVC hash, Viviers, Palico library, etc.! And of course, I went upstairs!

So I’ve collected as much data as possible in the last few days, given that Iceborne is a newcomer and we’ll generally get little data until the most skilled computer scientists (like hexhexx, if he’s still there and if he wants to) collect some data on the spot. To be more precise, I calculated some approximations of the HP samples in the MR, as well as some information here and there, especially regarding the damage to the clutch claws. The possible spoilers of these endgame samples for those who still care about them. It should also be treated with caution because it is (of course) not as accurate as of the definition of the actual data.

In the beginning, my method was quite simple, even archaic: I did a lot of tests and compared the figures with the ones we had in the vanilla MHW. I even counted every little damage done in some TA races (it was as unpleasant as it looked) because I wanted to be sure.

Okay, first of all, it’s about player damage. Hunters do less damage than LR or HR (11-20% according to some data, although my tests were more than 15% for some reasons). Mega Barrel Bombs gives 225 dmg each; Explosion gives 300 for the delay, and Poison gives 20 for the sign for weak samples one *, 32 for two *, and 40 for 3 *. One tick – two seconds, 1* soft selection seems to need eight ticks (i.e., 160 for proc), 2* need ten ticks (320 for proc), and 3*. That depends on the circumstances. Most need 13 ticks (520 for Prok), but a few, such as Hurricane and Radobaan, need 18 ticks (720 in total). The last boss takes 600 for the explosive, and 80 dmg for the poisonous tick; he seems to take 30 taps (no test, I admit), so 2400 for the explosive. So, in general, due to the increase in damage, disease mechanics does not seem to have changed. The one I didn’t test was crippled (maybe the dmg tone aimed at the crippled sample is higher?).

Now, the clutch claw. In the beginning, there are some uninteresting points: If you shoot, your ammunition seems to do the same damage no matter how many shots you fire. But it seems to depend on the value of the monster’s attack zone (for example, it appears that the tiles have an MV of about 16, which doesn’t depend on your brutal attack, but it’s Meh, so it was just my curiosity). However, the blow you get from a monster depends on your real rough state. It looks like the MV hook is about nine, and the claw is a little smaller, so it’s eight.

At auctions, not all parts of the samples are the same when it comes to increasing damage. This appears to result in the bidding parties reaching the next level of affected area costs. For example, 30. the 45th, then 45th, then 60th, then 80th, then 90th, and so on. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a general formula that gives a new result field value from the old one, or if it’s just a wide range of possible values (30 becomes 45 and so on), even if it’s the same in the end. I also don’t know if it adds some bonus to the remote deflector when you hit the rejected characters.

And now, the most exciting thing: the immense damage! Environmental traps, for example, do not seem to have been adapted, so that something like a red/stone/large crystal trap still cause damage equal to 5% of the maximum power of the samples. Each point of the dragon represents 8%, and the large stones in the area of the boss represent 16% of each phase (i.e., 8% of the power of grade 1 + step 2, as you will see shortly). The turf wars used to be boring: today they represent only 10% (compared to 15% for HR, I think).

Break the wall! You know, if you send a monster to the wall, to the ground, to rock, to another beast, you call it another creature. It’s a little more complicated than that. You see, I think it depends (in my tests) on the actual endurance of the sample, but there are only three possible outcomes. So, for an example at full power (well, at least at full capacity), it’s 2% of its maximum power. When he is tired, 2.5%, and exhausted (flat heart rate below his small symbol next to the minimum), 3%. Possible exceptions: The LR samples (unless they die too quickly to be completely exhausted?) get only 2% and 2.5% of the scenarios; and the boss seems to take only 2% of the broken walls (2% of each phase, to be precise, or 1% of the total pool).

And now the HP samples. They all seem to have gotten a 3.2 increase in their workforce, more or less a few points. Multiplayer animators are now x1.7 for two players and x2.5 for three and four players. This also applies to the arena! Monsters start running now if you go alone. They also have the same kind of botany as HR: They have about 80% of their usual health, and sometimes less (Garuga has about 50% of its base HP, ideal for getting this hero piece without too much trouble if you want to get a slasher LS IMHO).

In LR and HR, all samples had five possible HP values: one center and the other plus or minus 1.5% or 3% of the given center. It appears that this is still the case but at plus or minus 0.75% or 1.5%. I’m not quite sure, so I just used the values I learned (that’s why some samples have more deals than others, but at least the whole spa should be pretty close together).

Wyver with spirits:

  • Large Yagras 12500
  • Veliky Garros 14000
  • Odogaron 19200 (more or less 150 or 300)
  • Dodoma 17400
  • Toby-Cadas 16820
  • Toby-Kadachi Viper 17690
  • Ebony Odogaron 19200
  • Zinogre 23450


  • Kulu-Ya-Ku 15100
  • Mudguard 15960
  • Qiqi Ya-ku 15100
  • Coral puke 18300-18450
  • Ian Garuga 22500
  • Scar Yan Garuga 25350

Brutus Weber:

  • Red Bar 14340
  • Anyanat 18380
  • Radobana 18600
  • Hurricane 27300 – 27950
  • Barbara 16240
  • Glavenus 19200 (more or less 150 or 300)
  • Wickerwork 19130
  • Fulgur Anyanat 19130
  • Galvanic acid, 19130.
  • Wild Devil’s Yoho 28080

Pipe weaver:

  • Legal mode 16520
  • lava clay 25200
  • Boda 14610

Flying weavers:

  • Risky 18000-18150.
  • Paolumu 18250
  • Legian 19200 (more or less 150 or 300)
  • Ratios 20600 (more or less 100 or 200)
  • Diablo 20600 (plus or minus 100 or 200)
  • Rose ratified 19200 (plus or minus 150 or 300)
  • Azure Ratalos 20600 (plus or minus 100 or 200)
  • Diablo black 22190
  • Misty Paolumu 21240
  • Trolley 19200
  • Nargakuga 20150 (plus or minus 150 or 300)
  • Tigrex 19200 (plus or minus 150 or 300)
  • Video Legian 19200
  • Something about Baselgeuse 29600.
  • Virgin Tigerx 20400 21260
  • Golden Ratian 21100
  • Silver Ratalos 20600 (plus or minus 100 or 200)

Dragon elders:

  • Kirin 21400
  • Theostra 27500
  • Lunar Grid 28060
  • Kushala-Daora 25780
  • Velhana 23400
  • Blackvale Waal Hazak 27500
  • Namiel 25600
  • Pureergigante 25160

Last pattern:

Okay, this guy needs his heel. Each stage seems to have the same number of horses, so from what I’ve collected: 18400 18550 18750 18900 and a fifth value I haven’t found. But I want to watch his head. You see, you could cut this piece of his forehead so you could cut it into plates and gems. Here’s the problem. The value of the shower for his head seems to be about 2400-2600 hp; when you reach him for the first time, you break his head once. But if he’s high-level like most other kites, you’ll probably have to bring him up to 20-30% of his L.S. before you can rip his head off completely, and by that, I mean you’ll have to bring him below 20-30% of his L.S., and then you’ll have to reach the shivering threshold (the second time in the whole second phase, I mean), and then you’ll have to drop his forehead off. Of course, I’m not 100% sure yet, but after the few tests I’ve done, it seems to work that way.

One last piece of advice: Don’t break his head by making him run into a wall like me. Unless you want his forehead to get out of control…

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