Ivara Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Ivara is an underground ranger, similar to Warframe, who uses his skills to infiltrate objects, destroy enemies without warning their allies, and protect the latter.

It is one of the most challenging but rewarding war environments because of its capabilities, including a wide range of features that can help in various situations.



Ivara’s parts and drawings can be obtained through spy missions. Depending on the level of the task and the mission in question, aspects of the mission can be accepted as a random reward for successfully hacking spy terminals.

The Ivara can also be bought on the orbital market for a price of 325 platinum.

Ivara Prime

Ivara Prime is the most basic version of Mag, which has a lot of health and energy.

Relics with Ivara Prime:

  • Drawing:  Meso N9
  • Neuropathy: Meso C4
  • Chassis: Neo I1
  • Systems: Asi A9


Ivara can use a wide range of functional arrows, and control the projectiles so they can go wherever she wants, remain an invisible enemy and steal her.

Thanks to its passive sentinel capabilities, it has a different radar range of 20 meters, which is added to other radar models and makes it possible to track enemies over a large area.

Test: How to get Ivara

1) Kochan

Ivara has several functional shooters that she can use to her advantage.

When you click on the skill, several arrows will scroll through, and if you hold down the gift, the selected arrow will be shot at the point you are aiming at.

Sleeping arrow

This causes enemies in the kill zone to fall asleep, incapacitating them and forcing them to open up to the finish line without being warned when enemies are being killed.

It is ideal for secretly killing or killing enemies more quickly, making it a useful technique for controlling the crowd.

(In the picture below, you see Ivara with the arrow Sleeping with enemies)

Camouflage arrow

Shoot an arrow that activates an area that makes people inside invisible and allows them to shoot enemies unnoticed.

If they shoot at an ally, they’re invisible for the duration of the power.

It’s handy to camp or to temporarily hide, together with your allies, from your enemies. Because you can throw it at your partners, you can make someone invisible so he can deal with his enemies without being attacked.

(In the figure below, Ivar is visible in the camouflage field called by the camouflage arrow)

Arrow of the instrument

This type of shot creates a line that allows players to cross large areas or to stay at a certain height to remain inaccessible to the opponent or to give him an advantage at high altitude.

This is useful to avoid enemies at close range and can be used to cross areas instead of quickly going the whole imaginary way.

Noise Arrow

After a hit, the area where the arrow was fired draws the enemies to a place where they can either be killed or left alone.

This arrow is useful to lure enemies to a place where you can kill them entirely or let them sleep with the Sleeping Arrow for multiple assassinations.

The Noisy Arrow is ideal for distracting enemies during stealth missions to avoid interference and allows you to move around without them getting in your way.

Upgrade: Empowered Quiver forces you and your allies on the Dashwire to have an extra 100% critical chance. Simultaneously, the area hidden by the concealing arrow prevents them from suffering the status effects of enemy attacks in that area.

2) Navigator

The Navigator allows you to control Ivar’s projectiles, for example, with arrows shot from an arc.

Once the bullet is fired, you can use it to penetrate several enemies and kill them from a safe distance, as you will also be invisible for a while.

This feature is useful for killing enemies from a distance, and you can use it to destroy an entire group of enemies at once.

(You can see in the picture below that the nose gunner is controlled by the Navigator)

Upgrade: The Piercing Navigator adds a strong extra chance to the primary projection stats for each enemy hit.

3) Lease

The uprising makes Ivara invisible and allows her to sneak up on her enemies and steal their loot.

Although the Invisibles can still use melee and ranged combat, the Invisibility will be broken if you try to sprint or jump a ball.

If you stand next to the enemy while invisible, you can see that Ivara has stolen it, with a track leading to her, and after a few seconds, any object is forced to fall off the enemy’s board.

This ability is useful to fly more and sneak between enemies and help you kill Stealth or during missions that require a lot of Stealth in them.

(On the picture below, you can see how Ivara steals the enemy with tracking)

Upgrade: The penetration saves Ivara the low-speed traps.

4) Artemis onions

Ivara relies on her unique bow, which has multiple charges of 7 strokes and significant base damage (can be adjusted in the Equipment section).

(In the picture below, you see Ivara with Artemis Bov)

Upgrade: A concentrated shooter turned the arrow into an explosive with an extra critical 50% chance of detonation in a collision.

The structure also reads as follows: Necrosis

Proposed buildings

Balanced building with power

Ivara’s balanced building focuses on maintaining the ability to use different skills without running out of energy freely.

This construction is useful for the new and the old players because it allows them to use all the abilities of Ivar with an extra force in favor of the bow of Artemis.

(The picture below shows Ivar on the wire in the camouflage field with Artemis Bov)

The structure also reads as follows: Inaros.

Construction time

The primary purpose of this structure is to extend their possibilities so that the duration goes well beyond their normal limits.

The design is useful to keep Ivara hidden for a long time, so she can quickly complete all missions without worrying that she doesn’t have enough power.

The arrows in its vibrating ability will have a longer duration, which means that the Sleeping Arrow will have a longer residence time for enemies, the Stealth Arrow will have a more extended covert field or keep allies insight so they can hide for an extended period.

This building is perfect for effortlessly catching enemies, but also for increasing proximity through hidden murders.

(In the figure below, you see Ivara with the sniper)


Ivara is very lovely because of her different skills and her quiver of arrows.

Not only can it remain invisible, but it can also make its allies invisible, which makes it useful for the different strategies a troop can have.

With the Artemis arch, Ivara can do a lot of damage with a reasonable adjustment.

In addition to her combat skills, Ivara can be considered another army farmer because of Prowl, as she can have enemies launch random looters.

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