Is Star Citizen Worth Getting Into by 2020? A look at the state of play

It is always a controversial subject and a source of indecision in people’s minds. Is the star burger worth being included? Is this a joke, or is it really under development? Can I play? We will try to answer these questions.

First, let’s recall the history of the Star Citizen. Chris Roberts launched Kickstarter 2012 for them, with a vast company that we could only mention at the time because of the formalities. The original Kickstarter was very different from what we now know and have.

Kickstarter says it’s more of a one-player experience because planets, zoning plans, freelance landings, and wandering planets/glasses don’t get much attention. The attention was focused on filming, and the plot and graphics were not of the quality we see now.

However, the initiators asked for more options, and over time, the project evolved to the current state of the art. Of course, at the time of declaration – 2014 – it was already impossible to carry out the project.

Due to the large number, one could say that the development has continued to this day and is continuing.

The frustration of many people is related to this slow development. Some donors have invested hundreds and thousands of dollars in the hype about the game’s potential, to make sure the game is not over yet.

And it’s all fair. And the longer the development time, the higher the expectations of the game. At this stage, a star burger will probably never be able to meet some of these expectations.

Yet you can still play the game today. It is not perfect, and there is still a lot of content to develop, but many people are already playing and enjoying the game.

For the time being, you can carry out missions (fighting, delivering), earn money by mining and trading, explore all moons, cities, stations, and caves and interact with other players. That’s enough to keep you busy for weeks or months, depending on how much time you have to play.

Don’t put aside $27,000 worth of boat bags or people claiming the game is paid only to win. All you need to get started is your suitable Ol Aurora or the package Mustang.

If you’re a big fan of the genre and see it as a way to finance advertising for the game and still have quick access to the game, Citizen Star can be for you. If you want to buy an advanced match now, you can wait.

Don’t forget you have 30 days to try Star Citizen for free. If you are interested, you can try to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.

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